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Friends (Donald Glover, Cecily Strong, Kenan Thompson, Beck Bennett, Aidy Bryant) have a hard time staying quiet when they hear what Kanye West is up to.
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>> i'm so scared. >> shh. don't let the monsters hear us!. we have to be quiet. >> i love you. >> i love you. >> you guys --. >> shh. shh. >> kanye just tweeted. >>ed david, shh!. >> he said he would have voted. for trump!. >> wait, seriously, when . >> guys!. don't talk unless it's. absolutely necessary. the monsters can't see us, but. they can hear us. and if we're too loud, we'll all. be killed!. >> but kanye has the hat and. everything. and trump signed it. he signed the hat, y'all. >> let me see this. >> oh, come on, kanye!. ???. >> trump tweeted kanye. >> kanye is a distraction. we should only talk about what's. important. >> like how to survive the. monsters . >> and then i guess also like. the midterms. 'cause like what's happening. with that . >> i don't know. i can't keep up. >> guys, they're at. chrissy teigan's house. >> no, kanye!. leave chrissy teigan out of. this. >> it really feels like damage. control. did chrissy teigan cook. anything . >> gumbo. >> shh, the monsters will hear. us. >> yeah, why are we even talking. about this . >> because it's out there. it's all out there. and guess who was at the baby. shower . jesse tyler ferguson. >> from "modern" freaking. "family ". ???. >> oh, my god, she's gone. >> if we die here, what if kanye. is just playing us. >> you think that's what's. happening . that is so scary. >> and kanye just released a new. track. >> what . but we can't take the risk of. listening to it. two people just got taken by. monsters. >> i've got ear buds. >> then queue it up, bitch. ???. ???. >> you idiots. >> did he just say, "poopity. scoop ". >> it doesn't matter. none of this matters. >> i need to know if he said,. "poopity-scoop. ". he said, "poopity --". ???. >> oh, no, the red lights. it's an emergency. >> i know, kanye was just on tmz. and he said, "slavery was a. choice. ". >> no!. ???. >> i don't want ya'll to call me. fat, so i go liposuction. right . and they gave me opioids. ? poopity scoop ?. >> hmm, kinda grows on you. ???. [ cheers and applause ]. .
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