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[music]. just about a year ago we got a hamster . his name is add and last week he . unfortunately passed away but i wanted . to make this as a tribute to him because . that little guy gave me way more than i . ever thought i would get from having a . hamster you pretty much stole our heart . the first time we saw you and the first . time i held you with your long fluffy . syrian hamster fur i don't know what it . was about you but you you attached us so . strongly to you what we wanted to do is . look at you and hold you and build you a . new cage and then another new cage you . were tolerant of our dogs no matter how . many times they looked at your cage and . wanted to bark we let you set your own . sleep schedule and in return you let us . hold you anytime you were awake . your social little guy you loved hanging . out with us he loved the couch time you . left head time you even loved bedtime it . sounds silly to be so attached to a . hamster but the way you were able to . cheer us up so instantaneously was crazy . you were our little guy and me and jenna . felt so in love with hanging out with . you we did it all the time one of my . favorite noises used to make was the . little sound when you were drinking out . of your water bottle because it meant . that i could walk over to your cage and . look down at you and you would pause. your drinking and look up at me . and we would just kind of look at each . other for a second and then we had the . the mutual understanding that you were . gonna finish your hydration and then . you'd let me hold you you were a good . little hamster like really good you used . your sand bath every day to clean . yourself and you potty-trained yourself . 50 times faster than our dogs could you . appreciate it every little thing we did . for you whether it was an addition to . your cage or a giant sand knife with . castles on it you are such a sweet. spirit that cheered us up so regularly . that your absence is deafening we miss . you have and although it's hard for me . to make this video as it was hard for me . to say goodbye to you you will forever . have made me a happier person and our . friendship will always be in my heart so . thank you little guy thanks ad for being . our hamster we really really enjoyed our . time with you . [music]. you. [music]. .
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