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Caption: - is this is riverdale . ah, i knew it. - (woman) karma's a bitch. ? (music intensifies) ?. ? (industrial intro) ?. - (woman) oh, well. karma's a bitch. - (chuckles). ? (music intensifies) ?. holy shit. - (woman) oh, well. - oh. - (woman) karma's a bitch. ? (music intensifies) ?. - oh. - i've seen this! (laughs). i love this!. - (woman) karma's a bitch. ? (music intensifies) ?. - i get it. i already get it, right . it's like glow up. - i want a towel or something. that i can just throw at the camera. and then i'm perfect. - (woman) oh, well. karma's a bitch. ? (music intensifies) ?. - oh my god!. that looks so badass. - yass!. - (woman) karma's a bitch. - that is so cool. - (chuckles) i love this. it's kind of like. the "don't judge me challenge. ". - is there one where they're, like,. before and then they show themselves. with a master's degree . - (woman) oh, well. - (chuckles). - (woman) karma's a bitch. ? (music intensifies) ?. - i like this challenge. - i think it started. as an asian trend. asians are so cool!. they're the best. (chuckles). not that i'm biased or anything!. - (woman) karma's a bitch. ? (music intensifies) ?. - okay, this is too good. _ look at this [bleep]. he icy as [bleep]. - i think it's cool. that's beautiful costuming. - they are really good. mine's just, like,. put on a little mascara. (chuckles). - (woman) oh, well. karma's a bitch. ? (music intensifies) ?. - oh!. and he's got a tattoo. on his neck, holy cow. - ooh! did he go. get a tattoo . did he get a tattoo. on his neck just for that video . - (woman) oh, well. karma's a bitch. ? (music intensifies) ?. - daaamn. - the couple that transforms. together stays together. - i just want one person. to stay the same. - (woman) karma's a bitch. ? (music intensifies) ?. - yes!. - (laughs). - nothing changed. on that one. (chuckles). oh. yeah, it didn't work. - no, you should've. just stayed in it, owned it. - (woman) karma's a bitch. ? (music intensifies) ?. (music stops abruptly). - (woman speaks chinese). - (chuckles) that one's. more realistic. that basically what happens. i'm gonna try something new. and then it just never looks good. - it's just silly. the whole thing's silly. - i'm so happy this exists. - (fbe) so we have some more videos. to show you in a second,. but that was the "karma. is a bitch challenge. ". - "karma is a bitch. " okay, okay. - (fbe) the trend started. on a chinese app that we believe. is pronounced dou yin and was. picked up by multiple publications,,. including buzzfeed,. whose reporter, kassy cho,. uploaded her favorite. examples to twitter. the challenge has now. spread all over,. so we have some more. to show you now. - oh, okay. i'm excited. - i'm curious to see. how the rest of the world takes it. - (woman) oh, well. karma's a bitch. ? (music intensifies) ?. - (chuckles) nice. you have to beat someone up. - yass. got that sandy look. from grease. - hey, i know her. - (gasps) busy philipps. - is that busy philipps . yes, queen. - oh! they [bleep] killed it. whoa, what . - (man sighs) oh well. karma's a bitch. ? (music intensifies) ?. - it's spiderman!. - hell yeah!. - (chuckles) that's cool. - didn't see that one coming. that one took me by surprise. - (woman) karma's a bitch. ? (music intensifies) ?. ? (music intensifies) ?. - her true identity. - (laughs). - i hate when that happens. - i love when people take a trend. and creatively add to it. - if there was supposed. to be a message,. i don't understand it. but i think it's cool. - it's the stupidest thing. (chuckles) fun stupid. - (fbe) so do you have any idea. as to where the inspiration. of this comes from . - nope, definitely don't. - i recognize the music. i know that's kreayshawn. i loved that song. - the thing that comes to my mind. is that "don't judge challenge. ". they were kind of making fun. of supposedly unattractive people. or features and it sometimes. came off as offensive. - (fbe) so now we're gonna show you. the clips that kind of spawned. this challenge. - okay. - (man) everything all right,. mi vida . - st. clair has had a car accident. - ohh, from riverdale okay. - is this riverdale . aw, i knew it!. - (woman) but it's. gonna take several months. - (woman) oh, well. - (woman and rae) karma's a bitch. - damn. little did she know. she'd become iconic. - i know her dad's a bad guy,. but i mean,. i don't think my parents. would be okay if i'm just like,. "oh, well. karma's a bitch. ". like, what did you just say . - (woman) oh, well. karma's a bitch. - (chuckles) oh my gosh. ? (hip hop music) ?. - nice. - i just love when little things. happen and then the internet. takes it and sparks it. into something way more. - that's so cool that from. you know, just that one edit,. they turned it into this craze. - (fbe) so that was a clip. from the show riverdale. - oh, it's riverdale. okay. - i've heard of riverdale. it's a very popular show,. but i have not watched it. - some people are so creative,. and i applaud them for that,. because watching that clip,. never would i have thought. to do anything like that. - (fbe) some people have been. comparing this challenge. to a challenge that the adults. have reacted to before,. the "don't judge me challenge. ". - i have not heard of that. - yeah, which is so [bleep] stupid. that's why i kind of maybe. cringed a little bit. when i was watching it,. 'cause it gave me. "don't judge me challenge" vibes. - (fbe) do you remember. where you first saw that challenge . - it was here. - (jonathan) so is that. supposed to be ugly . - (fbe) the "don't. judge me challenge". was a selfie trend. that showed an unattractive angle. with heavy makeup. before shifting to another,. more photogenic self portrait. - oh, cool, cool. okay, that makes sense. i can totally see that. being more related. than the riverdale scene. - (fbe) after watching, you know,. the "karma is a bitch challenge,". do you think the two are similar . what do you think . - i mean, they're a bit similar. in what they're doing,. but this one is definitely. a lot more fun and natural. the other one's just, like,. "look how good i look!". - i like this one. a little bit better,. because it's more. of a genuine glow up. - with the other one,. it sounds like the message. was, you know, about don't judge. a book by its cover, right . this one doesn't have--. in my opinion,. i don't think there's. an impactful message. that's being delivered. - on the "don't judge me challenge,". i know people made fun. of specific attributes. and stuff like that,. like things that were--. other people deal with,. whereas this is kind of. like people are making fun. of themselves. - (fbe) so it seems. like the challenge. kind of started in china. but as you saw,. it's now being posted. by people from other places as well. what do you think it is. about this challenge. that kind of made it. appealing to people from all over . - it's fun. it's short and sweet. - it's really easy. i mean,. there's really no language barrier. - everyone loves to see. a before and after. type of thing,. just a big reveal is always fun. it's just dramatic. - sometimes it makes people. feel insecure,. like being bullied. or made fun of when you're younger. and then when you feel. like you're kind of hot [bleep]. when you're older,. you wanna show it off a little bit. - (fbe) so finally, we're gonna. give you the chance. to try the challenge yourself. - (whispers) yes!. - (fbe) yeah, so you. ready to do this . - i'm excited, yes. - (fbe) cool. - oh, [bleep]. time to make me look good. - (woman) oh, well. karma's a bitch. ? (music intensifies) ?. - (woman) karma's a bitch. ? (music intensifies) ?. - (woman) oh, well. karma's a bitch. ? (music intensifies) ?. - (woman) karma's a bitch. ? (music intensifies) ?. - (woman) karma's a bitch. ? (music intensifies) ?. - (woman) karma's a bitch. ? (music intensifies) ?. - (woman) karma's a bitch. ? (music intensifies) ?. - (woman) karma's a bitch. ? (music intensifies) ?. - (woman) karma's a bitch. ? (music intensifies) ?. - thanks for watching us. in another episode of adults react. - subscribe and hit the bell. like jesse nielson. - if you like this episode,. then hit that like button. like gamergirl 43. - let us know what to react to. in the comments. like derrick tucker. - thanks for watching, guys. and remember. - (woman) karma's a bitch. ? (music intensifies) ?. - (vartuhi) bye, guys. .

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