Are we ready to get married?

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Konnichiwa ira got ogo same eyes we . learned a lot of japanese a lot of great . things from our japan trip - his intro i . always do this yay as you may have heard . i finally popped the question . i was thinking between you and edgar and . i decided last minute i'll go i'll go i . guess i'll go now we're about to get . married now so why don't we do a test . okay to see if we are compatible to get . married or not so this is from marriage . calm i know my saying like they're . sponsoring is what what are your. expectations what are your hopes. what are your thoughts we're gonna be . super compatible and they are gonna be . like get me recently hopefully we'll be . married by the end of this quiz how much . of the time do you feel happy with the . person rarely oh 50 70 or 90 percent i . agree. pound it brother damn we need to slow . down to get this video to ten minutes do . you agree on the number of kiss you want . to have we haven't even talked about . that you always check here there's like . an italian way that's like a thing that . kids do that you see like these bold . things on your race that pop up to see . how many kids you you know everyone is . checking right now how many kids are you . i have zero guess that means i'm gonna . get cut the marriage is over . okay so we haven't discussed not really . i think more or less is the answer . though more or less yeah we're on the . same page i don't know yeah there you go . you disagree on a topic how do we solve . this problem. we rarely disagree on things do we yeah. i feel disappointed but avoid fighting . we agreed to disagree. rearranging to start fighting after . trying to compromise we resumed straight . to fighting we agree to disagree i don't . think so . we just explain each other's point of . view that's agreeing to disagree no cuz . then we still find a thing . together and we my god i don't wanna . argue with you right now there you go . how do you find their little quirks well . will be one of your quotes that you . shout in public that's the thing if i . don't record during a day i go crazy it . leads to you shouting in public because . you challenged me to shout something . it's like a penis game yeah but i don't . do it so you just do it for the fun of . it and to see me uncomfortable . i like making you uncomfortable yeah . sometimes is that adorable funny or well . just little oddities or annoying i will . say funny your little quirks is that you . never replace the toilet paper roll what . what's an actual don't touch me this is . not going great then what is in court . for my little marzia how much you love . maya funny let's go with planning . comfortable around the apartment no i . always feel like i'm walking on . eggshells geez if you're making a quiz . like this not really yeah most of times . i can reveal my bad habits and weird. part i mean we were talking about poo . right before you proposed yes . yeah maybe a bit too comfortable i would . say literally i'm allowed to pop the . question and you just be like i want i'm . gonna have an amazing pool right now . felix yes and even notes he's a red flag . in your relationship once multiple times . one's not shirt never i don't know if i . necessarily had like a big big red flag. what me i don't know like necessarily . like that one moment but maybe like yeah . thought about it i guess you haven't . that one time i have what what i do it's . that time that we went to the premiere . yeah and i just blew you on there was . these choice i'm going to get your . picture taken by you know photographers . and being interviewed or going from the . back and just entering the cinema and . you were just like oh we'll see you . inside and you just left me and you just . want to get your i really wanted that . photo i guess well it was more about the . fact that you picked going alone inside . in front of cameras and my getting this . celebrity moment and that was like whoa . am i not your partner i guess it was . good that we you had that because i feel . like it also made me realize what's . actually important hmm i don't think i . saw it at that moment i was like yeah i . want to be in the spot like i couldn't . care less survive that sort of thing nah . maybe that was a red flag for me too . once this is going great . does he or she ever try to limit the . amount of time you spend with other . people sometimes i feel like you're kind . of like you need to be back but this . time no no no my only condition is that . you don't come home drunk not at all . no not go although my partner he's a bit . i'm happy when we're oh that's actually . no we put on some extra pounds does your . partner support you we have some family . oh is that what they mean but they use . money as a picture i guess i'm thinking . a hypothetical scenario what if you got . really fat then i would've proposed to . be exercise together. but then again we already yeah let's . just do that you're running late what's . your partner to reaction they come okay . they call it sounds dinner's getting . cold they don't even notice they make a . big scene yeah yeah that makes sense . last question do you feel excited by the . relationship bassy you yes very much . you are magic just because we have to . like bring up bad stuff from the bench . obviously we have fought like any other . couple we talk about it yeah between us . all right . yeah i think that's how we really . strengthen our relationship yeah and . also a reason why i'm glad like now it's . a probably time because we're we're so . strong because of it yeah i'm glad we . didn't rush into a relationship to i . mean an engagement too soon it's like . we're stronger than now you're on tv i . don't know what to do it's you channel . and will you be a good wife would you . make a good wife quiz i want to know do . you like to take care of other people . yes yes i would like to try not a . passion no i can't . it's not like i'm taking care of you. we're taking care of each other but yeah . have you volunteered in this field many . times no i guess you would like to try. we meet i gave you seven years yeah your . partner decides he wants to spend an . evening with his best buddies what's. your opinion it's important to give each . other space okay okay i wish we just . said that last time yeah i didn't . realize how often do you nag and . complain in a relationship what is that . what. snag like a small complaint it's not a . mean though is it i feel like you get . frustrated sometimes and maybe that's . something else and then i'm the punching . bag essentially yeah no maybe maybe once. a month but it's like very minor things . like today when maya finish her food and . he has tons in your office i'm like why . use a food why don't you bring the food . or like maybe i remind you all the time . that you need to make an important call . and you're like oh cool air and i'm like . you really have to call and then . something bad happen maybe once a month . can you still respect your partner if . you do disagree on certain issues yeah . totally that's easy do you lie to family . and friends never how long do you keep . scores and grudges oh man you have the . shortest ride yeah i can't see men like . maybe i just explode yeah and that's it . i i'm the opposite i get angry for a . little longer. well you rarely do it anyway okay do you . enjoy cooking yes that's true are you . emotionally stable most times . most times your husband comes home after . having a day off and he tends to take it . all out on you what is your reaction . like if i come home and i'm pissed off . oh my god that's terrible ask him to . leave home start a fight marriage. com . please no no i understand he's family . that's true i agree do you find it easy . to express your love even during . difficult periods yeah you make a great . wife what is his reaction when you give . him good news like a promotion at work . post it on facebook and tell everyone . how proud is that would be awful well . depending on what it is of course . congratulate me it says way to go if . it's really important you bring me home. flowers but if not it's systems me you . are frustrated and meet you men for a . bit what. dude he gets it and lets me block some . steam he doesn't like istration but . doesn't say anything it tells me my . issues is not my such a big deal he . starts to fight with me as we said . you're my punching bag i will be your . punching bag anything very tell me five . minutes i don't know what do you do with . him when your mom comes to visit i asked . him to want to go out together all three . of us introduce him to my mother tell . him to come back when my mom leaves hide . him and not even let my mom we can see . how that une tommy because you made it . seem like she's angry no not like she . thinks that the more she speaks honestly . i've learned a lot of italian for your . mother speaking to me hey works my fun . cool love family yet had a bad name and . all you want you seem bad and crying . does he know to you yes no you are . invited at a wedding do you take your . boyfriend with yes absolutely there is . not even like me bringing yeah how do . you feel when you're away for a few days . ah because you're away for just a few . days and same when i mean it's just like . we get a few days well we can just do . whatever i like you can check how about . this i miss him but i can still . concentrated on things well you said i . feel fine fine i don't feel fine does he . mind if you leave dirty dishes oh well . you could i cook just now before i even . sit down to eat i had to say you're . doing cuz you've learned everything . we have bring the toes a little bit wait . there was no tofu in it what are you . saying tell them tell them i mean hey . raw meat sweet onion yes he doesn't sing . complain what that frick you know what . do you want to be in fine you science . absolutely not. i hate this question no it's like if you . have to have a plan for every step of . your life it's so stupid like the fun of . life is not knowing where it's gonna . take you yeah but it's so lame we need . to stop asking it we even know well we . want to name our children i mean i do . know i bet if i ever have a daughter . luna we both like that name yeah but now . we said it so someone else is gonna . steal it no that's funny hey no one can . take it okay so now like if another . youtuber names them we'll be like we . said it first. cuz that happens a lot when other . youtubers do things we want to do and . we're like well thank ya i can't do it . yes but not really but oh the others you . get an excellent job in a new city what . do you do you look for apartment in . there big enough for both of us a . stunning doesn't know what you tell me . it needs time to me incision besides we . have to break up i would do a b and c . yeah that's that for me yeah that will . be like i'm looking for apartment right . now but what if it's a really lame city . follow you i mean i may not be but then . why would you take the job some people . don't get to choose yeah if we didn't . get to i would dad well obviously follow . they just seems like a weird scenario i . won't follow you yeah but i will also go . through b and c as well first i can't . make decisions looks were cartman yeah . is he willing to help you with menial i . like around the house yes with him even . longer day feels like a date most times . rarely never see most likes everybody . we're getting married. no this is actually the last text i . didn't tell you but this is real if we . didn't get him i would dare i would get . married to maya let me just finish by . saying i'm so happy and i guess like . we've already been together so long i. didn't know if it was even that change . anything but it it definitely did like . it feels it feels amazing i'm so happy . yes tell them i don't eat sorry what . leave a like if you enjoyed this video. check out the merch it will probably not . be available but it might be bye . .
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