Aubrey Plaza and Dan Stevens Hijack a Stranger’s Tinder | Vanity Fair

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On this episode of Tinder Takeover, Aubrey Plaza and Dan Stevens hijack a stranger's Tinder app and get into the nitty-gritty of online dating. Aubrey and Dan star in "Legion" on FX.
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Aubrey Plaza and Dan Stevens Hijack a Stranger's Tinder | Vanity Fair
Hi i'm aubrey plaza and i'm dan steven . and we're here to ruin danielle's life. because we're gonna take over her tinder . initiate it . what is tender aubrey plaza dating app . how do i use it just swipe around you're . welcome for nothing . [music]. daniel 27 does he light your fire 24 you . may see half of his face what if the . other half of his face was sort of cyber . whoa oh that's just a tongue amy she's . going that way . tay no even she just went strands the . right we can see one and a half nipple . sendmessage oh where's the rest of your . second nipple in the end we only regret. the chances we didn't take i'm taking a. chance that you take a chance on this . okay tay yay oh yay let's say yay . i'm sure he gets that all the time well . he'd get this right now yeah he's. getting this right now. oh what about george george she seems . nice what are you up to this weekend . no good santa-claus emoji after . christmas feels very confusing . okay back to hi papi just gonna send . that one really quick k&m hang on . there's two people there can you have . two people on tinder hang on . some people are like looking for. threesomes i think probably like we are. a couple we are a couple do you do you . want us want us this is the kind of . thing people write on there isn't it . right oh no good santa did no good santa . christmas no but will you it's straight . in there with the dirty santa paws . kissy-faces . okay hohoho how about that come over . it's possible but maybe we should get a . few drinks first . very very bestest let's keep the . christmas spirit . are you the sort of person that uses . baby and attacks an early movie scrooge . or something i invented that . charles dickens . ever seen beauty and the beast . wait wait what and the beast do you like . that film i'm more of a dirty grandpa . girl myself or do you like dirty grandpa . this is a real litmus test of a guy here . or leave forever let's just make this . about our career so you don't see who's . having a better career let's go back and . do some swiping kiddo . miles no sabina sabina no maricella . oh what's she got swiping right on that . aerial do we want to see ooh she's a man . cave she's been held hostage joe joe 38 . oh damn who was that ariel so this is a . we got girls on guys . so it seems keep swinging it was swiping . did it says keep swinging you have two . thumbs for a reason what does that mean . to type to like say hello . what oh do you think trump is cool wow . straight in there with the trump second. so joe's first picture was of his shirt . and tie and the second was just a . close-up on the buttons and the tie no . wow this guy knows how to read books . he's not steve or steph i step step step . he's like spying on psi play binoculars . stet is probably already hacked you're . at steve you see nasa that's a guy with . a full name i only saw that oh god . george you're in trouble man and we saw . the animated film beauty the beast good . george . you have no taste you clearly can we . retroactively swipe left on taste or is . it too late bro he gets a bro take it . over take him down ever heard of robert . de niro asshole what roberts senior no . hey you know what you know what i'm . sorry let's start over . merry christmas i just love christmas so . much. okay let's talk to mike mike it's a lot . of let's look is that chain to . chains from new york living in hollywood . is in a band tv film photo is this job . what tv film photo cool i'm not sure . about mike what's on the pendant not . sure about mike i'll just write that . much not sure about mike okay your . thumbs are getting tied you have two . thumbs for a reason aubrey hi there i'm . gonna ask chris are you awake from what . did you find yourself patiently suffer . that's a good question because that's my . bio oh yeah my bio says that i'm . suffering patiently eternal malaise of . the soul it's really beautiful thanks . haha okay what do you like about . christmas that's a good oh i love the . man who invented it do you like . inventions george sorry for a minute i . thought i was alone we're all alone i . think you've got a guy with at least one . and a half nipples in the offing that's . a good start i think george really hung . in there we've got to get him to sit . down and watch at least dirty grandpa . yeah he had really great questions thank . you guys i appreciate it what's that . closer to luck . .
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