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On this episode of Collider Movie Talk (Tuesday November 28th, 2017) Mark Ellis, Jon Schnepp, Perri Nemiroff, Ashley Mova discuss the following:
1) Kevin Feige teases ‘finale’ of MCU with Avengers 4
2) James Cameron Says if ‘Avatar’ 2 & 3 Flop There Won’t Be ‘Avatar’ 4 & 5
3) Opening This Week – The Disaster Artist
4) Russell Crowe Teases Potential Movement on a ‘Master and Commander’ Sequel
5) ‘Lady Bird’ Becomes the Best-Reviewed Movie of All-Time on Rotten Tomatoes
6) Mail Bag
7) Live Twitter Questions
In a sprawling profile in Vanity Fair about the 10-year anniversary of Marvel Studios, the magazine revealed that after the conclusion of Avengers 4, “at least some of the original characters who sit at the center of the billion-dollar Avengers team will be hanging up their capes and shields.” Head honcho Kevin Feige also teased what’s to come after Avengers 4, saying they have about 20 completely different Marvel movies in development, with Avengers 4 acting as the “Finale” to the MCU as we know it.
While production has already begun on James Cameron’s Avatar 2 and Avatar 3, the director recently revealed to Vanity Fair that if parts 2 and 3 don’t do well at the box office, then Fox will not move forward on parts 4 and 5.
In 2003, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World earned 10 Oscar nominations, including Best Picture and Best Director for Peter Weird, and scored two wins for Best Cinematography and Sound Editing. But against a budget of $150 million, the film only made $212 million at the box office, making its sequel prospects unlikely. Now, 15 years later, Russell Crowe has taken to his Twitter account saying a Master and Commander sequel may actually be happening.
While it’s very hard to score a perfect 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, it’s not impossible. In the history of the aggregator site, only one movie has scored a perfect 100 and that was Toy Story 2, with 163 reviews certified fresh. But now, we have a new champion and it comes in the form of Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird. The film now has 164 reviews, all of them “Fresh”, giving the film a 100% Fresh rating, as well as crowning it the best reviewed movie of all time.
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Caption: [music]. hey guys welcome to flight or movie talk . movie talk for movie fans i'm your host . ashley mova and this is the daily show . we give you all the latest news from the . world of movies plus some insight into . what it all means. leading off the show today is mark ellis . welcome one and all to the best movie . news show in the entire galaxy i am mark . house you probably know me as the number . one ranked scrabble player i got the. gold medal right under this shirt to . prove it on today's show we're gonna . speculate death in the avengers world . and then we're gonna talk about very . exciting news coming out of rotten . tomatoes lady bird you're perfect just . like me in word games ashley today jon . schnepp what do you say about that . i say lex ulis son words with friends . sorry had to quit all those games mark . where it's on dude the gauntlet has been . thrown. we're scrabbling it up perry never wrong . you're all under estimating me i'm gonna . crush you in scrabble and then just in . case i don't i'll challenge you all to a . cryptic quote and i'll definitely win . cuz no one here at this table understand . that is crypto dawg no i thought the . cryptic quote would have been something. referenced in the movie the post which i. got to see last night kids talk too much . about the new steven spielberg movie but . there's a q&a with meryl streep tom . hanks and bradley whitford afterwards. and man they are really entertaining so . given all the events that you've seen in . the news recently think the post might . be something you want to check out the . reviews will be up on both quwata and . schmoes no later this week perry next i . believe it's next week yeah okay so . you're more the embargo person um or the . the scrabble town i'm probably gonna . speculate possibly somebody new ventures . forward dying and this is from the mouth . of somebody pretty important over the. mcu ish in a spalling profile in vanity . fair about the ten year anniversary of . marvel studios the magazine revealed . that after the conclusion of avengers . for at least some of the original . characters who sit at the center of the . billion-dollar avengers team will be . hanging up their capes and shields head . honcho kevin feige also teased what's to . come after avengers 4 saying that they . have about 20 completely different . marvel movies and development with. avengers 4 acting as the finale to the . mcu as we know it he said . avengers 4 will bring things you've . never seen in superhero films a finale . there will be two distinct periods . everything before avengers for and . everything after i know will not be in . ways people are expecting mark what do . you think kevin feige means when he says. avengers 4 is a finale and does it mean . some of the avengers will die i think it . does mean me is it gonna die we is it. gonna die. we don't know everybody is kicking the . bucket if anybody actually is yet but i . think that kevin feige is onto something . i do have to take some issue with what . he said that you never see a finale in . superhero films we've seen finales. before just never really in a marvel. film even what we thought that there . might be harm brought to a main . character it doesn't pan out that way . we've seen a lot of injuries we've seen . a lot of people have you know take hits . and and go down for a while but they. always make it back somehow i don't . think that's gonna happen at the end of . avengers 4 but schnepp if you even talk . about infinity war which is the next . avengers movie were getting avengers . ostensibly 3 do you think we could see . somebody kicked a bucket as early as . that are they gonna save all this . emotion for avengers 4 i think some . buckets are getting kicked in infinity . war and then i mean i think you know . what he's saying when he says finale . he's talking about the like a 2000 ver . 20 film arc of stories that have been . told and that those stories will all be . like cinch sax is my guess and that . phase 4 will be a totally different . thing that's what i'm hoping because . those are pretty big words and then in . the same article they're talking about . how they've already laid out like 20 new . films so they're like they already have. 20 new films to come after avengers. infinity ward one of them we know is the. second spider man which is also gonna . have those you know effects fully seen . because he's part of avengers infinity . war and avengers 4 so i mean i'm just . excited to hear these kinds of comments . coming from kevin feige like so many . years in advance before we ever gonna . see avengers 4 i mean it's like two and . a half years right mm-hmm it's like . we've got a lot of other cool films to . see we've got black panther we've got . captain marvel and once again those . films will also bridge some of these . storytelling events who's gonna die my . guess is it's probably going to be iron . because captain america's captain . america's not going anywhere baby cic . iron man as being the one that might . make a noble sacrifice but it's harder. for me to rectify losing tony stark when . he has this on-again off-again now it . appears again on again relationship with . pepper potts so anytime you have an . emotional attachment to somebody that is . like oh no they have a spouse or they . have a loved one it's harder to let them . go. i thought hawkeye i thought they were . using that angle in avengers age of . ultron to kill a hawkeye make it really . emotional because anytime they introduce . you to superheroes family halfway. through the movie like oh he ain't . making it out alive i'm not gonna . survive that one perry . i think captain america solo if we know . he's he's flying by himself to all the . big dances he's going stag to prom . because he was dating like a hundred . year old and she kicked the bucket so . now i think that it makes sense that . captain america might sacrifice himself . for the greater good of everybody else . that's something that cap always talks . about i think the captain america is the . odds-on favorite as of right now because . you look at the newer characters we have . here like snap reference black panther . and doctor strange and vision and falcon . i think they're sticking around if for . no other reason because their contracts . are gonna be able out later than the . original core members that we started . building this incredible franchise with . perry your thoughts all right yeah the . contract issue does push some characters. on the more likely side and others not . so much. if we're talking infinity war i kind of . leaned towards hawkeye and i don't . necessarily think we need to have that . kind of big moment there when avengers 4 . is supposed to be the thing that kind of . separates these two chapters of this . huge franchise if not more chapters down . the line but the fact that linda. cardellini was in that photo shoot makes . me think that because she didn't have . that big of a role in age of ultron but . by putting her there it hints to me oh . get ready for something emotional with . hawkeye you're gonna have to know her. because maybe she'll have a bigger role. in the next film grieving over the loss . of him i don't know that's just where my . mind is going . and banner is gonna be like will ferrell . and wedding crashers he's just at the . funeral trying to hit on her . yeah that's not exactly how i was . picturing it going because it sounds . like yeah yeah that's that's an option i . guess then with infinity war i am . definitely leaning towards captain . america because to me the idea of. ironman dying doesn't sound satisfying . is not the right word but it doesn't . sound like the best conclusion for that . character whereas if if his contract is . up and he's not continuing on with this . franchise him kind of going off into the . sunset and being able to just live . happily with pepper and quiet i mean . even though it doesn't sound that . realistic for a character who has to . save the world to just hide out while . other things are going on but maybe if . he's just funding the operation and . takes a step back whereas with captain . america the idea of him dying and . getting to go on to the afterlife and be . with peggy carter that means something. and then also the fact that nobody else . in the group is like captain america . nobody else has that mentality so if . he's gone that forces someone else to . take up that positivity and strength and . i kind of like that burden being put on . new characters you know what i think . what you just said made me think i . wonder because there's a lot of clips . that we've seen that we're going to a . world war 2 scene and there's like a . flashback with loki and thor from the . very first avengers so we're gonna be . seeing certain things but are they . coming from someone else's perspective . or are they because time has been . changed or altered and if that's the . case does captain america kick the . bucket in the third film and then only . to see you know tony stark realized it's . my fault and then he does the ultimate . sacrifice in the fourth film to bring . cap back you know i would like to see . tony stark die obviously you know i . don't want to see iron man i've . understand it's like he's really the . ultimate villain of this entire universe . he's the one who caused ultron he's the . one that opened up the portal he's the . one all of his you know masa nations . have kind of brought about a lot of . these problems so you know hey but i . will also tell you is that tony stark . factor is very prominently into the . mentoring and nurturing of younger. superheroes we saw that in spider-man. homecoming so i think to perry's point . even if he does take a step . ashle and he just says you know what . i'll fund these other projects and he's . just he kind of becomes like a . benevolent rich billionaire that says . you get a

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