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Welcome to LifiaTubeHD! Bath Ball
"Baby Bath Tub Show" was designed to entertain kids while teaching them about counting and color. In the video you will see two toddlers (Lifia and Niala) playing in a ball pit in their baby bath tub in backyard and having loads of fun. The color balls counted by Lifia, and Lifia also put the ball into the bathtub ; the very young toddler Niala get into the baby bath tub pool then ; Lifia start filled the baby bath tub with all color balls to cover all over surfaces Niala's body. They both (Lifia and Niala) singing a song while they put balls. Although intended for kids, it should be fun for the whole family.
Happy fun children bath balls - Kids ball pit bath pool and Ball pit playground. See and Watch at 03:47 nice moment when Lifia get challenge bathing ball with all color balls in slow motion. This video good for play and Learning.. You should subscribe. It's pretty cool.
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Perhatian: Permainan ini aman dan dibawah pengawasan orang tua!
Warning: This game is safe and under supervision of the parents!
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