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Shanice (Leslie Jones), Rashad (Chris Redd) and T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman) compete on Black Jeopardy, hosted by Darnell Hayes (Kenan Thompson).
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???. >> this is "black jeopardy. ". >> yeah, all right, what up . what up . what up . welcome to "black jeopardy. ". the only jeopardy where our. prize money is paid in. installments. i'm your host, darnell hayes. today's contestants are shanice. >> hey. >> rashad. >> what's crackin . >> and, oh, this is so exciting. all the way from wakanda it's. t'challa. >> greetings darnell. i am a big fan of this program. >> boy this might be the. blackest, "black jeopardy" yet. all right, let's take a look at. our categories. we got, grown ass. aw, hell no. fid'na. girl, bye. i ain't got it. and as always, white people. all right. shanice, you're our returning. champ. you pick. >> okay, let's go to aw, hell no. for a hundred. >> okay, the answer there, your. barber has a two hour wait. but he says there is an empty. chair you can use up front. rashad. >> what is aw, hell no, there's. a reason your chair empty. >> you damn right. you damn right there is. you gonna end up looking like. the weeknd. all right, rashad, the board is. yours . >> all right, let's go with. fid'na for $200. >> all right. they fid'na take prayer out of. school. shanice. >> what is and they wonder why. everybody pregnant . >> yes, yes, exactly. yeah. bad things happen when you kick. jesus out of your house. that's right. all right, it's your pick. shanice. >> let's stick with fid'na for. $400. >> all right, the answer. this is the reason your cable. bill is in your grandmama's. name. oh, t'challa. >> what is to honor her as the. foundation of the family. >> hmm. that's really nice. it's wrong. but it's really nice. anybody else . the reason your cable bill is in. your grandmama's name . shanice . >> what is cause i'm fid'na to. get's car and i don't need all. that on my credit. >> yes, i feel you. that's right. i feel you. and your grandmama ain't going. to need that good credit too. much longer. all right, shanice, your pick. >> let's go to i ain't got it. for $200. all right. the lady from sallie mae says. your student loan is past due. rashad. >> what is i ain't got it. because i died. you are talking to a ghost. >> yeah, that's right. that's right. yeah, you can't bill what ain't. there. just ask wesley snipes, am i. right t'challa . >> i don't know this one. >> that's all right, man. you'll get there. rashad, it's your pick. >> all right, let's go to aw,. hell no for $400. >> okay. the airline says they want to. charge you $25 to check your. bag. shanice. >> what is aw, hell no, looks. like i am going to fly to. jamaica with. a 50 pound suitcase in my lap. >> you damn right. yeah, you damn right. and i dare the stewardess to say. something. all right, let's keep going. >> let's stay with grown ass for. $600. okay, you send. send your smart ass child here. because she thinks she grown. t'challa. >> what is to one of our free. universities where she can apply. her intelligence and perhaps one. day become a great scientist. >> okay. well, the answer we was looking. for was, out my damn house. but you know what . i am going to give it to you. t'challa. i mean, y'all might not no mean. streets in wakanda. all right, the board is yours. >> very well. let's go to aw hell nah for. $800. >> the police mans says there. have been robberies in your. neighborhood, and asks do you. have information. >> what is, not only do i tell. this man what i know but i also. assist him in tracking down the. offender. afterall our ministers of law. enforcement are only here to. protect us. is this correct . >> it should be. but, oh. you ain't spend much time here. in america. let's just hear about today's. prizes. johnny. >> thanks, darnell. today's "black jeopardy" winner. will receive uesta hold. margarine. versatile plastic containers. that used to hold margarine. put whatever you want in them. and well done steaks. if i see a spec of red it's. going back. you better cook my food with. well done steak. and by sprite. how did we become the black. soda . we don't know. sprite. back to you, darnell. i do love sprite. all right. t'challa, the board is yours. >> okay. i am ready. let's go to white people for. $400. >> okay, let's try it. your friend karen brings her. potato salad to your cookout. uh-oh, t'challa. >> i think i am getting the hang. of this. but before i answer. i have a few questions. this woman, karen, she is. caucasian, yea . >> yes. >> and she has her own recipe. for potato salad, yes . >> yeah. >> oh, i understand. it is noble that she would. volunteer to cook for everyone. and although i have never had. potato salad. >> yeah, of course. >> i sense that this white woman. does not season her food. >> that's right. >> and if she does, it is only. with a tiny bit of salt. >> that's exactly right. >> and no paprika. >> yes, that's exactly right. >> and she will probably add. something unnecessary like,. raisins. >> i know, right. >> so -- so, something tells me. that i should say. >> say it. >> aw, hell no, karen. keep your bland ass potato salad. to yourself. [ dinging ]. >> you got it!. you got it t'challa!. >> oh. >> in the face. >> yes. >> black panther, welcome to. black jeopardy. ???. >> how many square feet is that . >> for three bedrooms. >> what a deal . >> oh, well, the sound of white. people shopping nearby for real. estate means the fun is over. so, let's take a break. when we come back, we'll play. we'll be right back with more. black jeopardy. .
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