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[music]. now just sitting sad oh well shit heard . the she out there i'm just sitting sad . now i'm just sitting here sad things . like sad we're now just sitting is that . now just sitting yourself do you like. that the other way . now i'm just sitting aside now just . saying you said parallel why'd you came . tonight residents in a west hollywood . neighborhood are angry they say they've . had enough of the chaos created by a . social media star known for his crazy . antics that man jake paul has a has . eight and a half million followers on . youtube as neighbors though say that . he's been filming dangerous stunts and . he's putting people in danger. chris wolf is live in west hollywood . tonight with a story you will see only . here on five chris that's right rick and . mb he is a social media megastar his . name is jake paul we should note he has . been a guest on the ktla 5 morning show . but tonight we visited his west. hollywood neighborhood because of . complaints from neighbors this is a . story you will see only on 5 social . media and internet sensation jake paul . thrilled his fans with wild on john . angeles and offered the 20 year old . disney actor is a pop culture powerhouse . with 8. 5 million followers on instagram . and youtube. he runs a large house in an upscale west . hollywood neighborhood and this . tight-knit community has become the new . setting for many of his pranks and . performing the neighbors amy who final . result in oblivion send it . he apparently makes his address no . secret and that piece of information . draws an endless stream of fans mostly . young girls the day we visited and their . parents to the property these funny . average yeah . a recent account involved tossing . furniture into an empty pool and sending . the pile on fire. neighbors say flames eventually through . higher than the house and as the pit . with burning and smoking. they were fuming we used to be a really . nice quiet street and now we're just . this like war zone for families here and . we're more than happy to have none of . here if they're respectful of their . neighbors but they're not. but as neighbors living with this . everyday we're fed up yeah shortly after . we arrived look who came out to greet . every live llama this one um ding oh . table unit a amo mucho jake i wouldn't . do that. look i wouldn't crawl up there okay i . just want to do that london neighbors . are complaining they're very upset know . why they say that you've created a . living hell out here that's like a . circus yeah this house a fan i mean . people are going to start kisses right . what do you say to the neighbors oh . better upset they're really upset no i . honestly join them no i'm honestly yeah . it's terrible it's a bad situation no i. feel bad for them for sure oh there's . nothing we could do though the jake . pollard's are the strongest army out . there deb i have one question for you . yeah . i guess he didn't like my shoes but i . don't think they're so bad neighbors i . spoke with tell me next week they're . going to have a special meeting with . city leaders and police and code . enforcement officials and so forth . depending on what happens there they . will decide whether to file a class . action public nuisance lawsuit against . jake paul and the homeowner we'll keep . you posted live in west hollywood chris . wolf ktla 5 news sorry wolfie we thank . you for that. brought you last night friend . social media star jake paulo responding . after ktla's report that call is. wreaking havoc on a west hollywood. neighborhood i wouldn't throw up why i . just wouldn't do that . the 20 year old youtube star is accused . by neighbours of performing dangerous . stunts in the area and putting people in . danger also gave out his address to fans . who routinely flock to a town residents. are considering a class action public . nuisance lawsuit against paul a friend. issuing this statement on his behalf we. totally sympathize with our neighbors we . can't craft anything and delivered . letters to them apologizing for the . inconvenience and upset that the crowds . caused by us living here hopefully we . will have a new home to move to . do you have any response to what the . neighbors are saying it's like a war . zone out here yeah that's a little . dramatic but we do understand where . they're coming from. ya mean you guys it is crazy if you . later man tied up i did it i mean big . astok yeah they said it's like a war . zone out here and like like fires and. kept kissing or firing all day okay i . don't see any fire so that's what's up . big man what's up bro you made it to be . the number one story on daily mail right . now oh hey let's go obviously here i. want i have an official an official . reporter that's going to represent us as . team ten spot is the war zone do you . feel that this neighborhood is a war . zone. no do you think that the jake is a nice . guy or do you think that he's giving the . neighbors problem ha . you think we saw . ten or jake paul's van rear-end another . car we're going to check it out he's . still in standstill traffic no one's . moving really so i think something did . happen we'll see any ball like five . minutes it's right up there . let's see moment of truth was i right or. was i not right all right there's the . police yeah . there's police right there see what we . got. oh that the model axe was is probably . part of the crew or something that's why . it was like. oh look at the axle engine without bella . yeah. all other 3-series look . yeah that was definitely that dude no . kidding do that and that is bomb . oh man what are the chances of that we . were actually headed towards a meet in . worst yet . oh bass tuesday's in west covina and . we're on the opposite we're on the south . side and we saw the band getting an . accident so of course i did you turn to. check it out. john . have you even gone to the meet and their . cloths everywhere. all those lights from abroad cop but oh . man. how do you translate six seconds of fame . into a career for yourself lots of hard . work you know i had a transition off of . the platform and develop like the acting . skills and it was a good like kickstart . to my career and i had to like use that . to get into these big rooms in hollywood . and then once i was in these rooms i had . to like show my full potential and the . acting skills that that i have i imagine . the people that you were sitting across . from in those auditions weren't. necessarily millenials who had been . tracking your every move on social media . how did you explain to them what you had . been doing and how you had built up your . skillset yeah i think the numbers would . speak for themselves so when they would . hear that i had like 15 million total . followers they that like touch them and. they would go home and ask their kids if . they if they knew who i was and a lot of . them would say yes and so that was . powerful to them even though they didn't . know who i was jake i've gotta ask you . about vine and its long term like . viability a lot of people have said if. twitter starts to run into trouble they . should probably sell it how useful do . you find it today versus a few years ago. yeah so vine was super super popular a . couple of years ago and it's on it's . like dwindling edges along with twitter . but they're still both very powerful . platforms and it's just about. translating your content on the other . platforms so now like instagram and . facebook and snapchat are super popular. and so i just create content on those . platforms and grow an audience there and . social media is kind of the same across . the board so you just have to know how . to engage your audience and you'll be . popular on any platform that comes up . and then the other goal jake of course . is to translate that into money can you . share with us how much you're actually . making from social media is a six-figure . seven figures what can you say so . starting out it was six figures then . moving up into seven figures hello as . you get like - yeah as you as you get . more and more popular and start to build . a brand name for yourself in the space . you start working with big fortune 500 . companies merchandising deals you can . tour so there's a lot of ways to . monetize but if you have millions of . fans and you can convert like even 5% of . them to pay for something of yours . you're in the seven-figure range . [music]. .
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