BREAKING: President Obama Imposes Sanctions On Russia

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TYT Politics Reporter Jordan Chariton ( reported on President Obama imposing sanctions on Russia for alleged hacking of the DNC and Hillary Clinton's campaign.
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Hey guys it's jordan with the young . turks and tyt politics i hope you're . having a great day and an early happy. new year. i am right now in east chicago indiana . where i am covering another poor . african-american community crushed by a . led and basically a crisis we're both . republican and democratic mayor's . officials screwed the city over so stay . tuned for those videos on youtube. com. slash tyt politics and of course i was . just in flint covering the led crisis . there which is still a crisis and now. which the media isn't covering there's . bacteria. there's also bacteria found in the water. so check out those videos again . youtube. com slash tyt politics your new . year resolution if you're not subscribed . subscribe to whitey politics real quick . i wanted to talk about the breaking news. the white house has sanctioned russia . over alleged election hacks read it from . politico and one of its final moves to . keep russia at bay and secure america. from digital intruders the obama . administration on thursday slap moscow . with a round of sanctions over its. alleged election season hex the . punishment hit several russian. individuals and entities including the. country's primary security services. known as the fsb and its main . intelligence directorate these actions . follow repeated private and public. warnings that we have issued to the. russian government and are necessary and . appropriate response to efforts to harm. the us interest in violation of . established international norms of. behavior president barack obama said in . a statement the move puts an end to. months of speculation over how the white . house would strike back blah blah so the . president obama has put in sanctions on . russia without actually providing any. evidence that russia did anything iraq . anybody iraq the only evidence that . russia has done anything or russia was . involved. is a new york times story that site's up . so unnamed sources saying the cia has. proof that russia hacked elections and . not even prove election machines just . hack the dnc and jenna hillary clinton . campaigns campaign managers emails. that's it a new york times story and . there's no one on the record saying this. they also haven't released any. information that i know of proving it. obama said oh we're going to we're gonna . i want all investigation and i wanted . put through before i leave office so as . far as i know there's been no there's . been nothing found that definitively. shows russia did hack the dnc did hack . the dnc or podesta there's no proof this . is strikingly similar to when we went to. war with iraq / weapons of mass . destruction that were also no proof now. i be i will be happy to be wrong if an . investigation shows proof and that is . made public that russia indeed hack the . dnc russia indeed act john podesta . females and it wasn't just russian . hackers but russian government unleashed . hackers then we all could say was wrong . but we have to get away from this . alright the government tells us things . high-level cia officials tells us thing . we then in the media as pez dispensers . send it out as fact without actually . investigating there has been no . documented proof that the russian. government government-controlled a . coordinated hacking of the democratic . party the republican party or any of . that. and obama just put forward sanctions so . if he just put forward sanctions he . better damn well have an investigation. coming back to him that has proof. because russia is a nuclear power and. you're imposing sanctions without. showing any proof. vladimir putin is a crazy-good crazy . dude it's not out of the question that . he would use nukes iii don't know other . than trying to distract progressives and . the country with the fact that they just. ran the worst establishment democrat . candidate probably in the history of . elections in america other than trying . to distract from that trying to distract . from the fact that they continue to take. corporate money thanks big . pharmaceutical companies big a big oil. silicon valley they're still taking the . money they don't want to talk about that. they will talk about russia russia. russia russia well where i come from as . a journalist i don't just take the . government's word for anything i think . the default setting as a journalist. should be i think the government is . lying to me show me proof so listen . president obama on his way out wants to . start a war with russia that's what . you're doing now don't get me wrong . russia's not an innocent flower russia . has tried to hack other governments for . years but all i'm saying is if they did . hack dnc if they did hack the john . possesses emails then that's something . worth investing worth investigating . worth covering but show me the evidence . there's no evidence they they just . imposing a sanctions but they're not . providing what evidence they have that . the russia definitely did this quote . russian cyber russia cyber activities . were intended to influence the election. a road faith in us democratic . institutions so doubt about the . integrity of our electoral process and. undermine confidence in the institutions. of the us government read a statement . these actions are unacceptable not be . tolerated well what actions where is the . proof. where's the hard data where's the . smoking gun or are we just going to . assume because us intelligence tells us . that there's weapons of mass destruction. and there's going to be a mushroom cloud. if we don't go to iraq do these people . not learn anything. if putin and the russian government act . the dnc the rnc whatever . yes that's that's worthy of coverage and . we should cover it but until you have . proof of that you should not be imposing. sanctions and how about instead of the. nbc and the new york times reporting as. fact that russia hacked beast on done . based on unnamed officials how about . demand evidence or you find the evidence . yourself you know what they used to call . journalism in america i know the . democratic corporate establishment that . doesn't want to pay attention to the. election results they say oh jordan . you're working for the kremlin what what . other proof do you want i want proof . that doesn't come from a private. security firm cybersecurity firm that . the dnc hired and their findings were a . little hectic for a little crappy to be . and you can go to the intercept they had . a great article on why the proof the. proof provided so far is not enough . thank you for watching i'm actually . heading over to tyt politics facebook . page to do another live report on flint . .
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