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Hi i'm elle mills and i did one question . asked more than anything . [music]. throughout my life i've always found . voice to you me my first crush nik . dungeon is amir about the years i have . found many other guys attractive but . deep down i knew i had other attractions. as well decided myself that i've been so . scared of that i have heavily repressed . food until i met her now i don't want to . get your hopes up this isn't a love . story but this is my coming-out story . sometimes feelings are so strong to . can't be repressed i figure that out . it's wrong. meet deon you're the first person i came . out to it person i had known for 55 . minutes we went out and i might have had . a little too much to drink fuck i almost . made it to the club before i started . crying so deon pulled me aside and i . told him everything and he told me who . you are and who you who you're feeling . is late for is something to be . celebrating went back to ottawa the next . day and out to emo elle mom i know you . said i've been distant since i came back . home in september now you know why it . took me a month to tell three of my . friends i broke down in an empty parking . lot which reminds me i have some family . and friends i need to get up to date i'm . gonna explain to you my crush and you . have to draw out what you think they . look like so here are the attributes . nice hazel eyes has tattoos kind heart . enjoys rollercoasters good tastes of . music talented and charming i know . exactly who this is what color season . yeah it's very fair . you see sometimes i just want a nice day . now i'm gonna show you what my crush . actually looks like you can't be gay i'm . gay . [music]. dbt q was community my relationships . with the people my life right now you're . gonna be different people you look at me . differently sort of family about person . friends want to be friends with me the . way we used to be happy weight on my . chest it's been something that's been an . elephant in the room really for a long . time didn't feeling really depressed the . past what because like someone and to be. able to tell my mom what other friends . it's kinda hard for me because i'm such . a surface level person and i don't like . talking about my feelings and it's very . hard for me to open up to someone like . my best friends my closest friends my . mom my brother they no one really knows . what's going on up here the past few . months i've been hard but um i think i'm . ready . [music]. [applause]. [music]. yeah. [music]. well don't cry you'll make me cry . because i not even coming he did i do it . except you who you are you know that . right. i asked so many times i know . [music]. throughout the process of making this . video i realize i'm very grateful for . the people i have in my life so i want . to thank every single one of you i hated . that but before i go let me reintroduce . myself. cool hi i'm al mills and i'm bisexual . [music]. you. .
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