Dame Helen Mirren Finds Out She’s Only 72 Years Old

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Dame Helen Mirren isn't shy about telling people her age, but Ellen broke the news to Helen that she's actually a year younger than she thought she was - and that might have made her entire life.
Hey, a question-- are you. going to the royal wedding . no. no, i'm not. no. you know them. so, i mean--. [laughter]. i don't know them, exactly. i mean, actually, i was at. an awards thing or something. and william was presenting. and he knew that. i was in the room. and he said, i've got to. be really, really good,. because my gran is in the house. [laughter]. so he kind of knew who i was. but i don't know them, no. i don't. i've met harry. i've met the queen briefly. and i've met prince. harry and william. and they're both. unbelievably charming. yes, they seem it. very straightforward, very. charming, and a great credit. to their father, i think. yeah, very down to earth. hey, speaking of that,. since you know everybody,. do you watch the crown . i do. yes, i do. do you think it's accurate . i think it's. incredibly accurate. yeah, it's really good. and i think claire. foy was brilliant. i sent her an email. congratulating her,. because she was fantastic. she was. and i can't believe. she's not coming back. so now they're going to--. well, the queen got older--. [laughter]. right. --as we all do, ellen. yes. yes, exactly. but sometimes in. hollywood, we age. people to make them look older. yeah. well, that's true. but that never really. works, does it . yeah. no, i know. so it's smart of her to do that. because she was brilliant. and then rumor is that you may. take part in that in some way. no. no, i won't do that. no. no. no, because it's. wonderful that i did it. it was wonderful that. it was a success. but i didn't want headline when. i'm knocked over by a bus--. headline, "the queen. knocked over by a bus. ". i wanted to get away from that. branch out. i like to move forward,. not back, really. you are-- and you you're not. shy about saying your age, which. i think is important. i think people. should say their age. you're 72. you look--. 73. 73, wow. yeah. when did you turn 73 . [applause]. are you sure . are you sure . i think i'm 73. when's your birthday . my husband and i, we forget. uh-huh. we forget. and actually, i'm six months. older than my husband. and his birthday is on. the 31st of december. so i get kind of prepared to. be the age the next year up. right. because i do his. birthday with him. and i sort of think, ok,. now i'm the same age as him. do you see what i'm saying . yes. so--. but you're 72. --i'm prepared. no, i think i'm 73. nope. you're--. [laughter]. well, anyway--. [laughter]. anyway, this year,. we thought he was 74. are you sure . i think i'm 73. what year you born . [laughter]. 1945. you're 73-- 72. what . 72. i'm 72. this is fantastic. yeah. [laughter]. you've gotten. younger being here. this is amazing. yeah. i've just made a whole year. yes. you've saved--. wow. yeah. how do you feel right now . i was going to say,. we thought we were 74. and then we worked it out. no, no, no. no, we're 73. and so we both we both. went, oh, fantastic. we've got a whole year. [laughter]. yeah. a whole extra year. and now i've got. another whole year. another year. [laughter]. [applause]. this is amazing. yes. thank you. yeah. ellen, thank you. yeah. [applause]. although it does seem. like you're aging. you don't know your age. but--. [laughter]. this is true. oh, yeah. i was going to say,. you look great. but you're losing it. [laughter]. no, you really do. you look fantastic. thank you. and you obviously love working. but do you ever see yourself. just stopping and not working . oh, i see myself. stopping and not. working almost every morning. [laughter]. i mean, i never want. to go to a party. i want to stay at. home and watch tv. i never want to. go out to dinner. i want to stay at. home, watch tv. [laughter]. i never want to do ellen. i want to stay at. home and watch tv. [laughter]. me too. exactly. i don't want to go on set. i want to go home and watch tv. but once i get. there-- and i'm sure. it's the same with you--. and like now, oh, no. this is great. this is fun. right. this is fabulous. and you learn how. old you are too. it's very important. yes, very helpful. [laughter]. it's good you came here. you said you watch a lot of tv. what do you watch. besides the crown . what do you like . oh, i like all kinds of things. i like certain comedy shows. i loved silicon. valley, for example. i learned a lot. about silicon valley. i knew nothing about it. i loved stranger things. i've got addicted. to stranger things. it was fabulous. [applause]. how brilliant was winona ryder . fantastic. yeah, yes. what else . i love those long,. incredibly long,. drawn out dramas that. happen that there were. dead bodies found in. glaciers and no one. knows who did it for like. 10 hours of tv watching. and you finally discover. it was some, you know--. the guy that you thought. it was in the first place. [laughter]. do you watch the. housewives, any of those . what, the housewives of--. like beverly hills or--. no, i hate those. things, i have to say. ok. [laughter]. tell people what. you're happy about. oh, well, the development. of my compost heap. is a very important one. because that takes. time, you know . yes, yes. but the other thing that i. really am so happy i witnessed. was gps. because--. [laughter]. i mean, i love maps. i love old fashioned maps. i'm a very good navigator. yeah. i know how to do that. but gps is the most. magical, unbelievable thing. yep. i even do it when i'm. walking down the street. and i know exactly where i am. yeah. [laughter]. i just look at myself like,. oh my god, it's moving. this is so amazing. [laughter]. and here i am. and yes, i am. i'm at that corner. it's fantastic. wow, that's so great, the. simple things that you enjoy. it's--. [laughter]. i mean, really, you're watching. yourself move and saying,. i'm moving . yes. how can you imagine that. gps is simple when you think. of the technology--. no, no. --the unbelievable technology . [laughter]. there's no need to yell at me. i'm just saying--. [laughter]. but it really is-- it's amazing. that you lived to see that. well, technology--. isn't it fantastic . i mean, i remember. the first time. i witnessed in the supermarket. that thing when they wipe it,. and the voice comes up--. heinz baked beans--. [laughter]. --you know . the machine knows. i mean, how did that happen . [laughter]. that's incredible. [laughter]. so i love technology. i'm so excited about. where it's going to go--. wow. --and what's going to happen. so baked beans is. something you buy often. i do-- marmite and baked beans. it's a very english thing,. isn't it, baked beans on toast . yes. but not american baked beans. no. american baked beans are. kind of a bit disgusting. what kind of baked beans . [laughter]. english, heinz. english baked beans. english heinz baked beans, yes. ok. i think that's what. portia does too. it's very, very brit--. does she like english. heinz baked beans . on toast, yes. everybody--. yeah, try it. --portia loves english. heinz baked beans. yeah. send her some please. [laughter]. yes, yes. as well as helen mirren. dame helen mirren loves it. send her some as well. yeah. all right, it's called. the leisure seeker. it is out march 9th. .
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