Did The White House Help Nunes Write The Memo?

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The less-than-respected Representative Devin Nunes has Washington on edge over a whopping four pages.
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Caption: Right now, the hottest news item. in america is about a three and. a half page memo no one has. read. yet. are you ready for some. footnotes . ( laughter ). the memo was authored by house. intel chair and man circling. back to that lady at the grocery. store giving out the sample. pizza rolls, devin nunes, and. his memo supposedly paints a. picture of how the f. b. i. and. the justice department abused. their authority to obtain a. warrant to spy on a former trump. campaign adviser. ugh, sounds a little dry. can't another porn star come. forward about spanking the. president . it's been over a week. daddy needs his juice. i need my num nums!. ( laughter ). no . no porn stars in this story . okay. have you checked . okay. clear your browser. ( laughter ). so -- cbs policy. so, who is this nunes . well, the congressman has a. reputation around the hill for. being an "overeager goofball". who can't see "the line between. ingratiating and stupid. ". so he chose both. ( laughter ). you see, some people think this. memo shouldn't be released. for instance, the entire. department of justice, including. the f. b. i. yesterday, the bureau issued a. rare public statement about this. memo warning it has "grave. concerns about material. omissions of fact," which is. f. b. i. for this is horse. (bleep). nunes wouldn't even let the. f. b. i. testify about the memo. about them, explaining his. committee is "not going to be. briefed by the people that are. under investigation by this. committee. ". yes, they're under. investigation. explains this flyer i saw at the. post office: "wanted by the. f. b. i. the f. b. i. !. for conspiracy to stop a. conspiracy. ". ( laughter ). so why is this memo the biggest. story in america right now . well, partially because friends. of the president tell cnn that. "trump sees the nunes memo as a. way to discredit the russia. investigation. ". yes, it's like when you're. losing at basketball, so you. shoot the ref. "i guess i win. there's nobody to tell me i. didn't. who wants to be the new. referee ". ( laughter ). apparently, trump believes the. memo would expose bias within. the agency's top ranks and make. it easier for him to argue the. russia investigations are. prejudiced against him. they are prejudiced against you!. because you said you did the. thing they're investigating you. for. their deep throat is lester. holt!. ( laughter ). ( piano riff ). ( cheers and applause ). he's not the original. no. clear your browser. clear your browser. and dig this, daddio-- there's. suspicion that trump's white. house helped nunes write this. memo. because, remember, nunes' last. supposedly shocking memo was. written by the white house. that they gave to him to give. back to them. so, during their closed door. hearing, illinois congressman. mike quigley asked nunes if he. or his staff had been talking to. white house while they wrote the. memo. nunes made a few comments that. didn't answer the question,. before finally responding, "i'm. not answering. ". i think you just did. ( laughter ). the ultimate target of this memo. appears to be deputy attorney. general and house-elf with a law. degree, rod rosenstein. ( laughter ). you see, rosenstein appointed. robert mueller, and "under. justice department regulations,. only rosenstein can fire. mueller. ". yes, he who hires, fires. i believe it's latin legal. maxim, "smeltus dealtus. ". ( laughter ). i think. i think i'm pronouncing that. correctly. anyway. trump doesn't trust him. reportedly, back in december,. trump took rosenstein aside and. asked him whether he was, "on my. team. ". it's all part of a pattern. he also asked comey for his. loyalty. and he once asked jeff sessions. to keep an eye on robert mueller. by hiding in his pocket. ( laughter ). >> jon: pocket b. pocket b. ( laughter ). >> stephen: but now almost. certainly this memo will be. released. we get reports that there is a. rising fear in the white house,. that the nunes memo is a dud,. and some in the white house are. questioning whether it's worth. angering the f. b. i. director. and intelligence community by. releasing it. "sir, i know we promised sean. hannity we'd slather ourselves. with honey and run through the. bear cave, but it's starting to. feel like a bad idea. ". ( laughter ). but, mr. president, even if the. memo doesn't prove that the. f. b. i. is out to get you, look. on the bright side-- after you. release it, they might be!. ( laughter ). we've got a great show for you. tonight. michael shannon is here. but when we return, to be. -- even more monologue!. .

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