Disney Would You Rather | Vlogmas Day Twenty-Three

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[music]. what about the cameras out of my hot . let's go that's good hot chocolate . though . welcome yes very good job ages ago pete . and i did a disney would you rather and . funny story . the disney would you rather did come in . a little blue wooden box i want my fish . died and i'm a coffin it became a coffin . because i had nothing small enough and . nothing nice enough to bury my goldfish . pull in for god . oh well that's proposed 312 just jumped . out at me okay would you rather go snow . sledding with on/off and spin or oh get . right to work on christoph sled uh first . 1i laughs yeah definitely one of those . sleeping without for sure i'd rather get . invited to stuff like that your words . would you rather kiss a frog like tiana . or trade wardrobes with princess jasmine . i don't think i could pull off princess . japanese order i could i probably kissed . the frog just hope that turns into a . prince . not with the turkey in christmas . puddings going down there are only like . how magical golden hair like rapunzel or . canoe down a giant river with pocahontas . without their magical hair magical hair . can do means effort would you rather . watch the planting lights in rapunzel's . kingdom strong or find suddenly in your . wardrobe pretty light . i don't wanna find out what kind of . wanna do i was so i live at me . would you rather find stitch under your . bed all day i need to know what would . you rather have marriages red curly . world hair or maybe they're already be . raised by free fairies little rough race . by think that three fairies live in the . jungle with baloo the bear. oh yeah the accident prone like goofy . you already i already i could be son i . know is how you wearing a gryffindor . outfit yet . yeah you're right until help arrived for . socks off and put the gryffindor you . can't mix and match it's a match my . brilliant or maybe not . he was fireworks over the disney car so . all have a hook for a hand see that . sweet the file i'm going to see the . fight that thing from experience . ok i'm saying from experience you had a . hook friend was before it's dark but . fighting in charge of dragon in sleeping . beauty . yeah for have pascal the chameleon as . your psychic sidekick a sidekick your . psyche imagine we'd like to propose . randy's nick have hit a little bored . would you rather fly to work on adams . magic carpet strong or i magic warm . magic wand i want to meet you want yeah . how'd you know who's grow like pinocchio . some might say some of us in here we had . that would you rather have done both. giant easy or have a lightsaber . can you fly the years you would be a . flower don't fly with the years i'm sure . you know the people who like sour like . shady things in their life trench coat . you can do that with you and i just got . my drugs on my life she says one of my . watch by drug drugs there are two kinds . of things there are two kinds of youtube . but i coming from the gryffindor as well . at actual wind or rain clouds this . morning friend i don't like your way . young minds the gryffindor were in that . slither in green . yeah she's wearing your ally she's just . carry finalize the ravenclaw . merry christmas merry christmas happy . that we're three . merry christmas at the end 123 . we wish again working . oh the weather outside right but five so . and since when no place to go . it's no . [music]. .
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