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We teamed up with WAVE Asian Bistro & Sushi to create not only a giant sushi donut, but also a sushi burrito, burger & french fries. It almost seems like a JPer might have been apart of these creations!!
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Look it's a little rice ball julia i'm . just kidding. it's a giant sushi doughnut oh man . healthy junk food we're going to attempt . to make a giant sushi doughnut with the . help of our friends from wave asian . bistro and sushi . let's go check it out . [music]. hi my name is jonathan i'm chef and . owner of way of asian visa and sushi in . mount dora florida some of our signature . items include sushi doughnuts sushi . burgers sushi burritos and a famous . sushi fries i think the first thing we . should do is probably start off with a . sushi burrito so that's aa he tuna . sriracha some scallions a little bit of . sesame oil and some sambal also for . extra kick. it's a garlic chili paste i love sushi . go follow them right there guys i'm so . chevy we always want to get our hands . red so that way nothing sticks to it hey . tiger hi karen i don't know if you're. watching right now that much rice right . there and then you want to leave about . an inch from the top i am so good at . vance the next step is to lay our . vegetables down so i like to start with . the mixed greens shredded carrots this . is vegetarian so i'm gonna take two crab . sticks spicy tuna now let's add a little . bit of salmon so you freshly had it . every single time every single time it . you always do this much inside holy cow . i don't know if i'm gonna be able to . roll it or not i have faith in you i got . little hands so it's just like that this . is so big so cool there's no way i mean . you're all cereal and you just tuck the . ends in there's only a little bit of . salmon coming out of it there oh you did . it beep all by myself . i'm so shafi uh-huh so a sushi burrito . is basically a very fat sushi roll that . you eat with your hands . sushi burrito great for on the go you . can see the layers of crab too . cucumber with lettuce ats that crunch . and if it doesn't make you hungry yet we . have a lot more we got more to make . what's next jonathan sushi burger . i think hers looks better honestly . what's new in the nest it was my first . time you heard on i'm really sweet . i'm gonna have you do the tuna burger . and i'm gonna make a crab one right next . to you so you guys are gonna try both of . them this is the lettuce it's actually . gonna help pull this bottom button . together first layer is going to be . cucumber and take about a softball sized . mound of spicy tuna i like that you talk . sports here at this asian restaurant all . i thought he meant like a softball and . then just right on top so i do a little . press down action yeah just a good press . got the spicy crab that's gonna be my . favorite no next step is seaweed salad . on top are you serious. that's loaded got some spicy mayo that . is on the cutting board got that eel . sauce on the spicy crab that's how it's . done. oh no yeah jonathan definitely did a . better job julia yeah i just noticed . that when he did it better all the . layers. it's like an onion so it wouldn't be . complete without a sesame seed bun to go . on top oh no way this just makes this . whole situation come full circle. no pun intended cuz these are all . circles whoa that's the legit krabby . patty. [music]. oh my goodness there's so much tuna on . that it's so delicious i have the choice . to a deep-fried your buns as well if you . want to go that far so wait wait did you . just see i can deep-fried my buns you . see fryer buns julie it never sells out . to me no i don't you should so i called . the group on my channel and the j peers . how you peeing today how you paint you . know it oh oh dude let's pee it out . let's go let's pee it out . all right guys i'll see you in the . bathroom yeah this is an episode of . jonathan makes weird stuff while julia . does not approved oh i don't know sushi . fries right now. ordinary fries after we're done sushi . fries. i think we toss the fries enough oh man . this is like loaded fries to the next . level a little massage oh i would start . in the middle and then just garnish the . rest of the fries with a little drizzle . action with a spicy mayonnaise i love . you sauce scallion bay would you do the . favors and there you have it guys . sushi fries that's the kind of fries i . want to come home to late at night so is . this something they eat with a fork and . a knife then no scoop it you're gonna . keep eating this what julia what's the . next one we're gonna head up we're gonna . have to make it small sushi doughnut so . we can figure out how they build it so . we can figure out how we're gonna make . one this big all right step one always . wet your hands i had to do the same . thing in the i'm just kidding . it's not going on the video but we are . packing rice so next step is we're gonna . start forming the crater but we're gonna . put our stuffing so keep it nice and . circled you like spicy tuna right. what other fillings do you put in them. spicy femme avec otto we're also able to . do salmon the nori goes on the bottom . seal everything together the next step . is to flip it and press through julia's. it's like that time of the month so . we're just trimming the edges off right . now make it more donut-shaped . we're gonna take one slice of tuna then . the next layer is gonna be salmon one . more slice or two . [music]. next step is avocado hey guys it's not . bad it's beautiful i did it myself . thomas i'll go and we're gonna pat that . on the remaining rice so that none of it . shows anymore so i like to start from . the bottom perfect well it looks really . good to me . sesame seeds perfect and then last step . is scallion there you go guys you did it . julia made her first sushi doughnut . [music]. we're like family now do you think that . making a bigger one is a good idea . absolutely we don't start now we'll . never do it let's get started grab the . mold so aesthetically i think to make . this work we have to have a really nice . lining of plastic and then we need . enough rice to put in here also so that . it can support all the layers that we're . putting in it fist just fist it guys. we don't want it to topple it we don't . want things to seep through and then it . just falls apart so right now we've got . six pounds of rice stuffed within our . donut pan it looks like a sombrero . [applause]. i think with with the layers we could do . probably four layers crab and then . cucumber and then tuna salad seaweed . salad so we could do carrots also true . oh i like that so let's do credit . carrots down just one solid layer we've . got lots of other things that are going . inside yeah you know we need not to . cheese and some tortilla chips this is . something else . we're not catching the trends we're . making the trips i think that's good . this is the weight of a toddler . these are daikon radishes the last layer . before we close this thing up we took a . bunch of rice made it to a ball and . squished it down we have to close our . giant donut so we can flip it and then . decorate it it's all about getting into . all those nooks and crannies do another. squeak oh my goodness guys this is. essential to keeping it together this is . essentially central this is it to be . nervous this is the flip moment and if . you don't do it right . they're all gonna look at you and be . like why did she do that it might fall . apart they might stay together . oh wow okay just like before we're gonna . do the pushing down process and process . i think the teamwork . awesome this is just the beginning guys . [music]. you could be done right now this has all . of the most amazing delicious fillings . remember guys it doesn't matter what . things look like you are gonna make this . look real good it's very delicate guys. take your time yeah for all you guys . that are currently shadowing us at home. doing this yourself careful with the . avocado. [music]. we made oh a giant sushi doughnut and . i'm here to tell you right now that this . is incredibly heavy and you should not . pick it up i'm gonna put it down that's . like sushi inside of a sushi doughnut. this is absolutely incredible guys if . you want to see more subscribe hit that . bell icon and come down to weight asian . bistro and sushi right here in mount . dora florida and you guys can eat your . own sushi doughnuts you can get your own . fries you get your own burritos aired a . sip monday unless they start opening on . monday which mean like we'd really . appreciate it if you guys followed us on . social media on facebook and instagram . at wave mount dora all one word who's . gonna eat this thing i wouldn't be able . to even eat half of this we actually . know some people that could have arrived . and we had the queen heard somebody said . something about sushi doughnuts i'm . hungry my name is nathan figure i'm a . semi competitive eater follow us on our . youtube channels nathan figueroa nick w . it is 100% guarantee we're going to do . this just saying it's like a joints it . is it's a giant piece what do you call . piece that's giant sushi piece is . delectable okay you said you wanted a . shot yeah go ahead . .
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