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Hello there i'm nathalie and being lazy . is in my dna raise your hand if you got . lazy genes in your dna you know what be . a proud lazy person come on raise your . hand raise it you and i are to put to . the test some of the laziest gadgets on . the market for people like well you and . me potatoes couch potatoes hold up . today's so exciting because i am . announcing the giveaway winner for their . canon camera oh my god the baby goes . home finally to someone i'm so excited . for the winner drumroll please and the . winner is caitlyn hover woah . congratulations to you and if you didn't . win no worries a new giveaway will be . announced in the next video just make . sure you're part of the family by . subscribing right over here and clicking . this little bell right here that's it i . challenge you guys to get this video . tough thumbs up i know you guys . could do it you guys have been beating . every single challenge i'm shocked every . single time i dare you to turn this do . this by clicking below and hitting that . thumbs up finish it i want to give a . huge shout out to sign up for watching . my videos thank you so much so if you . are a shout out in my next video just . comment below hashtag natta fication . squad and i will be choosing one of you . if you're here within the first 30 . minutes that every video goes live so . make sure you're here early if you . follow me on instagram you know that i'm . doing my favorite makeup stationary . polaroid brushes basically now these . essentials to you and the winner for. that is going to be announced on my . instagram right now literally go right . now in stories i'm announcing the winner . it might be you you only have 48 hours . to get back to me on it so make sure you . go and check it out right after this . video and as a reminder i post new . videos every wednesday and saturday . let's get on to the video . this next lady school gadget is a tie . but it's not just any time this is what . you call a pillow tie so it's more than . just a tie i guess it says deserve to be . slept through most functions that. require oh it's hot i think it's kind of . stylish if you want to create your own . kind of style and school but it's also . functional let's test it up right here . we have the place where we're gonna . inflate it oh . let's inflate the tie kind of long i . don't even know how to tie a tie i think . that's the first rule so you know you . could be like a teacher's pet look . really stylish in school but then. inflate it once you're getting caught . tired that's it all my lipstick is on it . now so this is how the tie looks it's . kind of squishy but it feels like a . really cheap air mattress now to tie the . tie please give me the honors that is . knows how to tie a tie inc you mean oh . i'm looking like a teacher's pet already . and then how do you how do you do this . like what are you doing you just pull oh . my god it's very nicely tied oh wow . right here there's like the little . pocket. to just put your tie into oh no it keeps . coming out must be weird if you're in . class and you just like randomly start . blowing on your tie you guys see how . it's going up and up and up slowly it's . like about to unzip itself so whatever . so i'm gonna try to push it down i mean . i don't think this looks at all siddiqui . you could definitely tell there's . something weird going on here it's kind . of like a big tie now to test it out all . right . [music]. and it keeps coming out on the air . alright that is you try it out from one . to five how stylish is that i like the . color i mean you're not fooling anyone i . feel like you can use this as a weapon . [music]. no it's wait yeah i can hear deflating . them it's like when he hit the table oh . my god it's completely fine oh wow well . i think pretty much less yeah hello hey . for whackin people it's pretty hard now . our final rating on the pillow time . ready three two one okay why i like red . ties it's really nice and the material . is very high-quality it does not feel . cheap like a normal type only thing is . it doesn't really function very well and . it's kind of tiny oh interesting that's . so boring . would you take this class if you're . related student no you'd be too lazy to . even pull average yeah and have to . reboard up and reboiler i would just put . my head on my books or this next prize . [music]. the next lay the school gadget is this . ninja chopping banana thing i was very . intrigued because i make oatmeal and . drink cereal like every morning and it . doesn't really take me that long to cut . up you know a few bananas but i'm like i . can save myself a little bit of time why . not we're going to do is we're gonna . test out where the bananas as i normally. would cut it up chop it really nicely . and then we're also going to time how . long it takes with this little thing so . i'm going to set the timer chop this as . i normally would without any brush and . i'm going to start the timer right now . okay so it's 18 seconds 18 seconds to . chop up some bananas not too bad but . let's see how long it takes it fits you . like i'm gonna cooking show right now . transition right now cooking with . natalie today's recipe is going to be a . banana and now we are going to chop this . one up okay from the look of it i'm . guessing that the sharp edge is this one . because you kind of will put down your . pressure like this this is very large i . don't know what banana would be this . large but we are going to do it neck i'm . gonna press down damn three seconds the . key is how well the chops are they oh my . god so they slide off really really . nicely. took me three seconds as opposed 18 . seconds which is really good so this is . my banana appealing skills and then this . is the ninja banana chopping one i think . this one makes it look a little bit . fancier eighteen more seconds to sleep . and now you can enjoy your oatmeal your . bananas whatever you want alright i . would rate this 105 i actually really . really like it i tend to chop bananas. every morning this is a really good one. i like it and now i have a little bit . more time for my morning routine so this . next school gadget is for my cookie . monster jupiter okay . okay pretty much if you enjoy eating . oreos which who doesn't but you don't. really like to dunk your oreos which who . doesn't so this is how a normal person . would do it you just dunk it oh he's . coming back this little guy oh then . you're dunking it but then you get your . fingers wet which is not ideal that's . what you don't know i'm not going to . give you this. alright so this is where the cookie . monster comes into play it's like this . little gadget that pretty much you put . your cookie on to it and then using it . you're gonna dunk it let's test it out . ballad okay so i'm gonna dunk it . oh my god beautiful and it is to get my . fingers nest . you know what the experience is a little . bit different i don't know what it is . this is awesome it's very inexpensive . from one to five i give this up straight . up five stars it is amazing it really . like captures the cookie perfectly in . place and then you can dunk it you don't . have to have your hands all messy your . dog licking your fingers do you like . this hey i see you so the next lazy . school gadget may look just like a mug . but it's not just any one it's the stuff . stirring bugs i saw this online and all . it needs is two double-a batteries and . then it has a little button right here . and if you look inside when i click it . [music]. if you could turn the camera on jupiter . right now so pretty much with coffee . with tea maybe you want stir up your . honey but you don't have time to even do . that because you're doing your hair . you're finishing up your math homework . all that jazz hey jupiter how you doing . buddy you've taken up every shot of mine . you could use this for coffee on the go . maybe you're mixing up tea with honey . it's pretty like po in like it goes . pretty fast don't stick your finger in . here okay won't were you but it's pretty . strong so i'm gonna add some milk in . here of course some milk in here like . this my only concern is hopefully this . won't splash everywhere some chocolates . ah i close it and then i see if this . gets really dirty then we kind of know . oh . oh it's bubbly and foamy i'm gonna do it . ready and there you go . hot chocolate with spoon on top oh my . god it's really good i just realized i . didn't watch this cup overall my rating . on this product is a 5. 2 i just want to . give it a little more it this is awesome . very on the go you can take it with you . pretty like low maintenance in the sense . of it just requires too little batteries . and it works like it actually works . i can't imagine like all the different . things you can mix up in here it's kind . of soothing too this is great i love it . it looks good i like it buy it came . across this really interesting product . and invention called the remote control . mop sweepers you don't even have to. physically do any work because you're . being lazy we're gonna use a little . remote control and then we're gonna . clean the house this thing cost like 150 . dollars and right now the price went. down to 33 dollars and 12 cents i'm kind . of thinking this is another one of those . products it only has three customer . reviews that isn't even real we decided . to diy it because why not we took a . little car and we put a what is this . cold uh it smells really good you put . her wolf out and we're just gonna test . it out i'm pretty sure this is like a . gimmick as well the remote control mop i . don't know let's try this one out let's . see how much this thing picks up we've . been this dirty . i mean i'm curious this is like a cheap . diy . where is it ready to pa'dar that car in . the vacuum we're gonna team up in . serious. this next lady gadget is for those of . you who don't like to clean after your . pets me this is what you call the pet . suite the pretty much you're supposed to . put this on your dog and it's supposed . to pick after all of the nasty dirt and . stuff in the back i saw this it says the . pet plow i told dennis i'm like that's . it's kind of oh and then he's like it's . a gimmick so are you telling me i bought . this and there's nothing in here we're . about to find out i don't think there's . anything in here how do they do this how . do they sell you that i thought it was . real roberta can open your present this . is fake man there's nothing in here i've . been pranked i'm about to get my money. back this is his face now you knew this . all along all right let me tell you guys . let me tell you how much this thing was . 749 oh my god it does pring pat pen . sweet i prank myself oh that's actually . kind of funny so you would give this to . someone like this like large i think i'm . gonna give this to my dad later oh yeah . it's just a box $7 for this box don't . get too excited your real gift is inside . this is a really cute doll . here's your present duper . congratulations that's what i got today . yeah more lazy gadgets bye good bye okay . i hope you enjoyed today's video if you . did make sure you give it a huge thumbs . up also check out my last video right . over here by clicking on it where i show . you the best school hacks ever subscribe . right over here by clicking on my face i . post new videos every wednesday and . saturday just make sure you have . notifications turned on by turning on . this little belt that way i could see . you twice a week i hope you have an . amazing day don't forget to lewbert or . die normal bye . .
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