DIY Slime Fidget Spinner That ACTUALLY SPINS!!! How To Make Rare Giant Fidget Spinners Toys & Tricks

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You will learn how to make a giant Slime fidget spinner that actually spins and melts in your hand!!! I’ve also done rare epic Gallium liquid metal mirror & pro gummy candy DIY edible toy fidget spinners style made out of starburst sour candy jolly rancher and warheads can’t skip on water dip in hydro mod or spin at 1000mph but they taste yummy and AMAZING! The most unique ultimate challenge of candy vs best fidget spinner toys ends in a kids surprise super freakout as you see the tricks you can do yourself!

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Caption: - [collin] it's a slime fidget spinner. - [both] three, two, one. - you challenged me to make. a fidget spinner out of slime. and so, to do this,. i've got my little. brother, devan, over here. - ay!. - we are going to be making. three different types. one's going to be a. normal-sized fidget spinner,. the next one's gonna be a medium one,. and the last one is going to be. the world's largest slime fidget spinner. so, right now,. let's make some slime. pew!. to make the slime,. we're actually using. glitter glue right now. because we ain't using that basic glue. - uh uh. (sloshing noises). - [both] that should be good. - how much . - done!. and now, it's time to get our hands dirty. let's go. that was a solid grab. okay, it's starting to look funky. devan, we need-. there's too many hands. there's too much hands. and not enough slime. - that's so weird!. - i think we should use. a little more sta-flo. 'cuz it's still a little bit glue-y. - i'm down. nice. there we go. that's a ton of sta-flo. - that might have. been too much. ooh. - i'm using the. washing-my-hands technique. - it's working!. - yo! yours is actually--. whoa!. (screaming). - no!. - poor little fellow. - i'm out of breath. that was a lot of nose. (clapping). - [devan] this is actually. turning into some good slime. look at this. - [collin] it gets so stringy. - whoa!. - it's like a spiderweb. - [devan] it's like a little spiderweb. - [collin] yo! i'm spiderman. - ready . - yes. - ow!. - i'm having a great time. - dude!. this was such a good idea!. this is actually working. yes!. we've got slime!. let's do a fidget spinner versus slime. okay. go for it. (grunting). do it again. that was close. (grunting and children cheering). and shout out to the instagram. keyper of the week. for suggesting we make blue glitter slime. if you want to be shouted out. as the instagram keyper of the week,. check the description down below. to find out how. oh. ow. (chime). and now, we're gonna. remove a piece of this. so, i think the process we use. is the wibble wobble technique. wibble wobble. so, here's how we're gonna do this. let me see. i think we're just gonna pop this in here. we're gonna push it down like this. and then i think that we will--. we'll try to mold it. into place, all right . so, here we go. - can we get an extra piece. 'coz i--. - nope. (jibberish). your extra piece away, devan. it'll mess up my whole vibe, bro. (sneezing). - ew!. - all right, now we have to make. the center part of it. so, let's turn that--. that actually worked out well. - [devan] that's looking pretty nice. - whoa! what a technique. now, because we wanna make sure. this can actually spin,. we're gonna have to do one extra step. 'cuz look at this. if you took this as a fidget spinner. and tried to make it spin. - bro!. - it just stretches out. it breaks. it will not work. so, we're gonna pop it in. the freezer for a little bit. what the heck . - what . - and then we're gonna see. if we can actually make it spin. - [spongebob] eventually. all right, you ready . - [devan] i am ready. - yay!. (shouting). uh oh. no. don't. not my hair!. (screaming). yo! this looks like something. out of the frozen movie. - [devan] that looks so cool. - let's see if we can get it out. whoa, dude. it's kinda getting fluffy. and back to slime mode. (excited shouting). look at this. - [devan] that turned out so well. - if you guys can see,. look at the sides here. it's all slimy. this actually turned out so good. and so, now--. - that's so cool. - devan take apart the fidget spinner. pop it out really quick. (grunting). (glass shattering). you shot it across the table, dude. - and we finally retrieved it. here you go. - thank you. - [devan] time to see if this will work. - [collin] all right, i'm. gonna be very careful. okay, it goes in. - ooh, that's a snug fit. - it's time to find out,. can the slime fidget. spinner actually spin . but first, we've got a challenge. we want to see,. can you subscribe to this channel,. turn on the channel post notifications,. and give this video a thumbs up. in seven seconds. here we go. let's try it. - [both] seven,. six. five,. four,. three,. two,. one, done!. if you could do that,. comment down below,. keyper squad, right now. it's a slime fidget spinner!. will it spin . - [both] three, two, one. (excited shouting). - yo! the fidget spinner works. (excited shouting). let's see if we can get it again. three, two, one. - [devan] no. - [collin] it broke. - no!. - now, it's time to find out. if the medium-sized one is gonna work. and then we're gonna see. if the largest one in the. entire world can spin,. but so far it's working. all right, so to start this off. i'm just gonna have you. put this on your head. - what why . - 'cuz i think it'll be funny. - no. that doesn't make any sense. - for this one,. a ton of you wanted us. to make fluffy slime. why do you have a bucket. on your head, dude . we need just some glue for this. we have some shaving cream. and some sta-flo. - yeah!. - sta-flo!. - [both] three, two, one. - [collin] why are you going so fast . - 'cuz this is a competition, bro. - wait! what . - yeah. first one to fill it up wins. - what . why are we making a. competition out of this . there's no reason. - 'cuz why not . i'm already on my third. - okay, i'm definitely. not going to win this. - i mean my fourth. nyay!. - [collin] dude!. - i've done five. - that's not five. - yeah, that's five, man. one, two, three, four, five. - [collin] listen. (splashing). - how many are left . - i don't know. i think this is it. - how many have you done . - i've done whatever has been over here. - well, that one's yours. i won. ooh!. my favorite part. the shaving cream. - let's get lit. - that was--. - in the glue . - all right, i'm ready to go. - you ready all right. here we go. - [both] three, two, one. dispense!. (grunting). - i forgot how much. shaving cream is needed. to make fluffy slime. - i love this. - i'm gonna try to make. a giant tower with it. and okay, it's done. done! done! done!. i know i should stop,. but i can't. i can't stop. - why are you not stopping . - my finger's stuck. - how is your finger stuck . - three, two, one. go in. - [devan] ah! that feels so good!. - [collin] shaving cream is. one of the craziest feelings. mixed with the glue. - it's like clouds. - we were so hyped. and this stuff just calmed us right down. - it's all you need in life. - i think we added way. too much shaving cream. way too much shaving cream. - i don't think so. this is way worth it. all right, you have to scoop it. at the bottom to get some. of this glue mixed in. i know. all right, we gotta mix it in. look how fluffy my hand looks. i wish i could eat my hand. all right, so now we got some sta-flo. we're gonna add some of this in. yeah, we might wanna get a bigger bucket. - whoop. - so this stuff is not--. the bucket is just floating. oh, no!. for just a medium-sized fidget spinner,. we made way too much slime,. but a ton of you guys. wanted us to make it green. we're gonna add some food. coloring in right now. i'm gonna be very careful. - bro! i'm making a basketball. - here we go. we're. gonna add some drops in. (light, playful music). i wanna hear what it sounds like. (loud smacking). look at this. - three, two, one. (excited shouting). - [collin] it was so close!. - [devan] dude, that was so close. - and now it's time to make. the medium mold. woo!. - i have a winter glove. - i gotta say, i'm actually pretty proud. of what we're doing before the mold. because i've combined in the. gummy fidget spinner idea,. but this time we've made. a gummy fidget spinner,. cut out the center,. and we're gonna fill it. - whoa!. - with the slime. (wiggly sound effects). i'm gonna tear off a little bit right now. - can i have some . - here we go. yep. we're gonna put a little bit in here. i'm gonna fill out the sides a little bit. here we go. - is it going well . - yes, devan. i appreciate the help. all right, guys. there we go. we now have the slime. we're gonna put a little hole in it. it just filled right back up. all right, let's pop it in the freezer. - [spongebob] later. - [both] whoa!. - [collin] dude, this turned out awesome. - [devan] that turned out awesome. - i'm gonna try to pop it out right now. - [devan] don't lose it. (excited gasps). - [collin] we're gonna try to diy. the bearing on this thing. - [devan] put it on here, like this. - okay. so, take it out. - flip it over. - yeah, flip it over. no! stop!. you have to go all at the same time. so stressful!. - whoa!. - set that down. okay. - [devan] oh, no. one side just cracked. it's not gonna spin around on it, is it . - let's get a bearing. grab another bearing. we were so focused on how. to actually make the fidget spinner. that we didn't think. about how to make it spin. - wait! a bearing on a bearing . that was your brilliant idea . - yes. watch. - [both] three, two, one. (excited shouting). - that was a great idea!. - we can try it again. - [both] three, two, one. (excited shouting). - dude! it worked. we made the regular one work. we made the medium one work. and now, it's time to make. the world's biggest slime. fidget spinner actually spin. let's go. you know what time it is. - it's glue time. - time to make--. no, time to make a big one. - oh. (laughing). - so, we've been instructed. to only use half of this otherwise--. i think i'm half. oops. - you never finished your sentence. when you said we're. gonna put it over here. you cut it off. - okay. - you gotta finish stuff. - all right. - yep. - we're using three different. colors for the slime. we've got red. - blue. - [both] and yellow. - and we're making the. yellow one off-camera. because it's the exact same process. so, we're like. yay!. (light, hawaiian island music). cheers. here we go. sta-flo time. that's enough. - all right. you wanna add a little bit at a time. - i did way more than a little bit. you used the wrong hand. you're gonna elbow me in the face, devan. - i'm sorry. - all good. until i get elbowed in the face. - [devan] i think my hand's gonna be. blue after this, though. - yeah, my hand's definitely gonna be red. and look. it's given me a weird outline on it too. so, it's gonna look like a got a rash. - ew. (light, playful music). - now, just like before,. we're using a giant gummy mold. to make the fidget spinner. so, right now,. i'm gonna put some of. the pink one in here. and then, again,. we're gonna pop 'em in the freezer. it just does not stay in here. this is--. we're gonna have to figure this out. (light, playful music). this turned out so good. - the colors are so cool. - so, we made all of the individual pieces. and right now we're. about to assemble them,. put them together and turn them. into the world's largest. slime fidget spinner. so, right now--. - let's go outside. - yeah. (laughing). sorry. was that on camera . hey. (groaning). - it doesn't look that bad,. but still--. - he literally. sliced his finger. he's gonna start bleeding in a second,. but hey, we're outside right now. because we've gotta take the spinner,. then we got all these molds of things,. so we can pop 'em in here,. then make it spin. - yeah, let's do it. - [collin] this is gonna be. a little janky to get it going. - just a little bit. not a lot. - [collin] we couldn't find. a bearing that was big enough. to fit in the middle of it,. so we're resorting to our improv here. it's starting to melt because. it was in the freezer. so, we've gotta pop that--. - [devan] do you know. where it's supposed to go . - [collin] not really at all. pink is up. yeah, this one's--. 'cuz see, as they melt. they get more and more slimy,. as you guys can tell. so, we're gonna pop this one here. - [devan] nice!. - there we go. bam!. this one seems really melted. it's getting easy to get pretty flexible. - [devan] that looks cool though. it makes it more slimy. - look at that. yeah, here we go. now, we're gonna grab some duct tape. gonna not try to pull a devan here. - [devan] good choice. smart choice. - there we go. bam!. - [devan] dude, it's not even tight. - devan, i need the haters to back off. and then, we can go like this here. and then, we'll get one--. yeah, that should be--. this is perfect. all right. here we go. so, devan's gonna gold the base. no, no. the base down here. - oh, the base. oh, okay. gotcha. - we're about to spin the world's largest. slime fidget spinner. and i want you to comment down below. what should we make a. fidget spinner out of next . all right, here we go. three, two, one. (excited shouting). - it works!. - what . (intense hip hop music). .

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