Dr Phil DEFENDS Logan Paul! Jake Paul REMOVED by YouTube, Logan Paul Comes Back

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Hey what's up guys it's kerr's here . today we have a new video with some more . logan paul news for you guys there was . some other stuff that went down with him . today and over the last couple days . there has been some news popping up here . and there there hasn't been that much . news but there was one big story that . popped up january 5th this came from dr. phil okay you guys know dr. phil i'm . sure pretty much all of you would know . who he is extremely famous he has his . own tv show he's the guy who interviewed . the cash me outside girl and you guys . know how that went well he pretty much . defended logan paul today that's right . on entertainment tonight he decided to . come on for an interview and they asked . about luke and paul and he straight-up . defended him saying that he deserves . forgiveness post this video apparently . of an actual body of someone who had . committed suicide in japan and he first . wrote an apology then gave an apology . video but people are still calling for . him to be removed from youtube what do . you think he should do from here . well first off let me say i thought that . what went up on the video and what was . shown was tasteless it was atrocious it . was something that just should not have . been done but let's call timeout here. this is a 22 year old young man and this . is one thing one time one bad decision . let's not judge this young man's whole . life his whole body of work everything . that he's done over one bad decision and . it was a terrible decision it was a . terrible thing to put on the internet . kids see that it's it's inexcusable to . do that but that doesn't mean he's a . horrible person okay so what do you guys . think you guys think dr. phil was on the . right on this one do you guys think he's . wrong for defending logan like this i . mean obviously he's pretty outspoken. pretty much every other celebrity that . has spoken on this so far has been . completely against logan paul it also . looks like jake and logan's dad greg . paul decided to post on instagram . defending his son logan and he said your . local back super fans bus updates. mistakes. we all screw up it's a part of life do i . agree with everything my boys do no do i . agree with some of the things my friends . do no do they disagree with some things . i do yes face it folks we all fuck up at . one time or another that's life what we. do in those mistakes bad judgment or . whatever term you give it is what . matters i love my boys and i am so proud . of them . yo folks what's happenin gp coming at. you a couple things wanna let everybody . know that logan is coming back that is . definite also the amount of love that . has been coming it's been unbelievable . amount of people showing support is . unbelievable and i'm now calling you . guys superfans because you know it's . crazy is a haters think they're having . an effect on us and if the haters knew . how much love was out there how much . support was out there they'd shut their . freaking mouths the haters will never . ever have an effect on the paul family. and the way that they want to make it . happen cuz the love is too strong we all . make mistakes dr. phil even said hey . logan's a good kid he's made a mistake. he's 22 years old push through it get . over it and keep moving on anyways love . you guys love his support gps out now . since my last video there actually has . been photos that have been captured of . logan paul this is the first time we've . actually seen him since he made his. apology and like people were actually i . guess filming him there's paparazzi all . around his house right now there's. people trying to get any photo they can . of logan paul even tmz made an article a . couple days ago literally just about . logan paul jogging that's right the. entire article was just pictures of . logan paul jogging outside of his house . and i guess people are so interested in . what's going on in logan paul's life . right now that it seems like the . paparazzi are just taking pictures of . him wherever he goes so we have seen . some of the first pictures of logan paul . back since this whole situation began . and ended with his apology it looks like. he was just jogging outside of his house . the media also noticed recently that . logan paul has beefed up his security. ever since this whole situation happened . it says here logan paul hire security at . his 4. 8 million pound la mansion as he's . seen for the first time since backlash . against his sick suicide forest video we . also have some really good news when it . comes to the paul brothers and youtube . now. talking a lot in the past week about how . logan paul and jake paul both get free. passes from you to to do whatever they . want and logan paul's video didn't even . get taken down by youtube even though . everyone said that the video violated. the terms of service and it just seems. like youtube gives them too much leeway. it seems like they're allowed to do . anything they want on the site lost . other youtubers get taken down for . pretty much nothing so obviously a ton . of people have been you know just . pleading with youtube telling them. please punish the paul brothers for just . doing messed-up stuff on their youtube . channels now if you don't remember last . week jake paul uploaded a video called i . lost my virginity and in this video he . did not talk really about losing his . virginity at all it was a very. misleading title and an extremely. misleading thumbnail the first time . while he put on this video was literally . a thumbnail of like him in the bed with . his quote/unquote girlfriend and it was . just a super sexual dumpling it was . really messed up because obviously is a . bunch of young kids that watch his . videos and and people were just pissed . off that he made that his thumbnail . because i had nothing to do with the . video at all and obviously any other . youtuber to gotten their video taken . down but his video never got taken down . so people are really pissed off at jake . paul for being able to keep this video . up and the video made almost 4 million . views actually made over 4 million views . and the video did have quite a bit of . dyslexic people were pissed off that . jake paul was able to get away with this . but youtube has just taken action . against jake paul that's right i've . never seen youtube really do anything . serious against the pulpo's before like . actually take down one of their videos . but it looks like youtube is actually . striked jake paul's channel and they . took down his losing my virginity video . and they said here that this video has . been removed for violating youtube's . policy on spam deceptive practices and . scams so let me hear you guys think . about this do you guys think youtube is . gonna take further action against the. paul brothers do you guys think youtube . is going to actually give logan paul . strike for his dead body video he posted . last week i don't know to be honest you . guys i don't know if youtube's gonna do . that but i know this is a step in the . right direction i hope that they will . continue to do good things like this now . on the other hand there was a youtuber . today that posted something on twitter . that was very eye-opening ok this guy's . name is pixel pitt he actually edits a . lot of stuff for jax . the guy and he's also a big youtuber. himself and he posted a picture to . twitter called an open letter to youtube . now this picture made over 27,000 . retweets and over 75,000 likes okay so . this like blew up on twitter the other . day and it says here youtube for all the . years of entertainment you made possible . and all the opportunities you were sent . in to so many people you provided so . much for so many creators and consumers . alike i owe my job and in a broad sense . my general life to your platform it . takes a lot to tear down that sort of . build up trust but you've managed to do . it the constant changes the algorithm . fair enough the sun and random bugs that . didn't send the content to all the . subscribers fine even when you for some . godforsaken reason decide that the . subscribe was no longer enough but you . felt the need to add a bell and yet a . secondary step to go from most content . to all content whatever one would think . a chronological feat of whatever recent. post has been made by a channel would . suffice but you're not alone in being . guilty of this every social network is . doing it why not you too when the ad . pocalypse hit on all that channel . suffered some even being unable to . sustain still most seem to rally and say . it's not youtube's fault youtube is not . the bad guy there are only some bad. creators bad users they're doing their . best i'm no longer convinced to this . when your system automatically flags the. majority of content uploaded as non . advertiser friendly without having a . clue what the video actually is when you . offer no way whatsoever . a white listing a channel with a good . track record when you manipulate feeds . and recommend videos and prioritize. content that will make you money over . content that actually appeals the user . when you're so clearly granting . preferential treatment to those who can . make you look good rather than being . good when a top-tier creator on your . platform can make a multi-million dollar . living out of being as disrespectful and . morally despicable as sometimes legally . possible when a top-tier creator on your . platform can broadcast a victim of . suicide to millions of underage people . and you do nothing not a single action . has been taken the best you could do was . to claim your hearts went out to the. family want to add in one like equals . one prayer and every retweet saves a . child while you're at it you don't care . this much is clear you don't . as long as you're making money you are a . business i know but you can do both you . so badly want to be tv that you never . stop to consider why so many people have . almost stopped watching tv altogether . count your blessings that you have no . competition i for one would jump ship in . a heartbeat. if i'm so wrong tell me tell us . something anything ever hippocratic oath . uric radical orwellian - okay so . obviously this was a massive letter to . youtube and it made a ton of retweets a . ton of likes this has gotten so much . traction over the last couple of days . from lots of youtubers i've seen so many . massive youtubers retweet this and tons. of fans retweet this as well and you . know what it definitely hits a lot of . points here dude i mean pretty much he . hit the nail on the head on so many . different things in this letter and i'm . sure you guys already heard it from me . but i didn't really do it justice by . saying it myself. you guys should read this yourself and . go over and see what's going on here . because there is a lot of things in here . that we definitely need to look at and i . would love to see you two make some . changes in the right direction because . it seems like a lot of people are fed up . with what youtube's done recently okay . so enough of youtube for right now let's . get into a twitch there was some big . news that went down with twitch today . i'm not sure how many of you guys know . who tyler one is but he's one of the . biggest streamers on twitch is around a . million followers and he took a one-year . break okay he took a very very long . break from twitch obviously he has a ton . of fans they were all disappointed to . see him leave but he had his reasons and . now he actually came back to twitch and . it turns out that his comeback stream on . twitch made almost 400,000 concurrent . viewers four thousand people were . watching him at one time that's more. than most major game tournaments i have . never seen so many people watching an . individual streamer at one time and. that's right he actually broke the . record for individual streamers making . the most viewers ever for one single . person on a twitch stream it's it's . incredible how well has streamed it and . i can't believe it actually the chat was . filled up with so many people . subscribing to him that no one could . even type and no one could see what . everyone else was typing because so many . people were subscribing to him at the. same time now i'm sure a lot of you guys . remember that youtube channel called . sourcefed that ended up actually ending . a couple months back and you know . someone bought it and they tried making . a channel out of it but it was a big . fail. and pretty much sourcefed it was a very. well known and liked channel on youtube . they had almost a million subscribers . they were a massive channel and it turns . out that the cast of sourcefed the ex . cast decided to actually make their own . channel that's right they just came back . today with their own channel called the . valley folk their newest video on the . channel is obviously doing amazing it . already made to the youtube trending . page i'm very excited to see them come . back and make more videos because you . know obviously people were super . disappointed when they left before and . it's awesome to see that they finally . decided to make a new channel and before . i end off today's video i just want to . thank you guys so much for the support . on my recent videos actually one of my . recent videos made it to the number four . trending on youtube that's only happened . to me once before and that happened a . long time ago so i'm so excited about . how that video did i can't believe it so . thank you guys so much and that's a . forever deal today guys i hope you . enjoyed anything please be sure to leave . a thumbs up and i'll see you later peace . .
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