EAT IT or WEAR IT CHALLENGE! Super Messy Dump Everything Version!

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It's time for another fan requested challenge! This time we're heading outside for the super messy EAT IT or WEAR IT Challenge! We have 18 mystery bags filled with secret ingredients. We pick a bag and have to eat the item or wear the item by dumping on our heads. If we eat the item, we get a point and get to pour the rest of it on the other player's head! So in this version EVERYTHING is getting dumped on somebody!
If you are going to do this challenge, we recommend you do it outside as this one was MESSSY!!!!!!! Enjoy!
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Caption: Class i asked her on your head he got 17 julian and we're back with another challenge we're going to eat it or wear it challenge and we're outside today because this town's can get a little messy it will be messy so we have 18 mystery items over there so i might be good and so many bad once you picking i am you have a choice and eating it or giving you jumped on your head and here's the 20 if you eat and i am you get it dumped the rest of it on the other person tent and a feeling i'm going to be wearing a lot of food today ok let's begin do we have to go first i pick number ah and it's chunk light tuna fumble i'm gonna eat this one good i like dump it on that out where and where not even like tuna so the rollies you out to eat a big spoonful to get a point are you sure you don't want to wear it sorry bro by travelpod member that isn't bad actually this is gonna look great on your head ok what is this for deaf man is a look pretty i'm definitely i don't know i don't like what i'm fine with no oh oh okay i guess i have to get all this in class yes her on your hand let me know okay my chain and then you can't go its loss getty ok i'm not one spaghetti hours i think i'm going to eat this one no this looks pretty good i am a friend and then you know this one is mine let's see what it is doggone new cuts and radium i'm gonna wear wear wear their premiums oh my sad little messy here lying because i am i catch up today if you need it catch up i catch you all the time for this will be a problem no it's the whole thing away you like to catch up with you back where i got number wow what is this live you squeeze from real lines i'm yeah i don't like it would look something like lemonade close your eyes are you told you feat to sit in it get a good when we wear this joke i'm gonna wear left oh we're animal-like must for the wear it how do you eat it oh what you got to do they go i get it yeah ah i guess they just have to wear here goes i'm gonna do i'm gonna be boring if you like that she has a new glow and blowing like mama say oh look it's number six with it no not pickles sauerkraut what is sauerkraut can you just put a little bit and then next time i'll only put a little bit on you i'm not eating this nobody here yeah babbitt fucking get it out hey you got one too - last number baby food we're going to do you know where it up it looks like i'm gonna be wearing some baby food challenge yet who what hauling around i like how i don't cry baby ah it's gonna be this time 500ma can steakhouse thousand island dressing and yeah that's not what i'm gonna wear it i'm going to wear don't you give me a little i'll be addressed yeah you gotta tell me just exactly okay what am i going to get this time let's see are you need it spinach dip where it we're okay i'm wearing this and what you only for the world yeah oh gosh it's no nona number yeah ok let's forget the next oh my gosh yeah haha hershey her up i want to wear this yes kidding is no way i'm wearing this i'm eating it and then i'm wearing a little bit of it did one but it looks like you like a sunday i got hard for just couldn't take your next one what is it fucking epic can or get it thank you i am going to do you know what they say about beans and a lot of one ok the beans five more left 17 the grain flip e okay here goes we all know no okay i'm going to where i'm going to wear it now oh it looks like you have to have a dime a ver and having the epic i can use corn where i love porn at sweet corn cream with style and i'm going to eat it yeah yeah planet and one hey number web it pickles sweet pickle relish i'm not doing this get this over with no april and what hurts to open my arm low-fat cottage cheese we're going to dinner where i'm going to eat it what we need to get some food on the other side yeah go get some cottage cheese the final one dun dun dun 30 mexican food i don't know why it's not junk chase thoughts hey hey i want to eat this heaven no what's one more thing on my head is the last time i'm you guys like my new look garland tube hd so that was a challenge i think you and one i filling out my night items and that way three yeah i'm challenge so that was easier rare john and you guys want to see another talent make sure to leave a comment down below but please don't make it a messy one and we'll see you guys next time bye baby shower

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