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Elders react to Lil Pump! Watch to see their reactions!
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Elders React #137 - ELDERS REACT TO LIL PUMP
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Caption: - yes. well,. he is rather repetitive. - i tell you, i like the music. i like the beat. ? (ragtime intro) ?. - (fbe) so today,. we are going to show you. a collection of music videos. all by the same hip-hop artist. - oh! okay. - (fbe) in the past,. we've shown hip-hop artists. to the elders. and it's been difficult. for them to understand the words. since the artist speaks so quickly. - well, yeah. but they go so fast. - ? innovative and i'm made. of rubber so that. anything you say is ?. ? ricocheting off of me. ?. - (fbe) so for these videos,. we've included subtitles. to help you better. understand the lyrics. - ah!. - i watch everything. with closed captions,. because it's just easier. - ready. - ? gucci gang, gucci gang. gucci gang, gucci gang ?. ? gucci gang, gucci gang. ?. - gucci gang. - okay. - ? gucci gang, gucci gang,. gucci gang, gucci gang ?. - oh, i love his hair. - i like his hair. - ? my bitch love do cocaine ?. - i like how colorful it is. - ? i can't buy. a bitch no wedding ring ?. ? rather go and buy balmains ?. ? gucci gang, gucci gang. ?. - gucci gang. gucci gang. - ? still slangin' dope. in the jets ?. - i like the beat. i really like the beat. - ? none of this [bleep]. be new to me ?. ? [bleep] with my teacher,. call it tutory ?. ? bought some red bottoms,. cost hella gs ?. ? [bleep] your airline,. [bleep] your company ?. - i bet he's controversial. - ? lil pump still sell that mess ?. - really promoting the drugs there. - ? [bleep] a little bitch,. make her [bleep] wet ?. ? gucci gang, gucci gang,. gucci gang, gucci gang ?. ? gucci gang, gucci gang,. gucci gang ?. - oh god. - ? my bitch love do cocaine. ?. - cocaine. at least it rhymes. - it's a good thing. there's closed captions,. 'cause there's no way. you would understand it otherwise. - gucci gang. i really like the beat. - i liked the rhythm. - that's one of those. that i don't care for. - is this lil pump . i just read about this kid. who spent 15 hours. saying "gucci gang. ". - eh, not really my thing. i don't know how we're gonna. adjust to this gutter verbiage. - this is disrespectful to women. " i [bleep] a bitch. ". please. you'd be lucky. if you could get one. (flames rage). - (voice-over) burn!. - ? yeah, i came in. with the sauce, ooh ?. ? yeah, i came in. with a saw, yeah ?. ? bitch, i flex,. rick ross, yeah ?. - (groans). - the background,. the location's well done. well done. oh, but the vocabulary. - ? i just broke my wrist ?. ? 100 on my wrist ?. ? can't tell me [bleep] ?. ? pop four xans,. and i [bleep] a [bleep]'s bitch. ?. ? never went to school,. 'cause i was always. flippin' bricks ?. - the young people. have a different language now. - you know, i'd have thought this. would have played out by now. - ? gave my mom 2 glocks, damn ?. ? everybody do wanna be me ?. ? lookin' at my neck. and it's fiji, ooh, damn ?. ? everybody do wanna be me ?. ? lookin' at my neck. and it's fiji, ooh ?. - that was tough. - some of the lyrics. are quite, you know, out there. - there's no substance. to the words. - i guess i'm bothered by it,. because it seems to condone. really dangerous behaviors. - ? move them bricks. to the bando like ouu ?. ? move them bricks. to the bando like ouu ?. ? diamond on my wrist. and it look like glue ?. - okay, what's the story. behind this . - everything seems real. colorful. - somebody really needs. to come up with a rap. that's different. or a little more original. - ? bitch, i flex, ric flair, damn ?. ? all they do is stare, ouu ?. ? lil pump really don't care, no ?. - yeah, we kind of. get the impression you don't care. about a lot. - i love the graphics. i love it. - ? i run through. these checks, ouu ?. ? i flex on my ex, ouu ?. - it's all materialistic. - i tell you, i like the music. i like the beat. you could easily dance to it. but oh, some of the words. - i don't know. what he's talking about,. but sure, it's got a beat to it. - that's a little better. that wasn't quite as bad. - it sucks. see, we've got words. that should never be uttered. - ? 100 on my wrist,. 80 on my wrist ?. - same thing, same thing. - ? 100 on my wrist,. 80 on my wrist ?. - you need a dictionary. just to know what 100 is,. what an 80 is. - ? d rose, d rose, d rose, d rose ?. ? d rose, d rose, d rose ?. - yes, well,. he is rather repetitive. - ? 100 on my wrist, bitch,. i'm feelin' like d rose ?. - video is pretty good,. the graphics. - ? and my auntie on po ?. - but i love the music, the beat. - ? 'cause he acting. like a bitch ?. ? take a [bleep]'s bitch. to the motel 6 ?. ? i just broke my wrist,. 'cause i'm whippin' in the kitchen ?. ? pass a brick to my mom,. and i told her whip it ?. ? four bands in the kitchen ?. ? nine bands in the kitchen ?. - okay, what does this all mean . closed captioning isn't enough. i need a translation. - i don't like it. empty and meaningless. - come up with something. a little more original. - the message you're sending,. the message. it's just beyond me. but i do like the filming,. the graphics,. what they're doing with that. - ? i got a big 30 ?. - um. - get off that kitchen counter, boy!. - there's a video game, okay. - oh, i remember that game. i like that game. - ? lil pump, yah, lil pump, ooh ?. ? lil pump, yah, lil pump, ooh ?. - try some of this [bleep] here. that i'm smoking, and man,. you're gonna be on top. - ? ar-15 with smith & wesson ?. - oh, great. now guns. - ? lil pump, boy, you know. ?. - (chuckles). - ? once i hit you with that and teach you a lesson, ay ?. ? bitch, one day i went. to [bleep] in church ?. - ooh, wow. - oh yeah. this is really appealing. - i know that it isn't written. or created for me. - ? since the third grade,. i been had commando ?. - (chuckles) actually,. the videos weren't bad. - it stinks. - i don't like it. i don't understand it. - lyrics aren't much. money, drugs, crime, sex. - the young kids gonna see this,. and what kind of world. are we gonna have. 5-10 years from now . - don't like it. if this is what you're attracted to,. something that's empty. and meaningless. then it's time. for you to look inside. - even though i disagree. with a lot of the verbiage. that's in these songs,. i really like the beat. - (fbe) so that was. the hip-hop artist, lil pump. - lil pump. okay. - (fbe) how did lil pump. compare to other hip-hop artists. you've heard in your life. or seen on the show . - i'll give him a d. young people are gonna. gravitate to his crap. - it's well-produced. that is pretty evident. - i feel like kendrick lamar. is sending a deeper message. - i love lyrics. by kendrick lamar. he stands for something. lil pump. no. - some of those words,. they were kind of difficult. to listen to. and i realize. that some people talk like that,. but people need to be careful. with the words that they use. - (fbe) so lil pump has been. releasing music independently. since 2016 on his soundcloud page,. where he garnered. over 100 million streams. on that site. and tons of following. on social media. before he finally just recently. signed with a label. - kids nowadays. will like anything. - he's putting out empty. and meaningless stuff,. and it's going into empty. and meaningless listeners. - the guy knows what he's doing,. knows what he's saying,. and he is a star. no matter whether i like it or not. - (fbe) when you were growing up,. if an artist debuted themselves. without a record label. similar to lil pump,. would they be able. to find mainstream success . - no, 'cause what went on back then. was a lot of payola. to radio stations. they went around. and they paid radio stations. to play people's music. - you needed to sign, yeah. yeah. if you didn't have the labels. - no, because they're used to be. a lot more restrictions on music. - probably not. where were you going to be heard . well, you could be heard live,. but by an audience of . or 1,000 or 10. - (fbe) so lil pump. is just 17 years old. - oh, he looks. like a young guy. - maybe he'll get older. and wiser. - (fbe) he has a huge presence. on social media. with over 700,000 followers. on twitter and over eight million. on instagram. now,. as you may have heard,. he talks about drugs. and substance abuse a lot. in his lyrics and in a recent tweet,. he wrote about his love. and promotion for xanax. - yeah, he looked high in the video. - (fbe) so what do you think. about the fact. that he's only 17 years old. and is openly speaking. about drugs in this way . - oh, that's scary. - it's a social problem,. and this kind of aggravates it. - i don't think it's a good sign. for the future. - we need to start. encouraging kids to use their minds. in constructive ways. - i think he had. a really rough childhood,. 'cause there's that one line. he's been doing--. "i've been alone since third grade,". so obviously he has not had. a lot of love and attention. - i think it's absolutely wrong,. but i'm echoing. what people 50, 60 years ago. said about the music. that i put out. it might be more destructive today,. but that's just the sign. of the times. - (fbe) so finally,. one of lil pump's most popular songs. is one of the ones. we showed you, "gucci gang. ". - yeah. - (fbe) it's a reference. to his crew of other rappers. and now many of his fans. are considering themselves. part of the gang as well. so after hearing all of his music,. do you think that you'll become. a part of the gucci gang . - no, no. but i can't get away from the beat. i really like the beat. - no, i don't think so. - no. (chuckles) why would i . - no, i think it's trash. - me (chuckles). no, i can't join the gucci gang,. because i told you,. i give him a d. - no, it ain't gonna stick with me. i'll never be part. of that gang. they don't give a rat's [bleep]. about me or who i am. or what i think. - thanks for watching elder's react. shoutout to the pineapple,. who watched last week. - subscribe if you'd like. a shoutout like kat. - say hi in the comments. if you'd like a shoutout. like alice duncan. - hey, guys. vartuhi here from fbe. thanks for watching this episode. of elders react. do you have a favorite artist. you want us to react to . let us know in the comments. bye, guys. .

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