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Walmart Yodel Boy reacted to by Elders! Watch to see their reaction!
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Elders React to the Walmart Yodel Boy! Watch to see their Reactions!
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Caption: [music]. you're driving me crazy . yodelayheehoo could it make me famous . [music]. okay so today we're gonna show you some . clips of someone who we have covered. before with the youtubers but who . continues to be so big online that we . felt we wanted to get the others . perspective okay first we're gonna show. you the video that started it off top . video that started at all oh i love him . i love him so much . god bless i've never seen this kid but i . thought i heard something about him . when i first saw this thought that was a . big put-on back to then hey kids spit . everywhere these days . yeah what a way to get the costume you . see how precious this little bowtie . what's his name i wish she was my . grandson just in the middle of the civil. market he's got a career 12 year old . sing about lovesick blues oh come on now . kid seems to be talented all of a sudden . he was at a cello and some of the others . show things i guess he's well something. actually i'm zeo dling the lovesick . blues by hank williams oh that's why it . sounded familiar. after the video of this yodel was . released in and i quickly turned him . into a meme and remixed the song in a . variety of ways so we got a few of those . to show you now so in other words people . took advantage of the little boy . [music]. [applause]. that's clear that's funny . [music]. funny oh i like that beat the way they . mix it i like it it changes everything . that it was i think the kid did better . why do they have to ruin everything . yeah the techno beat just doesn't do it . actually it's kind of sad in a way . because he's so original and it's so . sweet and then somebody has to take it . and like mess with it that's cute i mean . it's different it's done with you know . technology and the box was put in with . the rhythm. [music]. [applause]. no. oh i like this one you're driving me. crazy i don't like what they've done to . him that holds some look is gone take it . something innocent and make it into . something else . little kids sing in the store it's cute . and now it's boom boom boom not my cup . of tea. i like the original it's kind of a . strange mashup steal his look so cute . it's just helping him they're pointing . out his wardrobe and how much you can . get how much you know what they're . selling them for i love the bow tie . satin bow tie $250 is amazing oh my god . versace jeans yeah right that's . expensive people who shop at walmart are . not buying for saatchi jeans that's for . sure you have to be an elder to get this . one so that's the beatles abbey road oh . that's awesome . i love that he'll if he doesn't get out . of this crosswalk he's gonna get run . over maybe when i'm at walmart in here . the only loss i see from the other side . of the store . see how he's running away from it or . running into action i don't know well . that's uh. prince harry sure he was a running away. from the sound of the boy singing you'd . rather go fight the war than listen to . that jeff liberty huh . here you place the statue well i don't. think he's your last ring oh it gets . cold out there some people have too much . time on their hands . i like that one it just goes together it . works with that wholesome look i didn't . like these takeoffs at all this is a . humor for to appeal to younger people . well the success of the yodel boy . continued on and recently he even signed . to atlantic records what and he recently . just released his debut single famous . and i have a piece of that to show you . now famous good for him . [music]. now he's sharp. [music]. let's take it sing we can sang bless his . heart . precious yeah. it's not acute it's as nice beat . [music]. very nice. you will be famous for sure . [music]. what's nice he goes into a recording . studio with a bowtie . [music]. that's a natural talent . now that's got promise that will appeal . to a lot of kids hoping for him that's . within his 15 seconds of fame depends on . what other material he'd come up with . and also the he's at that age where if . his voice changes and that could be the . end of the career it sounds like the . song was written for him he looks like . he's 12 years old and he's singing about . famous for loving you . unless it's dedicated to his mother in . the beginning but man that kids good . kids good wow they should accomplished . as you saw the yodel boy is still . popular and has even performed at . multiple large music festivals like . coachella and stagecoach who's been . around what this type of success have . been able to happen when you are going . up or his mates and success product of . the internet in this generation . oh i think the internet just makes . people fly you start clicking on likes . it gets people's attention he's a . product of the internet stage because . when i was growing up even if you sing . somewhere you won't be that famous there . weren't any self-directed avenues for. success somebody had to discover you . somebody had to know who you were you . had audition for a talent agent it's not . the internet that made him famous it's a . skill and talent that made him famous . it's the internet that made him quickly . famous when i was growing up they didn't. have internet you know and it was people . that made people young people famous . word of mouth kind of thing memes of . various trends and then they'll go big . and they'll die out very definitely do . they do trims die out but in this case . mason went from an internet trend and . then signed to a real record label he . was fortunate debut single garnered . 600,000 streams on spotify on the day of . its release oh my goodness i'm sure my . grandkids know him so it's so many . things going viral online for different . reasons what do you think it was about . mason specifically that allowed him to . translate that online success interpret . cuz he has been having himself very . professional very well he seems to be . level-headed . to be able to accept it because he's so . unique quite a few people have seen you . know gone viral they're doing different . things to be famous but then they die . off because you're just not that . talented just the fact that this kid . would stand in the middle of walmart and . just couldn't help himself you know it . was like oh my god i'm gonna pay . attention to that finally we asked this . to do youtubers when we shot the yodel . boy with them so we just have to ask the . others too will you do your best . impression of mason and give us your . best yodel it's about it do your little . bit too don't you know no sir that dog . little sir echo will it make me famous i . think i chased the cows away i've got . those y'all do believe who's not so bad . thanks for watching this episode of . elders react subscribe so you never miss . an episode . shut up tulio moran and taylor owen for . commenting last week goodbye. hi guys jc here one of the producers. here at fb thanks so much for watching . this episode of elders react make sure . to follow us on instagram @ fb so you . can get a behind-the-scenes look and all . we do here thanks guys bye . .

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