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The truth is revealed about Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg
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Investigate. un-researched facts. supreme intelligence. enhance!. uncovering the truth. mark zuckerberg!. he's been in the news a lot lately. in fact what you've heard is just the tip of the iceburg. the zucc-burg if you will. see i've been doing a little re-search of my own. what i've found will shock. and awe you. walk with me, a trust worthy repeatable guy. let me show you the zucc. that the world does not want you to see. walk with me, take my hand. you have nothing to fear but the truth. mark zuckerborg was born in white-planes new york in 1984. to german, austrian, and polish ancestry. he was raised jewish and also a barmitzvah. which is defiantly a little suspicious,. and something to keep into consideration throughout this video. (lightning sound effects). mark excelled at making apps even at a young age. he was known in high-school as data-doughboy. because of his remembrance to data from 'startrack'. and also the pills-berry doughboy. watch this to images composited over each-other. and tell me it doesn't give you the chills. mark came to prominence in 2002 when he made bugbook. com. witch was a website designed to help individual's. find and contract the aids virus. a panamanian known as bug-chancing. although this is mark's first passion. the business was not profitable as it was too niche,. therefore mark decided to open it to the public. and re-brand it as facebook. com. the aids site that we now know today. mark zuckerberg gave up bug-chasing long ago . or did he . so many questions so little time. ah. the truth they say will set you free. what if i told you it was a prison!. what if i told you, you are getting aids right now. slide it in!. let's play- let's test our luck shall we . (ethan laughs). what's wrong does the truth scare you . raaaaaahhhhh. let's examen this a little bit closer. stolen content, aids. emoji bars, super-aids. rick lax, magic aids. selling nana diapers because she shits her pants. how did you know that nana was dropping logs in her dirty diaps' . data aids. how did facebook know that my grandma had to wear diapers . i personally have to wear diapers. and i wouldn't want the world to know that. need more evidence take for example this. interview with mark zuckerberg in . (interviewer:) so just to be clear you're not going to sell or share any of the information on facebook . (thezucc:) no of corse not, this is their information they own it. notice anything unusual . try reversing it, watch now!. (gargled reversed words). (thezucc:) i want to spread aids!. (lightning sound effect). do you believe me now . facebook's original mission statement was to help spread aids to the world. i'm saying what if facebook never changed from bugbook at all . what if facebook was still spreading aids . (doctor/nurse:) super aid is highly contagious, so make sure to tell your partner if you're using facebook,. (doctor/nurse:) and remember to share this video within 24 hours or you will be vised by diaper ethan. .
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