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*twenty one pilots - heathens (dubstep remix)* okay we just arrived to the las vegas hotel and i will explain to you what we're doing here alright the letters on the door look like a tim burton's movie or something oh my god, how white, how white and sexy is everything i have an infinite mirror there's like a button in the mirror i don't know why i don't fucking know--oh shit god this damn hotel room is the goddamn future we're gonna stay here wtf alexby, what the hell is wrong with you everyone's wearing super costumes and then we have alexby alright then what we're going to do is basically we're gonna hop in a plane of zero gravity and we will be floating okay stop moving the camera we're in las vegas because desperados invited us to do the bass drop which is like-- something like zero gravity which is going to be fucking awesome we're going to be in zero gravity, as if we were in space and how are we going to do this well-- alright so these fuckers won't let me concentrate so i will explain it one last time okay so basically what we're going to do ight will be that we're gonna hop in a plane in 30 mins a plane that will do something strange alright it's a special plane which you can only find in las vegas and that will make us float in zero gravity but the great thing about this w-well the explanation behind why i'm dressed like this it's because it will be a party in zero gravity i mean there's going to be a fucking dj inside a plane that will be plummeting every time i mean it's-it's-it's just fucking crazy but well they won't let us take cameras, nothing they will be recording everything okay with their stuff so, you will see it right now, in just a bit everyone's bumping against me okay so you just saw that right i mean. i'm still a little bit i-i-i don't know how to explain it but i feel like the world is really heavy now i wasn't able to take mangel out as much because around the second drop he had started throwing up, and he had to take a seat i mean, as soon as everything was over the whole party and stuff i made it to the seats and there was mangel all sweaty with a face that screamed agony and i've never seen him like that before so it made me really sad because they didn't let me take err, my camera, not even my phone they didn't let me take shit and- but they allowed me to carry a gopro around to see if they send me some videos i hope so, but my goodness i need to--i need to lay down let's go party boyzz oh it's alexby's room mangel: he probably has drugs rubius: he probably has drugs mangel: he probably has porn rubius: he probably has a whore this--*lol* it's a condom for elephants i mean! *they mess around with each other from here on out* ehh, isn't it that one that's our fucking limo *alexby won the roulette and he crossed the line a little bit* are you serious the kid! the kid! you know what they say about cars, the bigger they are the smaller the owner's dick is alex, come here with me mangel can't get up here! okay well that has been my first experience in-- in a limo, in my entire life alright we were going inside to party but this dude forgot err, the document, the *can't hear* well he had it, he had it--who had it the lawyer but anyways the hype from the limo ride went all the way down and we have to go back to the hotel now so alright so they made me take off my snapback and they won't let us in now--i mean we came back we went to get his passport and we came back to the disco alright, and they won't let us in because of his shirt, since it's "offensive" apparently okay so this is ridiculous, they handed us clothes to make it in the little grandpa! yours is the shit eh you look like a captain we made it in it was hard, it was hard it's--- *alexby loses it* but the place is fucking cool we have to admit it i mean oh shit good morning, humans! how are you i'm going to show you this, okay because this bathroom is like-- it has an illuminati vibe going on and then we have this mirror i look like the mirror from snow white that like tells you things throughout the day "you look really good today" -like for more epic vlogs, and fap for the limo without biches-
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