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Steve Doocy (Alex Moffat), Ainsley Earhardt (Heidi Gardner) and Brian Kilmeade (Beck Bennett) interview Hope Hicks (Cecily Strong), Louis Farrakhan (Chris Redd) and President Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin).
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>>> you're watching "fox and. friends. ". [ cheers and applause ]. >>> good morning, i'm steve big. papa doocy. that's ainsley earhardt and. brian kilmeade. >> hello. >> hey there. >> we want to say a big hello to. all of our fans out there. whether you're fixing breakfast,. or getting dressed for work, or. laying in the lincoln bed room. tweeting with a egg mcmuffin on. your chest, hello. >> yes. now, coming up, we'll show you. more from our trip to washington. d. c. where we stood on different. balconies pointing at trump. hotels. but first, how's everyone's. morning . >> hi, everyone, we love the. show at the white house. playing at full volume in every. meeting. >> hope, this is so exciting,. two years ago, you were a. 26-year-old former model working. for ivanka trump's clothing. line, but now you're white house. communications director. >> sure, if you say so, there. are no real jobs here, you know . every day feels like when a. group of strangers works. together to push a beached whale. back into the sea. >> people treat me like i'm the. gossip gip of the white house. but even if they did get a. little chatty with russian. hunks, you would not hear about. it from me. xoxo. >> it is disgusting. luckily for us, one man has been. warning people for years about. this, and he is not a partisan. politician, he is a minister. he joins us now. >> thank you, steve, brian,. ainsley. i'm surprised to be on your. show. >> well, i don't know much about. you, but you're a guy who is. telling the truth about the fbi. before any of us. what is going on other there . >> yes, the fbi, the devil. whispering, plotting, spying,. and believe me when i say this,. their day of retribution is. coming for a man seweth he also. reaps. >> a great take. >> this bow tie is so great,. giving tucker carlson some. competition. >> i don't know who that is. >> if the fbi can go after the. president, aren't you worried. they might come after you in. >> no, god is justice and he is. on the rise. retribution pleases god and all. of you are going to die. all of you in this room. all of you. it is all upon you, thank you. for having me. >> okay. that is --. >> i love this guy. fist bump. >> hell no, white man. >> hold on, i'm told we're. getting a special call, who is. on the line . >> good morning ainsley!. steve and brian. >> oh my god, president trump,. how are you big guy . >> hey big guy. >> such an honor, thank you for. taking time from your busy. schedule. >> yes, i'm so busy, if you're. wondering why i'm out of breath,. it's because i'm doing my daily. p 90 x morning workout. but i'm saving the economy,. destroying isis, and right now. i'm getting my daily. intelligence briefing. >> oh yeah . from who . >> you guys. >> the show is so great, huge. ratings. of course not as big of the. ratings as my state of the union. speech which was watched by like. ten billion people. they say there is only seven. billion people on the earth, so. where did the three billion come. from . illegals . i don't know. >> can i say your speech was. maybe the best speech in the. history of this country. >> thank you ainsley,. incredible. a lot of folks are saying,. including paul ryan, that it was. better than martin luther king's. "i dream of jeanne" speech. people like senator orin hatch. are saying i'm the greatest. president ever. >> or even in the world, i have. heard better than caesar. you make buildings, he just. makes salads. guys, this might be the greatest. memo since the. declaration of independence. i have not read any of them. devin nunez, my little house elf. so close to earning his freedom. the memo shows the fbi is. biassed okay. biassed against richard nixon,. against john gotti, biassed. against dillenger. >> who is the most innocent guy. in the whole world. >> you are. >> i can't hear you. >> you are!. >> i can't hear you. >> you are!. >> i can't hear you. >> you are!. >> daddy needed that. he needed that, and live from. new york, it's "saturday night!". .
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