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It is 1 a. m. and i'm drinking coffee . chocolate milk no really you haven't had . coffee until you had cold brew and . chocolate milk it's pretty good so it is . almost new year's come below your new . year's resolution a lot of people are . gonna do some crazy stuff like me let's . look at half of a sphere same thing i do . every night if you want to do some crazy . stuff during new year's you're trying to . get lit i want you to be safe and be . responsible please don't do any of this . stuff dude you're so drunk last night . why what did i do . you took some matches let some rays of . woman's hair and started singing i can't . say don't do that i wonder would you go . to jail for that you said some girls . hair on fire like you just took a . lighter like she got some greasy hair . that fire gotta spread her whole head is . gonna be burned off no man that's not . good that's not good if you're doing . this stupid shit you need parental . supervision you need a friend to come . with you and watch you and make sure you . don't do anything stupid dude what . happened last night i think i broke my . arm and my car is wrecked you are so . drunk last night would i do you climbed . on top of your garage and started . yelling . jumped off and landed on your car and . you didn't take me to the hospital i was . too busy laughing at your dumb ass yeah . i would too i mean he's obviously fine . he's batman just thanks for taking care . of me last night you were crazy never . seen you like that i had to take your . shirt off for you because you threw up . on yourself then you made me read you a . bedtime story. and then i do you in you better love me . oh whoa let's delete this message why . just reread chopped i meant chop do . winch i never know hey dave don't talk . to me why what did i do . last night you were so drunk you got my . ipad and put it in a blender really yeah . you said you're making apple juice but . um actually i am not a culinary expert . but i'm pretty sure you make the wrong . apple juice that's more of like a apple . smoothie last night i was so drunk i . replied to my own text did you get home . safe yes i'm home now dude you have to . stop drinking you were so drunk last . night at my party no i wasn't what do . you mean you threw my hamster out the . window saying pikachu i choose you wait . so did the hamster die unless the . hamster was running like a whole suit of . armor or he was in his like runnin . bubble or if he was in like his running . bubble he would have died he would have . been roadkill maybe he ran away and then . he became roadkill i don't know man has . anybody done a youtube video about this . window is the guy freddie's gonna die . don't do it don't do it no way no way no . way these kids aren't old enough to . drink. is this the video stopped before they . did anything i like nothing playing this . stupid-ass song in the background who . makes the video like i mean they didn't . even say pikachu i choose you it's just . here's a hamster. wait do they have like yellow hamsters . okay i mean colts enough what happened . last night you were drunk no i wasn't . you were cutting open all my pineapples . yelling spongebob i know you're in there . you know you're a drunk when you were . like no i wasn't if other people are . telling you you were so drunk last night . you were probably so drunk last night . cut an open all my pineapples the fuck . where you got so much pineapples for. wait what if you could open a pineapple . in there spongebob in it technically . it's possible he's got to be in one of . the pineapples and he came over to your . house like how was the zoo got so many . pineapples for all spongebob got to be . in one of them i want to know if he . found him or not dude i got a dui i was . arrested last night i know buddy . how was there what happened you kept . insisting you weren't drunk then you . asked the cop if you could use the same . car computer to update your facebook no . way you're getting out of the dui okay . so you're going to jail very bad i'm . going to jail wait. oh bro dude that's so cool. hey hey you got you got a computer in. there nah get in the back of the car . you're going to jail any man could can i . just log into facebook real quick like i . gotta update my status like i'm getting . arrested this is a big deal i'm gonna . get like five likes on this good luck . getting out of a dui not gonna happen . guys if you're watching this please . don't drink and drive some dude was . drinking and driving he hit my car he . went to jail and he had to pay a lot of . money it's like taking over for 20 bucks . or get a dui and you're gonna be paying . more than 10 grand like you got court . fees you got lawyer fees you got a jail. time you got damages it's not worth it. or you don't got money for it uber just . keep drinking water until you sober up . it's not hard dude you were so drunk . last night . no i wasn't . yes you were a guy robbed your house it. took your tv so you ran after him and . said you forgot the remote before my god . so i wait my tv is missing how could you . be that drunk . yeah man suppose stealing my shit oh . wait you forgot the remote come back . here i'm just trying to help you out . can't imagine me in that drunk like you . don't even know your own house you don't . even know your own tv you don't know . your own remote i'm drunk send me . another and i won't show anybody this . scumbag right here i mean first of all . she'd probably set it on purpose like . oops i'm drunk . believe it on the water so when i was . myself in bed last night i was thinking . how thankful i am for you what talking. ducking oh my hell my phone is gross . iphone correct fail i'm so sorry oh that . awkward moment this is a dude that you . friends owns and then you said that this . message get his hopes up are you gonna . be like tucky tucky who i meant tucky . definitely wasn't keep myself in bed . last night kill me now this is just so . terrible no matter who you send it to . dude you were so drunk last night what . was not you picked up my little sister . and sugar saying dora how did you get . out of the tv what's so bad about that . she's mexican right we're irish . but after that you duct-tape her to our . flat screen and said that's better i . mean that least you didn't go to jail . what are you drink where are you how are . you drunk i drank the goose water and . tasted like fire omg that was vodka i . can't stop going to the bathroom did you . throw up yes the things look like fire . too i'm maya's dragon no just stay put . there's a great . bragging mortal you're not a dragon . bernsen nadir stop throwing up weight . dog these texts are from your dog or are . you tasting your dog i'm so confused . dude you're so drunk last night . no it wasn't you tried to paint my dog . blue and shout it do you see a clue . while pointing to a blue stain on the . carpet actually i was sober i remember . that vividly i need new friends just . throw up on a dog broke microwave with . cheese and spoon having a bath with my . barbies singing final countdown before . you asked yes i found the absinthe under . your bed did you and aaron eat me out . eat you out rat rat hey sorry i fell . asleep in you last night . um you fell asleep on me not in me oh my . god there's a difference dude how drunk . was i last night well at one point i . convinced you to try and bite your own . nose then what happened you were rolling . on the floor for an hour screaming it's . getting away. i hate you more than words can express . you all happy that'd be weird imagine . like biting your nose you can't do it . ask somebody to try to bite their nose . doesn't work it's impossible in a state . of frustration whoops we never fight her . odo's isn't making me angry . hi you were so drunk last night what no . i wasn't . dude you ran up to this huge biker guy . with a beard and shouted hagrid you're . real. oh sure what'd he do hugged you oh still . a better love story than fifty shades of . grey dude are you ready to party um . who's this oh sorry wrong number . bye but i want to party by anyways . that's all for today i hope you guys . enjoyed this video comment below let me . what you are doing on new year's eve . have you guys ever drunk texted somebody . or had somebody drunk text you i want to . know and make sure you hit that like . button and subscribe you're the wolfpack . well i love you guys so much thanks for . watching bye guys . .
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