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Hey guys, today Im opening several Easter Surprise Eggs as well as Kinder Surprise from different Movies Cartoon characters such as Disney Frozen Olaf the snowman, Angry Birds, Princess Anna, Snow Queen Elsa, Nick Jr. Bob the Builder, Winnie the Pooh Hunny Pot, Hello Kitty Choco Treasure, Giant Disney Princess Chocolate Huevo Scooby-Doo Cartoon Network, Princess Snow White, Uncle Scrooge, Giant Minnie Mouse egg, Princess Cinderella, Disney Junior Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Adventures of Spiderman, Pixar Monsters University, Playdoh Surprise Peppa Pig, Disney Frozen Trolls, Play Doh Doc McStuffins, Disney Pixar Cars 2 Flo Micro Drifters Car, Playdough Monsters Inc., Toy Story Slinky, Giant Sofia the First Egg & Play-Doh Jake and the Neverland Pirates. THX 4 watching Sorpresa Huevos de cioccolato con juego juguete from Disneycollector toychannel. Los Ovetti di Pasqua preferito dai bambini.
Music from Kevin Macleod.
Hey guys this is a collector here with. 25 toy surprises including three egg. . . surprises from the movie frozen in five. . . playdoh egg surprises so now let's start. opening this excerpt rises and see what. . . we have. . . first we're going to open this we need. the pole surprise pot and this is a. . . honey pot. . . let's see what we have here flyer one. take it of taking all this fantastic. . . so cute and let's see what this is. . . and cookie. . . this is a tablet egg from the movie. frozen. . . it has on. . . let's check out the boy we gotta throw. and a liar but the builder play candy. . . and one yo-yo. . . hello katie flyer in one clear. . . hello katie scooby-doo. . . flyer sticker a keychain and park. . . andy snow white. . . he just got princess teamo their. surprise. . . we just got uncle scrooge. . . let's put them together. . . let's open this huge minnie mouse easter. egg in this mr. i we got lots of jelly. . . bean. . . hard candy shape as many and one tops. also shaped its meaning and that good on. . . me candy in this is greg mickey miles. . . we just got to meet this boy is from the. mickey mouse clubhouse. . . cinderella. . . cool. . . we got jasmine spider-man. . . we got spider-man and the flyer this. vitamin comes with a little base most of. . . the university. . . yeah. . . it's the beyblade queen elsa from frozen. and hope we get the clean another troll. . . plato streghe. . . oh it's papa pig. . . now we're going to open this huge disney. princess surprise egg. . . ok. . . here's the chocolate egg surprise and. each side we have toys. . . so we have a treasure chest. . . i mean come one. . . disney princess eraser a little higher. and want sticker of snow white. . . another play doh easter egg. . . hmm is this. . . oh some stock mixed up. . . yeah. . . played always the rag. . . it is mike wazowski from monsters. university. . . oh off from frozen let single difference. in this queen elsa. . . awesome it's just what i wanted. . . carbs. . . whoa. . . francesco bernoulli we also got stickers. to customize this racer played at least. . . two reg. . . cool we just got flow is a micro drifter. . . what's her dripped some angry birds. . . this is just a flyer. . . here's the boy is just a tank. . . we also that one sticker and candy story. . . we got kinky elegance. . . no stickers just fire. . . plato easter egg. . . mmm i can't really tell her business. . . all this is a head hurt. . . here's jake from jake and the neverland. pirates he comes with his sword. . . wow this is a fantastic me figurine me. mouth. . . we got more meaning and stickers and now. we're going to open this giant easter. . . egg from sofia the first. . . here we have one sophia and the global. awesome stickers in the queue teen he. . . has a picture of sophia the queen d is a. lemonhead. . . more than half and one more candy. . . these are lemon heads jelly beans in the. are delicious. . . well guys thanks for watching my videos. and state-owned for a lot more egg. . . surprises right here on this new. collector. .
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