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Today I'm opening 24 Surprise eggs from different cartoon Movie Characters including Playdoh Surprise egg such as a Giant Easter Egg Jake and the Neverland Pirates from Disney Junior. Barbie Kinder Surprise, Disney Frozen Princess Anna, Disney Pixar Cars Angry Birds, The Flintstones, Choco Treasure Hello Kitty, Peppa Pig Nickelodeon, Skylanders Giants, playdoh egg Micro Drifters Cars Lightning McQueen, Disney The Lion King chocolate egg, TMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Choco Treasure Spiderman, Disney Frozen Elsa the Snow Queen of Arendelle, Playdough egg with Pascal from Disney Tangled, SpongeBob Squarepants, Minnie Mouse, Super Mario Bros., Disney Pixar Toy Story with T-Rex Dinosaur, Play Dough Surprise Olaf Snowman of Frozen, Kinder Monsters University, Disney Planes, Zaini Choco Monsters University. THX 4 watching this Huevos ΓΊnico huevo de cioccolato con hidden juego juguete from toychannel Disneycollector. Los Ovetti di Pasqua preferito dai bambini. Have a great Easter.
Here's how "Play Doh" is called other languages: Playdough, Play-Doh, pΓ’te Γ  modeler, Plasticine, Plastilina, Plastiline, plasticina, massa, modellera, Clay, Crayola, patΓͺ, Massinhas de modelar.
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Hey guys disney collector here with toy surprises including three. . . plato easter eggs well let's start. opening this egg surprise 'as and see. . . all the fun toys we have so here's our. very first play surprise from angry. . . birds is this boy. . . one player and sticker three stones. looking at a flight in the toy. . . skylanders giants can be pickups from. flyer and one in razor. . . here's our play-doh easter egg. . . let's see what we have inside a micro. drifter of lightning mcqueen cars milk. . . chocolate and let's check out the toy. . . we got mater and stickers to customize. him. . . cute later. . . the lion king. . . cool. . . we just got a whole year and 19 king. fire. . . hello kitty play surprised this hello. kitty is all dressed up for christmas. . . can eat. . . tickets & 1 dryer ninja turtles speakers. leds and one play. . . this is a this clown show spider-man. . . we've got one miniature spider-man. . . here's the chocolate egg surprise from. the movie frozen with on the cover. . . okay we just got. . . oh mama and one fire from the movie. frozen. . . here's another play doh. . . easter egg. . . we just got pascal from pain gold. . . spongebob. . . we have here. . . sticks and candy as much about and. patrick kingdom surprised so we got a. . . barbie in this one. . . rock'n'roll me mouths. . . here's the little toy cookie one sticker. and fly your pepper peg. . . fire stickers jelly beans in the whistle. . . this whistle has a sticker of peppa pig. daddy. . . dinosaur and george . link. . . super mario ut sticker. . . hard candy in the fire. . . here's another plato easter egg. . . let's see who we have here see a hat. . . oh how cute this is summer. . . oh love he then has sunglasses on toys. story. . . we got rex a flyer. . . no sticker just . . king the chapel. . . oh this is most of his university and. here's the toy and we also got a little. . . flyer here. . . disney planes this egg surprise comes. with a cookie a little keeping and the. . . flyer. . . monsters university toy surprise. . . here's the toy. . . this is art. . . i'm frozen this is another excerpt prize. with elsa. . . it comes with on and one fire me mouths. chocolates your praise. . . it comes with me and fly it plus. speakers to customize me and now we're. . . going to open the big one from jake and. the neverland pirates. . . it has one take here. . . jake and the neverland pirates. . . we got take us more stickers. . . go ahead kandi more candy candy more and. even more clearly. . . they also got a backpack keychain. . . that's okay. . . it comes with a picture. . . jake. . . well guys thanks for watching my videos. and stay tuned for a lot more egg. . . surprises right here on disney collector. .
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