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TEEN GIRL THINKS EMINEM IS HER FATHER! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications! GIRL THINKS SHES PREGNANT WITH BABY JESUS
Hey guys you'll remember this girl right . i'm pregnant. and it is jesus you guys haven't watched . that video basically we got this drill . who won on dr. phil who had taco bell . every single day for a month and thought . she was pregnant with baby jesus but . ended up being full of shit literally so . today she is back on dr. phil because . that wasn't enough to kick-start her . career and now she's claiming eminem is . her dad did you tell people that eminem . is your father yes i did actually . yeah did you see your father i'm not . sure my mom has pictures of a guy that . looks just like immonen like i'm not . even kidding i see pictures of haley on . the internet this is haley is there . another haley that we don't know about . her mom's face when she brings it up mom . has pictures of a guy talking about that . looks just like imminent like i'm not . even kidding . looks just like i mean i'm sitting on . his lap and everything no and that . wasn't in venom it was a family member . you know it could be a family member but . that family member just so happens to be . eminem interesting oh my gosh serious . yeah just like that i got and i was . mighty sure no no no no no no yeah you . have told people living in which your . father yep yeah there's this picture of . me when i was little it's on my facebook . and i've seen the picture yeah where's . the picture dr. phil you talking about . you seen the picture where the receipts . do you really believe here oh i do yes i . do you believe he's your father . yeah she knows her her dad is yeah of. course she knows it's mmm its slim shady . so real . shady he's my daddy you think that would . be something that would be kind of . noteworthy if i mean kids everybody has . kids who's your father . i mean don't you think i don't think . it's that crazy honestly yeah people . have kids all the time you know guys be . like popping it in all the time and then . it just pops right out and you never . know about it like you never know how . many babies you actually have you know . if i was their mom i would just play . along with it i'm trying to get that fat . monthly check from eminem look at blac . chyna don't be sad how would your mother . have man are you kidding . what well let's see i've met i've met . quite a few famous people and i've dated . you know harding university . oh my dear cousin i dated their . quarterback haley you gotta stop i'm 15 . years old but meant like so many famous . people and i've like dated some you know . no big deal i'm i wouldn't be surprised . if my mama did the same . do you know harding university my dear . cousin i dated their quarterback the way . she just likes stares after she says her . question do you know how hard in . university is do you think that if . eminem was your father that you would . have had some contact with him more i . did try to contact him actually through . my instagram i try to contact him you . know looking up his number like a . private number and i never got a call . back or an answer back or anything like . that and i was trying to get a dna test . i contacted my daddy eminem he didn't . reply to me listens to eminem song once . oh my god he's singing about a girl . named haley it's gotta be me oh my god . it all makes sense now. eminem is my dad you may be saying it's . because he does have a daughter named . yeah bro what'd i tell you listen to . eminem song once he has haley's song. like i i checked that out too and i mean. i have it's my baby picture like that's. me you know like you can compare the . photos of me that's me when i was little . now you try to say . watch the m&m music video and the baby . pictures of haley oh my god that's me as . a baby he's gonna be my dad you dr. phil . where's eminem i want to see what eminem . has to say about this and it looks just . like eminem and i found it on his page . on eminem's page well but that's not you . that's his daughter. maybe you gotta rub it like a genie get . it to work a little bit it's a different . human being that's not you are you . suggesting he gets two daughters named . haley who knows how many daughters named . haley. well not named haley probably i don't. know i just cannot compute what looks . like me i have pictures of this dude and . my mom's little notebook collection that . she keeps in the closet that she never . lets me look at his name's mikey family . this is this guy it's like her mama her . sister they're just so done they're like. really really how they just say yeah and . just lie about everything this is his . daughter but it doesn't look like you i . know it's weird cuz i had the same. haircut in middle school okay since dr. phil wanna be petty and not show me the. picture i got finding myself alright so . they're talking about this pic . this is m&m and haley one of the haley's . we don't know if there are anymore . there might be two haley three haley for . haley five maybe he's got hella. daughters on they're all named haley . bust felt different conspiracy theories . so that's his daughter and i'm not. showing the picture because i don't want . to violate her privacy but that's not . you that's his daughter haley well he . may have another daughter that it . doesn't know though oh my god and that . daughter is me dr. phil that's why i've . been trying to tell you . you probably yes i have that baby . picture yes she has two daughters named . haley like here's my daughter haley's my . other daughter haley . mmm i'm here i want to see what he has . to say i talked about your intellect . that you're able to intellectually step . back and look at this does that make . common sense to you okay so babies get . switched up at birth in the hospital is . this actually a thing so first of all . she's saying she's the other hayley he . got to hayley's or his current daughter . hayley does not exist and it's just her. and she was mixed up at birth girl you . gotta stick to one story that's not even . what you're saying your mother had an. intimate relationship with this rapper . from detroit and that you're the product . of that crazy either because sometimes . kids do get switched at birth in the. hospital how did they get switched at . birth so y'all saying eminem is your . real dad with your mom they had a baby . it was you and then they gave him the . other hayley that hayley they gave him . it's not his real daughter . finding hayley life your time life time . and you have pics you're not saying that . they got switched you're saying that. there are two of you all i'm saying is . that i have pictures i've pictures with . the same hair color and everything and . it just happens to be that guy in the . picture holding nothing you can do or . say about it she seems pretty adamant . that eminem is their dad alright so . here's a follow-up you persisted in the . belief that you think eminem is your how . do you feel about that now today and you . told people that that's a treatment . silly that he was your father he or she . is trying to get better while she told . people eminem is her dad still she ain't . gonna let it go she lied enough no i saw . that one pic but look just like him is . definitely him you also told them that i . was your uncle . telling people at the loony bin dr. fellows my uncle evan that was my dad . dr. phil and eminem our brothers . according to her man what a wild family. yeah oh he caught me on my lie let me . just play along i thought you were my . uncle dr. phil do you think i am now . baby i wouldn't do that we've never met . before you came here i've had a ton of . family come up to me and i didn't even . know like my mom would be like hey this . is your aunt and i didn't even know that . that's happened my entire life okay so . hi mom brah hi i'm dr. phil and then she . thought dr. phil is my uncle he's got to . be because my mom brought me to him she . introduced me to my aunt before and . that's how i met my aunt so she's . bringing me to this guy it must be my . uncle. this girl is insane literally insane . how's your uncle i would be your dad's . brother or your mother's brother my . dad's dad and dr. phil is her uncle . if you don't think she's crazy make sure. you give this video a thumbs up does . that make common sense to you how old . are you 20 damn she's 20 here this is . five years later than what we just saw . because she was 15 thanks a lot of . things that i think that people say that . i'm just crazy give her a round of . applause she finally admitted it would . that make me a man m's brother what well . he's your father . no that'd probably make you his dad his . dad okay so then that makes dr. phil her . grandpa not her uncle what is going on . here both you even know how a family . tree even works do you think that if . eminem's father was dr. phil do you . think that would have been in the media . somewhere people that are famous usually . tend to know what hey hey this is . my dad he's famous too yeah because if . somebody's famous people aren't gonna. know who their parents are they're not . gonna know that whole entire life oh my . god we are just finding out dr. phil as . evidence dad oh my god you've kept it a . secret from the world for how many years . there's two possibilities one is that . he's my son and we've just decided not . to tell anybody good man he's messy with . her at this point he's just like haha . she dumb okay let's see how many . episodes i can get out of this or he's . not my son you probably are what does . that mean that robin is his mother . [applause]. no he pointed to his wife and was like . so my wife is eminem's mom no honey dr. phil you was a ho back in the day you . sent us a picture of your proof that . he's your dad right this is a picture of . eminem right this is a picture of who . what they call him like oh my god he . doesn't even look like i browse i look . at this dude mikey who she's saying is . eminem she don't even look like haley . and y'all waited this long to show me . the pictures don't even look anything . like eminem it's just some regular ass . dude so they got a statement from the . guy my name is michael christy is my . half-sister. i am haley and adriana's uncle i am not . eminem but i did look like him and . wasn't mistaken for him in my 20s there . we go he's not eminem it was just like . there's no way and that's all she has to . say no way he looked just like him has . got to be him if some will look like . every honor grande does i mean is ariana . grande. no its of what looks like sniper wolf is . this sniper wolf hell no will people . confuse them . probably by anyways that's all for today . i hope you guys enjoyed this video leave . a like if you think this girl is insane . and make sure you subscribe to the wolf . pack oh i love you guys so much thanks . for watching bye guys . [music]. you. .
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