Glitter Putty Magiclip Princesses Dresses Frozen Elsa Anna Belle Tiana Merida Rapunzel

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Celebnyc presents Glitter Putty Magiclip Princesses Dresses Frozen Elsa Anna Belle Tiana Merida Rapunzel review.
If you cannot find the glitter putty online, check my video on
how to make it at home
Note: parental supervision is recommended
Check some of my favorite Disney princesses get their magiclip dresses getting a makeover with a type of transparent play-doh or putty.
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Caption: Hello everybody today we are going to. open to glitter parties one with yellow. . . orange and pink the other one with green. blue and purple. . . let's open this one first. . . hope that one since we opened this one. at the plastic first let's open this on. . . look. . . it's also another layer but they also. are smart they put this to separate it. . . that's good thinking. . . it's also glittery now my favorite color. purple. . . beautiful it is it stretches. . . we're going to leave those colors out to. put them in the above. . . like that. . . now that we have all three of these. colors out and world into about. . . let's open ease. . . the first one is always harder to take. out that. . . ok here's the orange. . . you want to spread them out for them not. to miss this one was in a ball now it's. . . spread it out so just letting it. . . the last one is usually the hardest to. get out there go another and the color. . . pain. . . these are all the three colors. . . now i'm going to see if any friends can. join us. . . anyone ringing hello. . . i'll be right there i'll be right there. also need to see you soon. . . and in are also coming don't forget me. . . be right there ok now let's see this. coming first. . . oh i was just i'm coming here and i. called cuz i said i was going to be here. . . for a special occasion. . . well if you recall is purple can i be. there. . . oh yeah sure do. . . yeah who else is going to be here well i. don't know. . . let's see you get the queen. . . let it go oh hi everyone i'm elsa. . . as you know the queen of arendelle well. right here because blue. . . as you can tell i'm going to pick this. one is that fight. . . yep who else is coming. . . i don't know let's see what do you think. is for green. . . mhm oh hello everybody my name is tiana. . . now i'm going to pick green do you know. who else is coming. . . did you see part of her dress. . . i just want to stuff some chocolate and. far. . . oh hi i am the princess of arendelle. honor. . . as you know i love pink. . . now i'm going to go to think she just. feels good. . . where is it coming i don't know someone. that loves to shoot arrows and right on. . . a blue horse. . . i mean black mmm. . . oh hello everybody i'm era de my. favorite color orange last person beast. . . where are you. . . oh hey everybody just practicing for my. show. . . i look yellow now today i'm going to. make dresses for then. . . yeah let's start with tiana. . . yeah now instead of taking her act and. putting it on sense of see-through. . . i'm just going to take it out and put it. on the dress. . . stretch it out. . . yeah. . . attaching the pack with that you know. it's i feat gonna push down. . . now open it. . . cutter inside and put it like this. because of me. . . just more puffy and also now she has. more sparkly and she had this. . . it looks perfect with the green you can. also decorate. . . but always look like this now let's see. the queen up and out is always first or. . . second. . . so she's going to be mixed. . . that's good. . . this is going to look perfect for her. guests. . . stretches that much as you can to make. it not look back. . . happy feet through the air gets out and. then there's a clean up now let's do. . . rapunzel next it's so excited to be. double purple eat now we're going to. . . have a hard time cooking for long hair. . . everyone says that so we need to be real. careful. . . yeah. . . yeah. . . so you might want to take the extras out. or just pray that the body. . . yeah. . . now here doesn't get this stone and. really liked puzzles. . . the next one we're going to be doing is. 0 out. . . yeah. . . let's take care of me all open hole. before. . . her hair also pushed down. . . i think the texture is beautiful don't. you. . . so there's bill. . . now let's make meredy trout. . . married that also have has blue dress. but since i also took the blue. . . she's going to go with orange because. her hair is kind of like orange. . . yeah. . . i think marilyn has finished just so far. in the lot of details at the bottom. . . i think those bubbles. . . look cool but this one i'm making the. hole with my finger because your shoes. . . are not going to fit in there. . . you know it's open. . . don't forget long hair pull down stretch. it out a little and they're made of. . . let's put her back here. . . now the last one is didn't. . . princess yeah let's take her up. . . top. . . this one is a hundred percent and mine. finger is not going to fix that shoe is. . . not going to press ok now we have a. little bit of books and go put this. . . together and put it flat. . . yeah. . . yeah. . . gonna take some time. . . and be careful because her arms going to. come out also connects to hear. . . perfect you just need to get on and then. i'm gonna be tough. . . her hair is going in her cake so hard on. her. . . tell me about it there we go. . . hair is making for this that this will. be like here. . . double cape just a little bit of this is. here and barely can see let's see what. . . else are we missing. . . oh yeah her head don't get ok. . . spies. . . yeah. . . make it attaching. . . just noticed something to colder the. glitter but he is the best. . . it doesn't break and the warmer it is it. breaks more often. . . well on you perfect. . . well thank you let's see if we can make. one more thing. . . there we go on it beautiful purse. . . now if you look best out of all of them. so don't worry about anything and i hope. . . you liked our video don't forget to like. and subscribe my channel and down below. . . when you like and subscribe to tell me. which one is your favorite and maybe. . . next time i can do more videos of this. . . thanks for watching bye bye. .

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