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With 72 hours remaining until Election Day, Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon) and Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) appear on Erin Burnett (Cecily Strong) OutFront.
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>>> good evening, and welcome to a special edition of "out front. " i'm erin burnett. for the next 72 hours we'll be bringing you nonstop election coverage. so if any of my neighbors are watching, please go feed my dog. now the race has been tightening all week. tonight we have both candidates to make their case to voters one last time. joining me from florida, hillary clinton and from colorado, donald trump. how are you both doing this week? >> really, really great, erin. they're all still buying it. >> yep. it has been a great week for me, too. my fave part was when i lost that big huge lead i had. but i am not worried, erin. it might be the bottom of the 9th and it's tied and raining but this old chicago cub is still going to bring it home. [ cheers and applause ] >> you are not, hillary. i am building a lot of momentum. the polls are showing that we are neck and -- whatever this is here. >> yeah. you have traveled to four different states just today. what gives you the energy for all of that? >> my deep love for america. and a really, really big handful of uppers that are meant for racehorses. >> okay. well, let's get to what's obviously the big story of the week -- >> please be -- >> hillary's e-mails. >> okay. >> fbi director jim comey announced they are looking into more e-mails discovered on anthony weiner's laptop. >> that's right. i called it. these e-mails are very bad for you, hillary. that's why i never, ever use e-mail. it's too risky. instead i use a very private, very secure site where one can write whatever they want to and no one will read it. it's called twitter. >> mr. trump, everyone can see your tweets. >> really? and i'm still in this thing? america, you must really hate this lady. >> and they do. >> now, it's highly unusual for the fbi to make an announcement like this so close to the election. >> oh, yeah, ya think? am i crazy or does it sort of seem like the fbi is trying to get donald trump elected president? >> no, no. that's crazy, cuckoo. the fbi is not trying to help me. the fbi doesn't like me. i mean, what even is the fbi? >> hey, i'm going to go grab some coffee. you want some? >> no, i'm good, sweetie. >> erin. erin. erin. you saw that, right? he kissed an fbi guy. >> it doesn't seem like enough of a story. let's get back to your e-mails. >> yeah, boy, i could really go for another donald trump audio link right about now. hey, mark burnett. mark, my baby. i know you're sitting on pretty racist tapes of donald on "the apprentice. " as they say on "wheel of fortune", give me an m! >> secretary clinton there is no proof that a tape of mr. trump saying the n word actually exists. >> are you cray? of course that tape exists. >> erin, erin, erin. it does exist. >> see? i need someone to release something on this guy. i mean, i've got the whole russian government helping release stuff on me because russians love donald and donald loves putin. >> no, no. she's a liar. i don't know putin. i have never met putin. what is even a putin? >> i'm running to store. you need anything? >> i'm good. thanks, sweetie. >> erin. he kissed putin on live tv. >> secretary, that could mean anything. let's get back to your e-mail. [ groans ] >> these e-mails are a huge scandal. i heard it's even bigger than whitewater. >> i'm not sure that's quite true, mr. trump. >> why are you defending her, erin? are you a lez with her? i have heard from a lot of people that you are lezzing her. >> that doesn't make sense. >> it doesn't matter, erin, because i said it. and now half the country believes it. p. s. , no one loves the gay people more than me, okay? i am a huge supporter of the lb community. >> do you mean the lgbt community? >> no. just the l and the b. >> you see, erin? this is how he talks. he pretends to be pro gay but his running mate believes in conversion therapy. he said he's not racist but the kkk endorsed him for president this week. >> no, no, no. i don't know the kk -- i mean, what even is a k? >> hey, i'm going for a run. do you want to come? >> no, thanks. i'm good, sweetie. >> erin, the kkk. can we talk about how he kissed the kkk? >> i wish we could. let's get back to your e-mails. >> what is happening? is the whole world insane? donald trump has single handedly ruined so much of what we as americans hold dear. kindness, decency, tic-tacs, skittles, taco bowls, father-daughter dances, buses, bright red hats, the word "great," the color orange. men. but, look, if you want to elect him president on tuesday, okay. go ahead. but then in four years once you all realize you have been tricked you're going to come running back to me, begging me to run again and guess what, idiots. i'll do it. >> erin, here's the bottom line. okay? hillary clinton is the most corrupt person ever to run for president. she is a liar. she's a crook. >> no. >> frankly she should be in jail and when i am president, i will assign a special prosecutor -- >> no, no, no. >> -- to make sure she never. >> no. >> i'm sorry kate. i just hate yelling this stuff at you like this. >> yeah. i know, right? the whole election has been so mean. >> i just feel gross all the time. don't you guys feel gross all the time about this? [ cheers and applause ] >> do you know what i think could help us? let's get out of here. >> what? where will we go? >> you'll see. ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? [ cheers and applause ] >> i feel so much better. >> now it's time to get out there and vote. none of this will have mattered if you don't vote. >> we can't tell you who to vote for, but on tuesday we all get a chance to choose what kind of country we want to live in. >> live from new york it's "saturday night"! [ cheers and applause ]
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