I BOUGHT MY ROOMMATE A $20,000 ROLEX! (surprise)

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It's got a happy bro yesterday i got you . said you won't you tell you on it you . say whatever like . [music]. three two one hey good morning logan was . bop are you good you don't do my vlog . no we just there's 10 million . subscribers i got below i had blue they . like backwards and deflating actually oh . machete action yeah danah balloons are . down got some brand new holes in the . wall welcome to love involve loves make . sure to subscribe the choices okay i got . another good day here on lp watch it ok . for life can't just give a shÑÑ guys . get a little high sometimes joe are you . good now though huh oh a 9 you don't . talk i'll talk to my other pet how are . you caught along the server joe he has a . new brother now since my brother just. got a new dog named apollo i believe hi . ha ha count a mrs. stroeve what it was . the door mouth you they're asking me . it'll make a bet on the game the door . carrionite i could have paid them a loss . to they tried john me the kiddie pool to . the word no people with 3 feet on 4 foot . bunker john go out of it bro come on go . go you're back oh oh oh god good to have . you back my god what did you do to piss . the door off yours well they get pissed . off so easily slide the short-tempered . bro anyways just good to have you back . what are you doing. oh. no no no welcome back to this love game . that's my boy that's my boy . oh god y'all haven't much fun yeah we . got missing posters for you and. everything go well it's actually missing . huh you know i wasn't old ah i i had a . rough estimate of where you were oh i . appreciate you wearing the merch in . these photos i'm pretty sure that's . photoshopped no logan paul comstock . join the movement be a very good start . to the day we got our boy back let's see . what else's mom i guess we could start . with this yeah yeah i don't know what . happened oh that's actually yeah this is . pretty disbelief caught bro this is the. life of a vlogger man this is the life i. chose also why did my parents make me . blow get bald . i've long rose anatomy woogie boy so . cleaned off put a bandaid on good for. not dying and stuff and i stepped . outside for a second because i think i . think this is a good time to say this . evan and i had a four-year friendship . anniversary like maybe a week and a half . ago i wanted to get him a dope gift but . so i got him horses i got a motorola but . it didn't get delivered in time i was . going to bring it to the dwarf world . gainsaid i just ended up surprising him . and then later in the vlog i made a . comment that if that video got to really . like i would give him a roll at two . million likes of this video not by evan . relax just get it please like it why i . don't know why i said that like i had . already bought him a rolex sitting . inside right now and just to prove to . you guys that i had already bought it . and i've had it for a week evan just . hasn't been here here's a video i took . when i received it in the mail . okay guys is monday august 7 i actually . just got back from the dwarf game and i . see this bro like you were supposed to . be here two days ago . seiler a dark inside a box oh look . another box inside that box yeah what a . good i don't know if you guys can see . but you know that logo okay well we got . oh another box classic oh my god this is. so official oh this is hard with one . hand i'm a vlogger i got this i see the . watch is hard to do with one hand i'm . gonna have to like bite my camera mm-hmm . okay here we go okay . oh heaven bro this is a twenty thousand . dollar whoa ah thanks a slogan guys that . was actually 11 days ago i've just been . sitting out there waiting for this vlog . for forever but you know another sad . thing that kind of happened to my mom . live yeah vlog mom had to go back to i . can't hold on sigh god dammit why did . people always so party proud trying to . blog try to work huh oh no respectful of . law party's over. wrap it up and go to oh they never seem . to listen to me anyways yeah my mom left . this morning i before she left i wanted . to show her the role act here was her . reaction you know what's in here oh . crown it's a rolex mom whoa you got it . for evan yeah oh wow. can i just say i didn't get a birthday . present yes you did the low game which . you have your birthday oh i like the . wall street diamonds better anyways . let's go inside try to avoid evan i want. to show you guys the watch and see like . the diamond sparkle and the sun it's my . big big happiness in the other room i . have to whisper so he doesn't hear me . so this $20,000 rolex has been sitting . here for like 11 days now normally how . to be worried about someone seeing it . but this is like just above his eye line . i think i'm good oh you know this thing . is absolutely beautiful . okay i'm not a wash guy or even like a . jewelry guy really brendan agreed with . me on this when we saw this thing like . this is beautiful. oh logan this thing is i see man so i'm . going to put this back until later but . let's go mess with our boy a bit all . right thank you . i want to spoil your evan evan i want to . spoil you bro how it's your big day . attend my birthday it's your big day . you're back bro i want to i want to . don't take you out . i want take you out to lunch . let's go at lunch bro i'm probably like . having serious bro like five-star really . expensive la miel alright dad we know . well while he's insane if we can do this . you can cross off find out oh okay my . man we're pulling out you are in for a . treat this is fucking mcdonald's knows . it yeah it's mcdonald it's not a . five-star restaurant just dude budgets . tight bro we just got evicted and stuff. well that doesn't mean a house sells i'm . saying we gotta save money jean is my . first time - i get my hopes up i thought . you look at me rollin for anniversary so. don't you play me just over so i can't . trust you anymore having my feelings . i think i'm auntie roz applause and eat . food there are kids in africa here we go . evan you're gonna thank me later . yo real quick how funny is it that he . brought up the roller you can you get . that you have to be happy to have a . happy meal so if you shot a salty right . now oh you want a happy meal bro yes we . have one happy meal we do the . cheeseburger with our new chief so i . have budget cuts get in the house - bro . do we have to save our money on the stop . dude this happy meal is gonna change. your mood i hope oh thank you wow i just . wanna point out guys this is not a brand . deal for mcdonald's because man . you're welcome man anyways here's your. meal oh . you'll slowly but surely he's getting . happy all the time yeah you got fries oh . i have you i see you have you in it i'm . getting there. and then it's not over yet well we got . this this bread with a patty . yummy how you happy now i knew it worked . okay so now the evans in a little bit . better of a mood i'm gonna take my boy . are you ready for this bill yeah play . really well i would thank you shopping . bro let's go faithful that roll leg not . for a rolex we're just gonna i feel like . we could get you some clothes like . appliances like utensils lebanese . appliances dollar tree bro whatever you . want knocks again just stop whining . please there are kids in africa only . make any sense this kids all over the . world here we go oven anything you want . anything you want i'm actually only . gonna give them like one thing what . what's up you can get one thing just . don't whine remember the kids maybe you . want this there we go. see you later alligator those docile i . thought these rolls of toilet papers . because you've walter shit maybe you . want this walk out and then you want to . play bro oh a glass wait never broken a . glass plate we could get that place i . want to get this over with . what did i say the kids broke you can . get one. oh we got a glass plate we got full . bellies i just this day couldn't get any . better my man i have a surprise for you . my god it's not what it's going to be no . it is dude 100% right now i think you're . gonna come close for this what's up my . man we're going to the zoo right now i . know all of us are going to do i know . you love the zoo i know you i know i . know i know you want to do evan loves . animals let's go to do this is petco . budget cuts bro i knew it was gonna be a . lie that's a sign . barking and that we can go in and like . check out the fish or something stop . stop stop . evan evan stop dude you're always a . disappointing i'm not a disappointment . this big patch inside pack go and also i . need that more dog food for kong you . love that dong one of me don't you it's . uh yes daddy look it's a guinea pig look . ivan a bird look ivan face look ivan a . snake look ivan lydia look ivan dog toys . oh i'm actually gonna get this one for . cause because you stop this duck . bringing it for whoa was that a man . great for a happy break matt you're matt . still pissed off at you oh come on evan . car garage ooh squeaky toys . oh hey left the duck okay congo we have . something more important to talk about. so evan is in his room pouting i think . it's time we give him the real surprise . of the day but if you kind of like . messing with him i'm a six i had lydia . run to the store and give me something . special yeah i'm gonna put this nice . blue kitty watch in the rolex box purple . what it's purple color thursday was blue . danny i'm colorblind did you shoot a lot . under the color cushion many of you i'm . gonna put this out purple watch in the . rolex box okay he's gonna be so bad . like i feel like at this point you might . think like some things are going down . and it's going to think it's like a fake . rolex prank and i'll just go handled . $20,000 watch this is a happy piece of . material right here clicking the new . watch on can you imagine i be so sad bro . so mad the pasta soldiers the boxes did . you can be. hey what can you possibly guy you . watching family guy here peter griffin. cut ha ha i know you've had a rough day. and i feel like i do need to make it a . food understand like i i messed up can . you can you come over here for me i have . a gift out like that . i believe not as did i cook this for . another year like this one actually grow . because you wanted us to like oh my god . shut up i'm not even happy and my dog . you said you wanted to roll into play i . love your box . rose it's got a happy bro you guys do it . again so you want you sell you on it you . say you want to like. [music]. take that to the clubs no i really did . you do it role like though . [music]. choice out not his ears that's my boy . this party not afraid that was a break . [applause]. did you see the ice i'm really bright oh . thank god dude you don't have to drive . but that's dog that you're gonna be so i . thought you'd show me a step that's what . what i love you too bro . so avid avid fan i bought this before . we've got we went to the door world . games it didn't ship here in time so i . came to nothing go like i was going to . give you the world like event you fill . up a lot of bullshit it's like that made . it like so much battery bro even though. hey i'm going to just give it to you bro . yo look . [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. for . i'll feel bad for fighting you earlier . no it's all good bones good good i came . for the block make sure you subscribe. was my really brenna's rolex uh good at . new guys i'm a firm believer that when. you're thriving and doing well there's . no reason that the love shouldn't be . shared right because one day i know . evans gonna buy me a rolex and and . today's not that day but i'm not yet i'm . just after these peaches the point is do . good things to others and good things . will happen to you yes with that said . low gang that is the vlog i just want to . say it looks like both my boys are . enjoying their new relic anyways got as . usual as usual if you're not a part of . the logo make sure to subscribe we are d . strong family on you to go out today. don't be afraid to be unique different . special whatever it is that you want to . do you can do it you guys are mavericks . get your merch at logan paul campos shop . now see you tomorrow when my boys can be . icing out his rolex permanent i love . y'all take it easy fam. please do it with the rolling . [music]. are you kidding don't take it personally . ever so i think it personally brought . it's talking about the plant it now this . is awkward . .
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