I Bought The World’s Most Expensive Apps ($10k)

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What's up fam squad today we're gonna be . buying the most expensive apps in the. entire world not clickbait because i . don't value money intro the first step . is called only for the richest and . apparently it's just an app to show off . how much money you have a honestly it . sounds perfect for me alright we got it . fixed let's see i said it's only for the . richest are you one of the richest i'm a . jake caller then you better do it how . many use all those merch sales to buy it . yeah buy my merch we're not gonna get . sued like leginfo . for a steal with another company's brand . alright guys moment of truth let's open . up the app i bought this app for one . hundred and fifty dollars yay five . percent goes to charity we just gave . seven dollars to charity. hell yeah wait why don't we just give . 150 dollars to charity literally 150 . dollar app that just says i bought this . a $450 dd sgp this app actually looks . kind of interesting i like the graphics . they got going on here so check out the . reviews i'm damn close to the voters no . one gives a crap . all right let's buy this app is $400 but . dentists make six figures dude this is a. no-brainer by its call me mr. dentist . dentist. ah here we go boys were loading her up . sorry about that glare why is that glare. sexually harassing you guys that is very. decay oh okay there's real images - oh . nope not add to my favorite oh that too . thin oh you and the teeth that to said . evolution is wrong i'm the big tooth all . right did i get $400 worth of content . out of it i think sit i don't think so . up next we have the booboo suelo world . cup horn plus plus premium you know this . looks like a top-quality app it's rated . two-and-a-half stars with two reviews . pay make successful hell yeah install . i'm ready for my boo-boos wailing horn . all right so far it looks like . he's a dollars for that dude honestly . that should be like $400 why is it so . cheap i want to make this my car like . the horn of my car now don't know for . nothing wait what i can see why it's so . expensive this is advanced technology . right here . oh it closed well my new iphone x is . awesome and it only costs it that one . can you do this secretly jealous at the. movies all right i got a notification . from the hips oh my god somebody bought . my $200 app what a idiot. yep that's me someone make that at me . someone like someone on twitter's gonna . be like man that tweet was really . gay yep that's me the next app . is called i am rich it is $400 and . somehow it has 4000 reviews to be honest . i thought every review of this app was. exaggerated and only four laughs even so . i still bought this app because that . money left it burned in the app is on . sale for $400 i don't understand how . this app has a hundred thousand. downloads and it's number four trending . and finance it doesn't really make sense . so let's figure it out maybe this is the . secret to bitcoin thank god it's finally . dying now we don't have to hear about . bitcoin anymore but wait jimmy you're . the guy if i can just hear about . bitcoins. oh yeah i was the annoying one whoops my . bad buy my merch to be fair i really . want to make a video where i give a . homeless man i think . that would go helen viral so if you guys . buy enough merch we can definitely do . that video next week just say you have . zero diamonds watch video ads to get . more diamond you've got a four hundred . dollar a happy you have what . now show this app to your buddies that . you purchased the most expensive app . from playstore this isn't the most . expensive app it's one of them but watch. video ads to get more diamonds honestly . it makes perfect sense i paid $400 to . watch ads get the right answer and get . real money wait you will lose your . reward i don't get a reward if i skip . this plaque resume the march . i have $100 boys you can mine diamonds . hell yeah holy in america do people pay . $400 to watch a heads . honestly youtube you should take some . notes we don't want to buy youtube bread . to get rid of ads we want to pay 400 . dollars for more ads come on youtube . what do you do it . on a serious note i just paid $400 for . an app just to get 50 seconds worth of . content in my video and you know this is . basically the peak of evolution top the . morning to you laddies the next step . we're gonna be trying is a game it's . called super color runner that honestly . looks like a gay pride flag i'm from . north carolina and i'm supposed to be . i'm just kidding i'm just kidding i . don't care what you do with your . genitals put in whoever's mouth you want . to let's buy this out underrated oh . this is underrated we better watch out . boys so right there is the speed runner . up and for some reason it's not opening . up so i actually went to the store and . we bought another tablet and we just . downloaded it right there as you can see . we downloaded it again and it's not . working on this tablet either so . apparently this is just a broken app it . doesn't work on any tablets that's . another two hundred dollars down the . drain let me just remind you the birch . links at the top of the description . alright word on the street is this . dimond app is way different than the . other one the other one was just ads . apparently this one's better right . that's what they're telling me alright . let's see all right 399 why do i hear a . baby crying in the background . be quiet wallet gosh payment . unsuccessful card declined my bank is . like no one's stupid enough to buy all . these apps like this has to be . fraudulent has my bank learned nothing . what's your paypal paypal lets me give . $30,000 to random people they'll let me . buy this app honestly i'm surprised . paypal hasn't liked contacted the fbi. and just been like you should . investigate this kid okay download it i . hit open let's see it i bought this for . $400 giving a hundred and twenty dollars . to charity yes more charity mice yeah . the other apple ii gave five percent to . charity this gave 30 percent dude this . was amazing that's what worth it . i'll look at the tax write-off these . apps are great i mean look at . the charity they're doing they may be . pocketing $280 doing nothing but so so . far i think we spent like three thousand . dollars and like 150 went to charity . pretty successful day if i if you know . not gonna lie . just you know i'm not messing around . like this is literally the app that's it . it just says i bought this for $400 and . they're giving money to charity but good. for them these other apps they're only . getting five percent to charity yeah i . love all like bland that is we're giving . it to charity like what charities that . are like oh no i need a new couch . charity for my buddy . all right guys so i did some digging and . apparently i am rich premium is the . thing no we bought i am rich but we've . yet to buy i'm rich premium and i think. i'm rich premium is just leaps and . bounds ahead of the other two it has a . hundred and fifty three 1 star ratings . and we all know the better you are the . more haters you have that's why you got. to keep davon payment successful wow . yes all right well today for this bad . boy install that's just the wallpaper i . paid $400 for this wallpaper . jimmy our bills haven't been paid in . three months you're behind i have this . wallpaper they're not gonna accept that . as a payment jimmy i don't disrespect my . wallpaper now leave me please buy that . mercy so i can get paid app review . review review review to be fair everyone . else is copying me so i can copy other. people you know a little bit so the next . step is a vip black i don't know what it . is but my monkey he's gonna explain it . to you go ahead hi i'm pop a vip black . is an app to where you get it's pretty. much like a exclusive social media for . rich people you get certain so . apparently it's like social media for . rich people is what he told me so as you . can see right here it's about a thousand . dollars i want in . i want to be with the other pollard's . your payment method was decline he did . not go. i just want my view happy black alright . guys. look look it actually oh my wow look . that glare every time they glare she's . like no no no you're not allowed to see . the phone as you can see it actually . downloaded the app dude i'm actually. kind of stoked alright guys this my . first time ever on here priority passes . the world's largest independent airport . vip lounge program with more than six . hundred lounges in over 300 cities . security boston bah blah blah i don't . know basically this i'm vip thing it . looks like a complete ripoff that no one . uses alright guys it finished . downloading this app is called wheel . burner like i said it was four hundred . dollars three two one whoa you're a fast . boy or a turning boy over another . turning boy oh my goodness wait it says . zero to three out of 32 what happens . when we hit 30 to beat the next level . that's next-gen graphics man dude this . is pretty realistic it's almost like . they use google earth i can see why it's . worth $400 like the engineering team on . this dang it's kinda laggy honestly for . a $400 at $400 i would expect better . frame rates for this type of money we . finish what do i get. [music]. worth it well $4 up versus $400 at $400 . app takes the cake. we bought this tablet for the video and . it was a $50 tablet and now it has three . hundred and fifty dollars worth of apps . on it that's i feel like this tablet . deserves a medal i think i should return. this $50 tablet and demand they give me. $1000 because of all the apps on it it's . is no longer worth $50 these are premium . apps those my friends are the most . expensive apps in the world you're not . really missing much and make sure you . subscribe and turn on notifications . first comment on all my videos gets $100 . giftcard not joking turn on . notifications subscribe cop the merch i . just dropped it link down below or mr. beast shop i think it looks pretty good . and that actually feels pretty cool and . i'm you going to be giving away most the . money i make off of it like homeless . people or you know whatever i think will . be a viral video and lastly click this . video right here or you're gay . alright that brings me to my next set . way this is my new merch i'm selling now . right here it says beast look at this . has the thing on the hood the little . tiger . it looks pretty dope you should buy my . merch because i spend a lot of money on . videos and i really don't make much . money and so i could use money so by the . merch sorry i'm like most youtubers i. haven't been plugging my march 10 times . the video for the last year so i'm a . little new to this . this was my channel name this is my new . channel name . .
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