I Gave Myself A Kim Kardashian Hair Makeover πŸ’‡

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In the continued spirit of "new year new me," I decided to give another shot at trying to do my own hair...with a little bit of elevated stakes! I tried to recreate Kim Kardashian's iconic wet hair look using the same tools her stylist, Chris Appleton, uses!
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Hey guys welcome back to my youtube . channel i am here with rene hello . the king of hair rene was on my channel . a few weeks ago in that video i learned . how to do three different basic . hairstyles but today . i wanted to see if i could escalate it . just a little bit and i'm going to learn . how to do in kardashian hair style and . not just any hairstyle but her wet hair . look i have seen her rock this look a . lot on instagram super recently so super . trendy super recent super hip which walk . out of the shower and you look like kim . kardashian right eventually yes . eventually what i usually tell people is . that your stuff has pores and it's . important to do a daily scalp massage . especially live in la it's dry . i mean her wet hair versus how i look . when i get out of the shower like she . looks like a majestic mermaid i look . like a wet dog will definitely break it . down for you and show you the tools that . i'm gonna be using but it's all about . using some simple products some simple . heat tools and just technique so i'm . putting on chloe gloss on your hair i . ended up adding like a dark blonde ash . to your hair it's obviously not gonna . make you dark blonde because you're not . blonde but the undertones that are here . is just to cancel out any warmth that's . in your hair oh color wow sent me some . of the key products that will be . teaching you on how to recreate the . looks so these are actually some of the . key parts that we used in this style so . these are like the action like this has . been on yes . making me look like kim kardashian just . like in the last video i'm going to have . to do it myself it's gonna be exciting . so for the cut i'm just gonna do the . center part so when i look at the kim . kardashian wet hair blog one of the . concerns i have is that it's like a ton. of like sticky products will but it . won't feel that way no we won't be using . stuff like hard sticky products but. anything that'll be more and more . you'll have more of a shine effect very . natural very subtle very used so the two . key products are the transforming paste. and the pop and lock so quarter size of . this yes and then she phones to this yes . yeah just rub it through the hair and . when you start twisting just put tension . from the root all the way to the end . i've never like styled my hair while . it's wet it's always been. wash your hair blow dry it out and then . do this hard oh my god wow i like it . okay so now we got a lot of like little . twisty yes . i'll be bringing in a diffuser to dry . the hair with on the blow dryer that . will as an attachment . oh and the reason why you don't want to . use the high fan is because you don't . want to push out the hair so much okay . i'm happy with it . there is a two-prong barrel curling iron . that we'll be using to create those . waves the only thing about is that you . got to wrap your hair like a figure . eight in here it's a wet hair look but . we're also using things this will give . you the illusion that it looks wet cuz . it's a gloss but in reality it will be . soft so we're hair isn't actually what . mm-hmm it's the look that it's wet i'm . watching him like please don't get . burned just seven seconds seven you're . doing good though there you go. think it's a figure eight you got this . and then seven six four . oh and it looks like you have i like you . me too it's like coming together so for . this part to finish it off are you gonna . do reapply some of the products again to . the end because then we can do the top . afterwards there you go oh you like it . yeah it's very effortless very i do this . i just saw it in the mirror . finally 368 and i can't believe that . looks this way i've never seen my hair . look like this before and i feel like . from far away could look like oh it's . just kind of curls but it definitely has. like the beach feel and the wet feel but . not greasy and not like gross sweat . these are all the products that you . would need to recreate this hairstyle . again none of these products are . sponsored we're just liking them because . we think they're really cool thank you . so much also if you want to recreate any . other celebrity looks you need try to . figure it out let us know yeah let us . know in the comments and as always . please subscribe so we can keep on going . on more adventures together alright have . a great day . [music]. .
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