I GOT A DOG !!! ( 1 LIKE = 1 PET )

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Really telling what we're doing today. picking up a dog so yes it's true i'm . finally gonna have a threesome me my . girlfriend and a dog guys it's it's . finally here this is probably the most . important vlog that i've ever made now i . got to keep it clean all right . i can't curse that's because finally . your boy got his first brand deal so i . want to give a big ol shoutout to see . geek . see geek is an easy-to-use app that lets . you buy tickets for just about anything . anywhere on the web concerts sporting . events you name it they got it all and . they put a score on every ticket so . they'll let you know if you're getting . you know a crap deal or not . then curse they even let you see the . view that you're gonna have from the . seat that you pick the best part is they . gave me a promo code you know you . usually have to tighten the well at. christmastime for like a massage chair . from target not anymore christmases is . here right now i'm here all year round . so you can get 20 bucks off your first . order on sikhi if you use my promo code . noel in the app or click the link in the . description below and bam there you have . it 20 bucks off whatever tickets you . want to buy next through seeking thanks . again seeking for sponsoring this video. you know i'm very proud to finally have . partnered up with a brand and i promise . you i won't let you down wait holy shit . brandi oh dude you can't fuckin cus . that's the whole point of the video tell . me that why don't you have to fucking . tell you that she's sitting out the . fucking cost in this video it's a . fucking brand deal dude i've never done . a fucking sponsored video oh my god . you're still saying fucking do stop . fuckin saying fuck you're safe you're . fucking saying fucking i'm fucking out . fuck you hell yeah dude the letter t . lookin nice work man . didn't that make the vlog so much more . fun and cool and creative and cinematic . and interesting and documentary style. and awesome and fun i think so to . [music]. everyone this kind of sad story he was . abandoned in downtown la he's running. around for a few weeks and so on rescue . them and you know i'm finding out that . the hard streets of la have made him . nervous. afraid is why i'm giving him back i . can't put up with this here's the thing . you two we need to get as many likes on . this as possible okay one like equals . one pet all right . so whatever you guys put down that's all . i'm gonna pet him for his whole life i . would take all those likes divide them . by his expected lifespan and those will . be the likes evenly distributed every . day you ready to make $5,000 oh already . fill out bryan silva dan actually yeah . you think do you think youtubers buy . dogs when their career is like on the . low so it gets more content now this was . just to keep you company when elena was . gone hey boyfriends yeah yeah pretty . much i need a friend you know cuz when . elena's out there with her dog i gotta . be with my dog . you know what i'm saying i think that's . a that's my dog so you gotta get a . little dog yeah zach your dog is so cute . oh shit you know what sorry about the . thing about hanging out with spock his . hair and all it ends up all in your car . and your girlfriend's always asking who . the fuck was in there yeah and you still. try to hide it . some really hot chick definitely wasn't . spa real hot chick oh all right how old . is she . that's a boy what's your name ali's . she's so cute what's her name his name . is olle such a cute name for a girl you . hit the floor pull a fast one now that . you know to thank you for your last one . black take your brush like an asthma . attack just a slave a little flame . you're blind to the facts mr. x to the z . the next icky carroty to bring the house . down naturally niggas knowing no limits . like masterpiece nigga you motherfucking . back . .
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