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I’m a 22 year old kid living in Hollywood. I make comedy vids, travel a lot, and I have a pretty colorful parrot named Maverick. This is my life.
That place to say i was wondering i . could stay with you what i was wondering . if i could stay with you i got kicked . out of my house we bought new merch . logan is that new boy yo hahaha i know . logan why is your merch so small well . guys today's of the day probably should . not be swearing while releasing the . youth merch but it's finally gonna fit . you. [music]. yeah guys real loving is that the dwarf . world games so i have to set up for fake . of it. oh lydia lydia this will fit you you're . tiny. guys this is lydia if you do watch i . know i know it doesn't fit me lydia this . is marketing okay . this sells mer you you do need more . thank god you're here you're here look . you would ever not gonna be the same . size this is good . people are shipping people like it's . gonna be so interesting having an aol . what having an a oh lydia oh again i'm . sorry for swearing i'm just so fun yo . it's the i eat the class it's how we . open up the fall of jaipur this trip . we're gonna put you in that you good bro . he's not good okay we're gonna put it . now anyways yo that's so that's cool man . i'm sorry i'm just excited we got a . photo shoot actually with some kids . today about the youth murder the . mavericks are growing but also shrinking . in age we're covering the whole spectrum . baby logan paul calm slash shop for all . this stuff we don't you guys remember . we've got some new plates in the mail . yesterday but yo these are they're like . alien wizard play don't break no way . this is it all your anger that you have . in your left all your problems just . throw them on the ground now that lydia . is my new assistant unfortunately she . judge after we've cleaned the place . herself but she's gonna i really like . lydia puppy be free . good boy it's me how are you buddy oh . good good. nothing i'm just chilling without a . roommate at the door for world games . he's like a super athletic dwarf. anyways i'm gonna go see how can you . give me kiss before i leave okay that's . the day has finally come ladies. do you like living here maverick well . that's too bad because we just got . kicked out. [applause]. [music]. that's way too long you are hereby . notified that pursuant to california . civil code section 1946 a tenancy for a . month a month under which you hold the . possession of hereinafter described . premises is terminated 60 days after the . service on you of this notice 60 days . you are hereby required to quit and . deliver up the possession of the here . and after described premises to the . landlord agent who is authorized dude . guys we have to we got evicted . [music]. [applause]. get yourself together logan you can do . it i wanted to do this number one fine . new house to live because herron lee i'm . not capable of being an adult lydia can . you grab me a chair living with other . adults in an apartment requiring level . of responsibility my simple i clearly in . the handled us i am a blogger . [applause]. okay man let's go do this photo shoot . super fun hopefully it takes my mind off . of being homeless also as you guys know . i don't like know many kids i don't have . a kid that i know of i haven't met the . kids that are gonna be wearing the merch . bro i hope the freaking maverick folks . is that the squad . all those my guys can be rough the . miniature version of me bro you're like . the better-looking younger version of me . hey hi nice to meet you nice to meet you . would you guys say you're all mavericks . okay good yeah that's amazing that's all . i need to hear it's gonna get savage was . doing what it's about to go to there's . my board not out yet don't get too . excited about tomorrow no wait actually . tomorrow yeah really yeah dropping the . eddie oh okay yeah the eddies are now . available online good luck i thought it . was gonna be a big build-up but whatever . i do have bad news bro like that like . horrible news uh here's here's the thing . here evicted no me evicted i gave myself . the survey bro see oh . you homeless bro i already filled out . yeah honey then this will be available . for purchase online tomorrow too why . were you talking about why we drop it on . us i don't know about that you homeless . bro surveyed but they give good bro . survey why no pads back to school this . is mac the school it's back to school . this is our back-to-school job yeah oh . now i'm homeless i got to find a home . show tulo gang would let you stay down . there yo that's true that's true . okay you guys always go in the back all . right let's get these kids in here get . some dope stuff okay my youth mavericks . who's ready to try some merch yeah . there's your table of my young uns just . just go pick pick something seven oh . it's too spicy oh it's crazy dude we've . never had youth march oh my gosh this . stuff is amazing my mans are you ready . yeah. [music]. oh. get it together logan there's kids in. the room staring at you while you're . vlogging okay let's do this . why don't we . [music]. [music]. you know while we were shooting . anyways i have something for you it was . a good shoot today and and there's no . better way to celebrate its go-time bro . who want to do it london let me just do . the others just do it feels good have . you ever smashed the plate in school. guys i'm going through these pictures . right now i'm not gonna lie for the . first time since i created the maverick . brand shooting something about the photo . shoot today and like seeing all those . kids and like seeing how like good the . the merch actually is not just good like . amazing like there's a look to it . there's a feel to it there's a vibe like . i just saw the vision for the company . and our movement that we're starting yo . like it's big guys i saw today i saw a . man i'm getting excited also because i . just found this out our channel has just. hit nine million four hundred and thirty . seven thousand subscribers which is . significant because if you look down . here our brother jake paul is at nine . million four hundred and thirty two . thousand subscribers that is right we . have officially passed my brother and . subscribers crazy dude i started . vlogging first then convince him to vlog. and then he passed me and then i was . down by like half a million to a million . and then the low game was like knox and . then we came back and noah bruce are . twelve seconds later . we still bother me what's going on the . to dueling number one bro for you house . to live because apparently i'm not . capable of being an adult living with . other no the department requires a level . of responsibility that me simple my . clearly cannot handle because i'm a . blogger i mean never gonna do what are . we gonna do bro . it's just not the same i gotta do . something about this man i'm homeless. it's time to just pack up the things . that matter to me most and find . somewhere else to live. i guess this is a good starting point. kind of have the gucci slippers my youth . merch because of course i can't take . care of you anymore maverick i'm not a . job no i can't . sorry kong i could just i can barely . take care of myself how can i take care . of a real-life dog i've been really good . to be calling it i'll never forget now . ok see you later take a couple of these . for good luck and last but not least . gotta bring the merch can hallo gang i . have everything i need to survive . now let's go time to find a place to . live . come on evan let's go . hey buddy what's up dude so long story . short i got kicked out of my apartment . bro like i'm getting evicted i have 60 . days to leave bro and i need a spot to . stay i thought for sure i could make up . this is all right bro it's done for me . listen bro you can't stay here you got a . fake dog you got a real dog you got a . tiny girl in the corner that doesn't . even talk she does talk let it lydia say . something hey see you got a fake evan in . the corner you got oh i get it i get it . all right fine i guess i'll see you . later george i didn't mean to bother you . or anything okay . dude this leaves me with one choice . [music]. brother jack just chopped some new youth . march sound like a guy bro 60 days yeah . look at the surveyor you know people . work bro you break plates bro no peeking . of there's a plate i never place to stay . i wonder if i could stay with you what i . was wondering if i could stay with you i . got kicked out of my house now you need . me pop are you salty because i just . passed you and subscribers you pass me . today like an hour. damn bro i need i need a place to stay . jake i know you all know you can't say . you can't say how we're moving there . were some hater secret war yeah yeah i'm. sorry what were you gonna say . all right yeah no problem yeah i'm gonna . leave bro this was stupid bro i just . thought whatever guys i will figure this. out because that was sadly that said . that is the blog you know if your youth . the merch just drop today guys cop it . while it's hot. not to mention the brand new yeti . maverick backpack is now for sale on the . site logan paul cops last shop or . lincoln descriptions exciting man just . like we're legit amelie guys we have . created a revolution inspiring each . other to create and think outside the . box and just be different and unique my . whole life growing up i was always the . different one like kids made fun of me . for making videos and putting them on . youtube . i was like dude screw you guys like this . is my passion this is my i want to do . this like i want to become famous and be . great one day austenitic which it's cool . that also if you're not subscribed . during the low game we are and still and . always will be the fastest growing . channel on youtube that said i love you . guys and i will see you tomorrow . take it easy fam. i'm a rebel. that's why they hate me . .
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