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Hey guys good morning recently shane . garrett and i were all in san francisco. and for some reason shane and garrett . convinced me to try on shane's uniform i . guess they thought the visual would be. very funny. so i did and this is what happened . what are you doing sissy go behind a. door can you imagine you look like a . waffle oh triggering oh my god you look . like your gastric this is crazy the . whole point is that it's big . i could be jared from subway well . considering we both have pedophiles yeah . it works you should try on your clothes . next they ask you how you are you just . going to say that you're fine you're not . really fine you just can't get into it . because they would never understand whoa . you look like a big gay drug addict wait . i know i'm a big neck all right let's . take it off before i actually kill . myself that was fun . so after that experience i realized that . i wore blank for a week or even a day . has been something that's been trending . on youtube so i thought it would be very . interesting and fun to wear my . boyfriend's clothes for a week because. we have such a drastically different . sense of style and i know that you guys . for the most part only see shane in one . outfit but what you might not know is . that he has a whole bucket full of . back there so i'm gonna go through all . of that pick some outfits and wear them . all week okay so when you come into our . closet all of my clothes are hanging . here my sweaters and jeans are folded . there and my jackets are hanging over . here and then you . down and all of shane's clothes are in . these two buckets so what i'm thinking . is that we can go through all of this . stuff and possibly find about four . outfits that we can wear for different . events throughout the week so i guess . let's get looking so it's been about 30 . minutes and a lot of digging later and . i've come to the conclusion on about . four outfits so the first is for date . night it's a nice button-down shirt that. i actually got him for one of our . boyfriend buys my clothes videos the . second is a gym outfit because he does . go to the gym actually like four or five . days a week and then i have a relaxed . outfit as well like an everyday at-home . casual he literally wears this shirt . every day and probably just with the . same gym shorts. i'm always literally freezing so i added . in this sweater that he actually stole . from my grandma so that goes with the . at-home look if i want he does wear the. same underwear and socks pretty much . daily these he almost sold for a hundred . grand . once on ebay judo is shook and then the . final look that i'm missing is the one . that he's wearing right now so for that . i'm actually gonna have to steal the . clothes off of his body for one of the . days hey guys okay so it's saturday . morning and we typically stay in our . comfy clothes on the weekend if we can. so i'm gonna be putting on shane's . casual around the house look however i . do need to run down to the pet store . because while we were in san francisco . we did adopt a dog and she's arriving . today so i got to go down there and get . her a pet bed and maybe a new leash and . a collar and things like that oh let's . get dressed . [music]. shayne i they ask you how you already . just to say that you're fine we are not . really fine you just can't well i had to . put a balcony . okay so i put on my grandma sweater that . is now shane's because it's actually . freezing in la for some reason but this . sweater makes my look so much . drastically worse it's just kind of very . baggy on me but i thought before i could . get anything done i need to stop and get . some coffee okay so i'm walking into . coffee bean but this is what i met by . this green sweater being a little. oversized it literally takes over my . entire frame but the morning look at it . i'm not embarrassed at all . [music]. oh daddy geez looking like a snack . alright i got my coffee . we're going in to petco to get the new . dogs and accessories also i'm not sure . if i told you guys yep the new dog's . name it's going to be dos i feel like . it's very fitting i'm trying to find him . a bed right now but i'm not actually in . love with any of them i think this is . the best option here but i kind of want . to keep looking i did get dos a collar . and a leash to match boot oh and i'm . just so excited i can't wait for you . guys to meet her. so i'm actually checking out at the pet . store and the cashier stephanie hello . she literally commented on my sweater . without me even saying anything which is . crazy . i'm doing a thing where i actually wear . my boyfriend's clothes so it's a little. large but you don't think it's too big . for me so i went to what your boat bay . but i didn't want to eat inside because . sometimes when i'm alone i just don't . like sitting there by myself . [music]. so let me show you what i got this is my . guacamole . i wonder what so freitas actually is . this chicken what i have are is this . fish. i know it's tuned of it it says chicken . i'm gonna finish eating lunch by myself . and then maybe i'll go to the gym after . chipotle good morning is the next day i . actually genuinely slept in shades . underwear last night because they're . comfortable and i still have his socks . on as well but today i wanted to start . off my morning by going to the gym i . can't take you guys inside because it's . a heated room and you can't even bring . your phones in so instead i thought . before i go to my actual class i'll do a . sequence for you guys outside by the . pool so you can get the hang of what i . look like working out in his clothes . [music]. okay so shane's actually already left. for the day i have no idea where here he . is. but the first thing i want to know about . this outfit is well that i like the . shirt. but there's a literal hole in the crotch . he's coming out of his shorts but i'm . gonna rock them anyways because he rocks. them literally every single day good . morning. uh i look like a crazy person but that . shade is here right now i figured it'd . be a perfect time to steal his everyday . look and live in that for a while shane . are you ready i was just taking pictures . of the dog oh well they haven't met her . yet i look like a dog you guys me . [music]. okay i'm all shamed out and i will say i . feel the most shame in this outfit so . far hi sister honestly it looks good you . think so yeah i know you're lying but . you sound excited yeah like you look . like a kid like in the 90s like a skater . boy i mean you've already seen me in . this outfit but show a full body it's . weird because when i wear that outfit i . look gay when you wear it i look . straight no i don't know where i was. going with that okay well since i'm just . living and existing in your outfit i . wanted to introduce them to the dog oh i . had to put on a belt . previously i told you guys that we were . naming her dos but we met her and didn't . feel that name was vibing yeah i don't . know we saw them figured it out but i'm . still thinking either chips or ranch . yeah no i'm thinking skylar skye for . short will probably have a name decided . by the time this video goes out um so . are you guys ready to meet her she's . sleeping i wore her out ooh that's not a . creepy. [laughter]. we love you too oh no we still love you . too that's me we love you you could . probably fit her inside of your shirt . i'm named jacques on your birch now i'll . cut you this wait what's the sponsor oh . i didn't tell you i've been reaching for . sponsorships because you know i have to. pay for my g-wagen and honey so . graciously decided to sponsor this video . which i'm so excited we honey . yep oh my god oh my god honey oh my god . sure ask for more money and tell them . i'm gonna name my dog honey you are me . honey. wait wait honey and then for short hanny . i don't know honey . honey oh my god she looks like honey . goodbye oh my god wait i already call . everybody honey wait wait honey wait . honey my brand names my dog . honey and wait oh my god . oh my god you know i just had a psychic . moment what toy is she obsessed with oh . my god. hervey her be it's in who knows . matthew told her be she's like hasn't . let go that'd be all day honey yep . that's me no but you guys i am so. grateful that honey is sponsoring this . video because i do love it it's this . awesome browser extension that finds all . of the best coupons on the internet for . you so when your online shopping . basically anywhere at walmart on amazon . it scours the world wide web and finds . the best coupons for whatever it is . you're buying and it will apply it . immediately at checkout so for this . video i went to walmart calm and i . scoured all of their dog toys to get . well honey some dog toys. at checkout i say 5% for doing literally . nothing another example would be papa . john's i nearly spent $40 there the . other night and when i applied my honey . coupons i saved eight dollars and 68 . cents i love this app it's completely . free and i mean why wouldn't you want to . save money when you're shopping so if . you're interested in getting the . extension you can click the link in my . description or you can just go to join . honey calm slash rylan . you can have it at two clicks of a . button also my hair literally looks . today. i love being my boyfriend just keep . alive dan all right you guys that's all . i have for this week's video oh my gosh . i just realized i never gave an official . review and that's the whole purpose of . this video so i realized that this . wasn't practical for everyday life but . it was very fun i liked the gym clothes . better than the regular clothes i found . them to fit a little bit better . but i have so much fun i hope you liked . this video good bye all right you guys . that's all i have for this week's video . i realized that i never wore shades date . night outfit so i thought i would wear . it now so you could at least see the . look i'll wear it and maybe instagram . story my date night in it huge shout out . to honey thank you so much for . sponsoring this video you guys check it . out if you enjoyed your time here make . sure you hit that like button and . subscribe to my channel cuz i make new . videos every single tuesday and if you . want to hang out with me in between . uploads i have listed all my social . media accounts just right over there . thank you guys so much for watching and . supporting my channel i love you very . much good . [music]. .
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