Jake, you’re being a b*tch.

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I’m a 22 year old kid living in Hollywood. I make comedy vids, travel a lot, and I have a pretty colorful parrot named Maverick. This is my life.
Oh boy stickball 100 my good morning . okay was well it is a good day as usual . i did something today i haven't done in . a while can you tell what it is . / just kidding i'm a virgin but i didn't . work out now here's what that look like . we got my boyfriend another tractor with . you we got my boy logan paul - what's up . logan mark get it hey gavin yeah wait is . it ah you totally ruined that we got mom . laughs yeah you can't jump from there . you got starter oh no oh come on up you . bro oh yo oh hold up now you're gonna . cause some problems bro yeah yeah yeah . fuck you looking for how's everything . cause your ears fantastic good how's . your girlfriend still have one in the . club that why pigeon is wandering hands . no that's to it that's guys . that's called hard work what do you know . about that yo god put life on pause real . quick mom in order to berger so evan . this is huge this is one problem bigger . than you bro yeah i don't know what it . is but like seeing this makes me want to . like break a prisoner um . if you haven't subscribe this appliance. we do epic stuff oh cassie that's . another wow second later god it took a . shower clean up it's gone i don't know . what happened but evan actually fell . asleep kid sleeps like like that's so . quick and he's a heavy sleeper so we're . gonna play a little game it's called how . many taco shells can we put on evan well. he's asleep . [music]. [applause]. all imbalance . we good i know this is not as good as . you. oh hi maverick your left called alexei . tom i know i'm sorry about the cold it's . Γ¦lis fault i'm everett yeah guys you . saw yesterday's vlog eila removed my . dogs balls without asking cool thing not . a cool thing you know i know puppy you . can't reproduce but you're still my guy . you have two million followers onions oh . oh great that's just freaky great why . not that's his exact let's go move . already. edible tom how's it going perfectly fine . i've been taking care of him yeah except . an effective campaign baby literally . humans are honored or one good reason . and what is that evan makes me go make . babies . exactly ontology when they you're for . this i mean look here's the thing . i may have made the appointment . [music]. we have come where to reproduce i'm not . even kidding okay like his puppies to . sell for 20k a pop 25k a pop 30k to . possible million dollars a pop so then . if you could sell it for my spend why . did you miss apply over here for some . hey let's go play call my colleague is . going to grab you real quick ayla open . your eyes to be fun oh i don't know . you have to sleep on this and smash on . this page will smash baby we're gonna . get you fixed soon yeah then i gotta . learn to play second sixty yeti but also . i saw why not like customized it out and . like deck it out while i'm getting my . car fixed i'm just hoping the lady that . hit me has like insurance because if she . doesn't i'll be like right i figure . after i find a place and we can like . also customize it at the same time kill . two birds with one stone neither bird is . maverick though anyways man let's go. driver . yolo gay i want to say one quick thing . we are we are so strong right now guys . we are popping like 5 to 7 million views . per vlog just hit 9 million subscribers . we are well on our way to 10 million the . fastest growing channel on youtube also . cool cuz my brother's right below me and . we're about to literally set history . like break record the first youtube . channel to hit 10 million subscribers in . one years log it broke every day 365 . lobster 10 million is good to be in the . low guy. yo another car accident the airbag came. out dude he's so disappointed this guy . okay we design oh my god what is it with . me and car accident i'm not even kidding . guys. it happened one second before brenda. rolled the camera it's really good . scared dude it happened right in front . of them yeah that was you guys i'm the . first car in this line there's not like . it happened right in front of us i don't . like thank god that wasn't me i'm so . glad they're okay yeah she's just scared . having right next to them oh am i right . is one of them i thought i thought my . car was that this is what i'm saying . guys like this there's a piece of the . car really good as well like i was . saying when i got in my like accident . things get so much worse man dang this . logs different really serious turn i'm. glad everyone's okay he's fine just he's . just disappointed yeah i'm seeing this . happen it's like literally right in . front of us and both of these . cars are total guys brennan to naija . todo to boots all right and this car a . steaming airbags i'll everything that . this is not alright let's let's let's . get back in the happy vlog but i never . want to hear you complete again it could. be much worse we're going to fix you and . it's going to be okay and i get it . repaired we're lucky and we're blessed . all jewelry sounds right now with my . cardboard cutout let's see how stupid . here subject one month ago yo yo what do . you plan for britain what the hell are . you pointing it yo what's so funny what . are you what are you laughing at oh dude . why did you hit my poster bobby i didn't . know that was opposed to everyone's . actually hugh what the fuck now we're at . my friend marc's house hopefully he's a . little bit better of a friend and. doesn't punch me in the face yeah all . right time to get run oh good why don't . you wearing any shoes bro america josh . [music]. are you up you know his cardboard cutout . what the fuck bro i can't leave my . poster come on the move real-life logan . broke. i come bearing gifts mark is the picture . on the horn . wow i want a horse in my apartment oh no . cuz all your girls are hard oh it's . about a girl in rowland if it's stupid . jokes. i know you like horses so i got you this . picture oh yeah haha good fun that's . what it is with the boys also who is . that who is that . wait what this is jacqueline is that. yesterday right jay quellin actually how. you spell it. ji c qe l y ou just coming yet just call . you jack thank you that's a boy's name . no without the k it's a girl oh that's . kind of cute party story guys we've . known each other for how long uh three . years no no no jack no don't don't put . it in yet it no no no no no no one whose . decision was that to actually put it in . the cut hair no i was disgusting i was . so gross. yeah i would see wedding like a. wildebeest yeah no nice rat face i don't . know if a funny fact check your will to . be sweat and the fat jack wildebeest . that's way we'll the bees do not sweat . anyways yeah we'll get into how we met . maybe future down the line oh yo yo yo . to prove to you that she's cool check . this out well i don't know what's going . on here but like apparently maverick is . found loving you guys kiss dude . [applause]. my boyfriend is oh wow you got a new . fast man jack if you look over yonder. what do you see over there isn't . happening right here a second time today . - we know let's not let him nap let's . play a game called how many tacos we can . put on evidence i'm so sleepy today bro . i'm so annoyed today bro am i not . annoying every day welcome to lobo pablo . make sure to subscribe. yeah she's cool she's cool but you know . what make you even cooler oh boy . whoa we've been through this bro so i'm . scrolling through my answer i mean . youtube sorry oh instagram outlet and . balls want to follow me there yeah and i . see this video you literate outta logan . stop talking what are you talking about . so i click on the video i do want to . address the situation with logan what . situation we've been good burned if you . don't believe me here's the survey why i . am indeed good broom obviously judging . by the title and thumbnail i'm just . playing y'all i mean not really . okay ah it's okay guys you know it's all . about the views and subscribers i mean . if you're not in the low game though . like does it really matter and all of a . sudden i see this clip of like a . paparazzi uh with logan on the street . logan starts talking to the paparazzi . right it's basically talking a little . smack on me not like my parents are . pissed off at me for the neighbors they . were well they were jake that's an . actually factually actual fact by the . way let me just tmz jake catch you out . of nowhere bro like i love tmz i respect . them i was just going to the doctors for . me they call me other no and if you . watch the interview you can see i'm . being hesitant with my answers because i . was afraid of this exact i was saying . that i was a loose cannon . he's a loose cannon right he's a . lieutenant. logan you do have a fair point you call . me a loose cannon you want to call me a . loose cannon yeah yeah yeah okay . jake's a nuke he says he's a nuke not a . loose cannon i got news for you jake . ball you might be a new i destroy your . own world bro . i take credit and i destroyed them . you'll see like whatever you're dropping . big explosion what i destroyed the . planet . yeah i don't know i don't know if this . is serious i don't know if jake's gonna . start beef or what but i do know our . saying i love that kid sometimes with . that said dog gosh there's the blog if . you do not have your merch yet join the . movement you know what no no no no it's . not a movement it is a revolution not . even kidding guys we are changing the . world you guys are thinking so . independently and different thinking. outside of the box not listening to . society telling you what you can and . cannot do it's a beautiful thing guys . and you're representing it and wearing . it in the merch it's incredible the link . for that in the description or logo hold . like i'm slash yeah and if you're not . subscribed you know what to do hit the . button subscribe and join the logging hi . guys i love you and i will see you . tomorrow take it easy. are you. .
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