Jennifer Lawrence: ‘I Become Incredibly Rude’ to Avoid Fan Encounters in Public

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Jennifer Lawrence and Adam Sandler sat down together to talk about the highs and lows of fame, which of course includes the often undesirable encounters with fans in public.
- my whole family are your biggest fans. but who's been your biggest fan encounter. not including myself . - you know, i get. everyday some love on the streets. i get happy. - do you like that too . - yes i do, yes (jeniffer laughs). - it makes me feel good. it like i don't need. anybody but those people. - (laughs) 'cause they're. the ones who really know you. - (laughing drowns out talking). by the way the mother! movie. when i was watching javier i was saying. this is very similar to me. - i think it's much worse for. comedians 'cause everybody. you just assume they're your best friends. - yeah, i have that thing when i'm out. eating and stuff, people pull. up a chair more then i'd say. you get that to though, 'cause you--. - no, it's not as bad 'cause. i'm not a comedian so i'm not--. - but you're famously. light and approachable. - oh, thank you. i just generally, once. i enter a public place. i become incredibly rude (adam laughs). i turn into a huge asshole. - you get icy . - yeah and that's kind of like my only way. of defending myself, it's just being--. - put the black cape--. - yeah, just be an asshole. like, see somebody walking. towards my table, just go. or like, "can i have a. selfie " and i'm like "no!". (adam laughs). that's like, my only defense. though, i don't really have it that bad. one of my best friends is. amy schumer, she's a comedian. - yes, yes. - i take my dog to the park. all the time to central park,. as soon as i meet her in. the park we're fucked. - and she's a massively. friendly to the world, right . - yeah, one time we were passing. somebody and they were like. what was that movie that. she just had out, snatched . somebody passed us and they were like. "snatched was amazing!". and i just went "thank you!",. and i totally meant it, like i didn't hear. what the girl said and i was. like, "thank you so much",. she was like "wow" (both laugh). "what a cunt". - it was about you. - yeah, yeah, yeah. - that person was just trying. to find a way to talk to you. - i'm sure was just. talking about my crotch. (both laugh). - yes. i don't shut 'em down,. i do, oh, you know what. my new move has been. that works all right when it's a. older guy, my age, wanted. to take a picture with me . they all "hey adam, can i get a picture ". and i always say, "yeah,. you don't want that, man. ". and the guy goes "what ". and i go "you don't want that". and he's like "yeah, yeah, i don't". - wow. - kinda works. 'cause i say "well, you don't wanna walk,. "what are you gonna do with it ". - you know what sometimes i do . i go "(sighs) it's my. day off" (adam laughs). like if it's sunday i'm like. "it's sunday, i'm not working today. ". - you're good. - yeah. - no, i used to sit. 'em down, i'd feed 'em. let them hang out with my kids. - yeah, i don't. - i gotcha, i think you're. making the right move. you've got a lot of life lessons,. my life's nearing the end. - right, you're in the. winter of your life. - i wanna meet as many. people as i can, so. - soak it all in. - you got a lot coming. (jazzy tune). .
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