John Krasinski Stalked Emily Blunt | The Graham Norton Show

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British people are really bad at taking compliments.

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And john for you obviously lovely that . emily wants to be in the but as a . director is it then weird giving your . life-partner notes it was weird because . i was very nervous about to be honest i . think we both were before we started . shooting she said are you nervous and i . said i'm terrified and she said oh good . me too. i think it's one of those things where . people think because we're both in the . same business we have the same . experiences but i've actually never been . on set with her seen how she worked i'd . heard she was a diva and i just can't . get emily out of her trailer stuff i had . and nobody i think what it was is and it . sounds really sappy but it's true i . think it's the greatest collaboration . i've ever had in my career i've never . seen her work and when you are actually . in the room and she does what she does . it honestly it changes the air in the . room everyone is just completely and . totally stunned by what she does . i have to learn early on in our oh . that's relationship is that british . people are notoriously terrible at . taking compliments would you agree just . like. actually what she did i just want to get . out of the way i'm a huge fan here's . we're cool at all there was none of that . actually i don't know your work you were . a proper fan no i was full stalker . status yeah i was just like hey you want . to go on a date with me how many times . have you seen devil wears prada i mean . not 75 give or take 72 it's one of those . things that back in the day us elderly. people used to chant and no one does . that it's just one of those movies that . whatever whenever you're going through . the channels you just stop and you mean . look has anyone seen the film there's a . sort of montage sequence where annie. hathaways got numerous fabulous outfits. that they go through and john one day i . came home and he was watching it and and . he was watching the montage but he goes . that's my favorite outfit . beany i couldn't get an e and so . [applause]. [music]. you . .
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