Kendall Jenner Doesn’t Have Baby Fever

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Kendall Jenner may be the only one among her siblings to not have a child, but it doesn't mean she has "baby fever" like the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan. Plus, she talked to Ellen about the dangers of being on the cover of Vogue.
So what did you think of. me being the surrogate . do you mind that. i revealed that . no, i think it's something. everyone needed to know. and i think that. it's a blessing. and you really blessed my sister. and her husband, so thank you. i sure did. i sure did. it's funny because i am. not only the surrogate,. i'm also one of the sisters--. the lesser known sisters--. or the--. --that you came to see. on the halloween show. and yet still i'm not. invited to all the parties. i don't know why. ooh. but are y'all embarrassed of me . what is it . no. it's not-- i wouldn't. say it's embarrassed. (laughing) mhm. i think that, maybe--. lost in the mail. is that what it is . yeah. mhm. yeah. you said that--. my text did not go through. yeah. so because y'all do. have a lot of parties. now i really have--. i've been invited to one. or two, but i have not. been invited to the recent ones. there was a baby shower. yes. i would've brought a gift. i would have come. i'll let her know for next time. too late now. but these parties are,. like, over the top. they're incredible. there was one with all the--. that!. that's insane. yeah, it's beautiful. and, like, i must say, my. family and especially my mom. and kim and khloe and kylie,. they love to go all out. i think it's literally just me. and kourtney that are, like,. very low-- we're like,. i need some tequila,. and i need a pizza. like, i don't need. much more than that. but you would not do. something like that. no. it would just be--. i don't think so. --pizza and tequila. maybe one day. like, for my wedding. or something. right. and that's not going. to be anytime soon. i don't think so. because you're different. than all of your sisters. i mean, you don't have a baby. i don't have a baby, no. you're the only one. mhm. ok. and does that make you, when. you see that everybody's got. babies, does that make you want. one or realize, no, i don't . no. i mean, i have moments where. i'm like, do i have baby fever . like, do i want. a baby right now . but i don't. i don't. i shouldn't say that. but i'm good. like, i can wait for. a little while longer. but it's awesome. because i can play--. i have all these. little babies to play. with so i can play with them. and then just give them back. that's the best way. that's what i'm saying. doesn't that make you see. that you have the best of--. i mean--. and they're all really cute. yeah. it adds a lot of pressure. they're cute, but. then they also--. they're so cute. --you can just hand them back. when they cry or anything. right, exactly. right. oh my god. because then i was. reading the vogue article. and-- which congratulations. you look beautiful. and this bird was--. that was a real bird, obviously. uh-huh. oh. are you scared of birds . a lot of people are. i'm not scared of birds. there was a real. bird there, yes. yeah. oh, they photoshopped it in. that's what you're saying. it wasn't that. close to your face. it wasn't that close to my face. how did they do that then . because you do look very calm. genius. but i like an--. i love animals. and i love birds. i was playing with the bird. and it talks. and it laughs really creepily. hi, i'm andy. ellen asked me to remind you. to subscribe to her channel. so you can see more. awesome videos,. like videos of me getting scared. or saying embarrassing things,. like ball peen hammer, and. also some videos of ellen. and other celebrities if. you're into that sort of thing. [ellen screaming]. [bleep]. god [bleep]. .
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