Killer Clown Scare Prank!

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What would you do if a psycho clown kill someone right in front of you?
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This is by far the most difficult prank we have ever done.
- We used more than 30 liters of fake blood.
- We did an average of 1 scene every two days.
- We Spent more than 20 hours just waiting for victims.
- The Hammer weight is: 16 Kg.
- The guy at gas station pulled a knife but nobody noticed it until we revealed the prank. (you can see the knife the last 10 seconds of the video during the endcard)
- The guy at the metro tunnel ran so fast that nobody of us were able to catch it to reveal the prank, legend says he's still running.
- At 0:55 the clown slipped and fell on the floor (you can ear the audio of that) unfortunately the camera was pointing the victim at that point
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"Super Circus"
By Kevin MacLeod
"House of horror"
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