Kobe Bryant Surprises NCAA Champ Arike Ogunbowale

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Notre Dame junior guard Arike Ogunbowale got a Twitter pep talk from Kobe Bryant during the NCAA Championships, and Ellen surprised the college basketball star with a visit from her basketball idol.
So you went back to school. and are you just the. queen of the campus . i mean, janitors ask. to take pictures of me. random students--. i'm walking down. the hallway-- which i. usually just walk down,. nobody looks down. but everybody smiles at me. i'm like, hey, what's up . so it's been crazy. yeah. you're famous now. a little bit. it's a lot. little bit. [chuckles]. ok. so you said you love kobe. and he tweeted at you. but you've never met him, right . yes. i think you should meet him. kobe, come on out. [audience shouting]. [music playing]. what's up . i can't believe i'm. sitting by you right now. [audience cheering]. i don't know what to say. the champ. the champ. i'm the champ. that's five rings. that's the champ. i know. i mean, first of all, did. you get one of these ever . never. no . never, never. never even came close to that. did you really not play. college basketball . completely skipped it. [laughing]. really . yeah, skipped right over it. i've also never hit a game. winning shot at the buzzer. to win a championship. [applause]. you ought to understand,. that's like the picture. perfect moment. as a kid, you dream. about 5, 4, 3,. 2, 1 to win the championship. and she actually did it. twice. yeah. [applause]. crazy. but you were rooting. against her at first . yes. [laughter]. so we're a big uconn family. i've known geno forever. we're both from philadelphia. and my daughter is. a massive uconn fan. and so after you hit the. shot, she was completely--. really bad. and then she said--. she saw what you said. and she goes you. should've stayed home. [laughter]. i mean, she loved it. i mean, she loves great. players making great moves. she's actually been. practicing that same move. oh, really . yeah. it was absolutely wonderful. thank you. thank you. you deserved that. you need to meet your hero. really-- hero, my. idol, everything. i mean, he's pretty awesome. yeah. [laughing]. yeah. [applause]. i did. actually, i brought. a bunch-- a couple--. couple gifts. i brought you a couple gifts. no. so i got--. oh my god. --this jersey for you. and i signed the back for you. wow. this is my favorite here. yeah. so for your dog. [laughter]. this is the first time. and last time i'll. ever sign something like this. i put to kobe, bark with force. [laughter]. so that's for kobe. thank you. thank you. look at the front. [laughing]. [applause]. that's crazy. all right. so we're going to take a break. and we're going to. come back and we're. going to play a little. bit of basketball. uh oh. i'm very bad at it. but i'm going to. play with y'all. you're on my team, because i. haven't shot in a long time. no, no, no. she's on my team. [laughing]. hi, i'm andy. ellen asked me to remind you. to subscribe to her channel. so you can see more. awesome videos, like videos. of me getting scared or. saying embarrassing things,. like ball peen hammer--. and also some videos of. ellen and other celebrities,. if you're into. that sort of thing. [shouts]. [bleep]. god-- [bleep]. .
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