Logan Paul Just Ended His Career

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Logan Paul Just Ended His Career with this vlog he just put out. I am more sombre than any video i have made due to my disbelief...
I'm not even surprised anymore about the . pool's actions on youtube anymore they . give no shit about anyone they are . easily some of the scummiest fucked on . its website so logan poured a brother . who i thought was a little less retarded . than jake pool i mean don't get me wrong . we were both dropped on their heads as . babies but i fought logan was a more . wiser older brother no fuck about that . goes completely out of a window thanks . to logan's brand new vlog he released on. new year's eve happy new years everyone . we found a dead body in a japanese . suicide forest yeah yesterday i made a . list of the scummiest youtubers of 2017 . and i didn't put logan porn there didn't . think of that scummy . but now watching this he would be right . next to jake pool near the top let's see . why. logan stars this shit show with this . dramatic intro . okay this is not clickbait this is the . most real vlog i've ever posted on this . channel this is not clickbait is it . unless let's look at the thumbnail he . uses the dead guy's body in the . thumbnail that is clickbait you didn't . have to use that dead guy's body in the . thumbnail but you knew that would pull . in more views and more clicks . clickbait and before you found sake of . us a dead guy was in the video it's not . clickbait a sentence i thought would . never be said on youtube what logan is . talking about in the beginning of the . video are misleading titles but his . video is still clickbait now i hate to . be that guy but look at the definition . of clickbait clickbait content whose . main purpose is to attract attention and . encourage visitors to click on a link to . a particular web page or in logan's case . his videos so yes . logan pool click baited a dead man's . body on youtube and the video has just . begun i'm not monetizing this video for . obvious reasons yeah fuck off of course . yeah he didn't monetize it but logan. pool is gaming massively from this poor . man who decided to take his own life . he's getting almost double the views of . his last vlog and think i oughta merch . sales he's gonna get fanservice . think about over subscribers he's gonna . gain the more traction he's gonna get . all the thanks to his poor dead man i . hope it was worth it and again we . haven't even got to the disturbing part . so the vlog begins and logan being his . loud obnoxious self they're driving to . the suicide forest in japan all excited . for all the dead bodies they're gonna . see then they get to the forest and this . happens. [music]. hey um i really hate to say this i think . there's someone hanging right there . mm-hmm i'm not even kidding . you see i'm not even this is no joke . guys. that's a fucking person do i i've never . seen a dead person you haven't no bro . they find an actual person who has . killed themselves in this notorious . suicide forest in japan now a normal . person they would just leave they would . you know call the police and they would . leave and be a fucking respectful human . being i mean as logan says later in the . vlog they are seconds away from the car . park and seconds away from help parking . lot is right there dude yes literally . right there like guys we're a hundred . yards away from parking lot so if . there's no excuse or not lost in the . forest it got too deep in the forest to . get help they can easily get help but no . watch what this buffoon does next and i . need to show this next part of the vlog . and it's a horrible horrible thing to . see and i'm gonna blur it a lot more i'm . gonna blur it way more than logan did . because he didn't blow it enough but you . get it's a dead body just have a look at . what he does and if you don't want to . watch just click off a video now i am . gonna blow it even more but just click . off if you don't want to see or hear . anything to do this because it is . disrespectful and it's disturbing . hanging yes do you think that's real . well it could be because of my junior . high school he really killed himself no . [music]. [music]. hello your what the actually your are . you alive you gunas . he starts filming this dead person . hanging from a tree what the fuck is . wrong with you i don't care if it's . trumps everything there jake who's ever . done i don't even know if jake pool . would be enough of an idiot to do this . this is a new low for the pool brothers . hands down and then he goes and films . the man who'd commit suicide even more . this is hands are purple he did this . this morning i'm so sorry about this . logan this was supposed to be fun vlog . and then he starts laughing about it . well you never ever stay next week . they're gay no how can anybody support. this cunt. he is a grade-a cunt and then in lo the . pool fashion he shows why he is a . massive piece of shit and starts being . loud obnoxious and making a joke of it . sinking in bro what am i still here . we're doing is obvious why you're still . velo gun you only went to a suicide . forest in japan which is notorious for . thousands of suicides a year because you . wanted to find someone who committed . suicide for clickbait for your vlog . maybe a wild accusation but you've . proved me right because you've literally . used him for clickbait for your video to. get more views i heard guarantee you . when logan saw that dead man he knew he . was like wow i've got a great vlog now . but that is how he thinks i logan come . back down to reality for a bit because . this is too much how our lives unfold. there's no going back . i've seen things i can't unsee . like who is this who is this guy does he . ever shut the fuck up and this is . logan's excuse the solid excuse for. making this video scene a little too . much its stumbled upon this guy crazy . that's the life that's the life this . daily vlog life guys have said this is . one of my first vlogs i have chosen to . entertain you guys every single day and . i made a commitment to that guys four . days ago i was literally i was dying . probably not the yeah you were singing . and i chose to still vlog and i've . chosen to share stuff positive or . negative because this is my life and . this is how i document you know i don't . accept it one bit the minute you find a . dead person you'd stop you stop the . cameras you cut everything you be . respectful you'll even be and you cool . the proper authorities to deal with this. then you can turn around and you can . film a completely different vlog for the . day and you'll still get out content . this bullshit excuse does not apply in . this very dark situation this isn't some . maverick shit this is so messed up . you're literally exploiting a man's . suicide and his death and a man who's so . lonely or depressed he had to take his . own life you're exploiting that for . views how our views were that i don't . understand how can you be so desperate a . channel that gets millions of views a . day how can it have to do that to try . and get even more how far is logan paul . william to go for some views i still . can't get over this the fact he is . trivialized suicide for entertainment on . a vlog he has 15 million followers i . guarantee you so many even followers . have been affected by either a family . member committing suicide suicidal. thoughts being depressed how can you do . this and your target demographic is kids . you're showing this horrific image the . kids. i could barely stomach it let alone . little kids who'll be scarred for life . now thanks to you so overall logan poole . is an obnoxious inconsiderate fuck and i . hope his channel burns to the ground . after this this is way too much . you two need to take action because any . other youtuber doing this would it be . band would be strikes but not logan pool . there . moneymaker of the year no he's getting . special treatment it's a quick edit i . just found out now we're talking about . youtube and how logan pool is there . golden boy or guess what i guess what . i've just found out that this video is . trending on youtube youtube has tooken . down videos for way less and now logan . pulls video where he films a dead guy . and exploits a dead person a suicide is . trending and we all know youtube . handpicks they're trending so now . youtube are completely in the wrong. they're rewarding this horrid behavior . of logan pool and putting him on a. trending page wow i have no more words . youtube i have completely lost faith in . now anyway let me know what you think . down below please like the video share . it around and just let's expose logan . and the people who think this is right . this video has four hundred and fifty . seven thousand likes like how why are . people liking this video my tomatoes a . cow was quite evil to follow me for . updates my instagram is pearson school . curve . i mean it's 2018 and already the pool. brothers are continuing to show what. massive bail-ins they are until next . time. fuck off. [music]. you . [applause]. [music]. [applause]. .
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