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I’m a 22 year old kid living in Hollywood. I make comedy vids, travel a lot, and I have a pretty colorful parrot named Maverick. This is my life.
I know section you sell a copy of it no . what's up man i'm on the phone with the . guy who edited the second verse yeah say . what's up you're on the vlog i'm going . to release it please let me just google . drive it to me if you have it i know you . have it i know you're smarter than that . that's all i need to hear please just . google drive it to me positive yeah i . know yeah yeah yeah i got you okay . i am literally on set right now i had to . pause production for an hour just so i. can make this video brother jake has . gone and dropped another bomb on the. internet true i just have a question . what was up i'm just wondering why the . three of us because like if you if you . guys are here people will think like . we're like a team and like power numbers . you know like friends ah . anyways little background okay jake and . i were good man we had our b's there was . a second verse the diss track blah blah . blah and then we settle it we were . flying and then he goes and he puts up . this disgusting billboard of me . humiliating me for everyone driving down . melrose to see i don't love that much in . my faces on it like i love it but i . don't it was funny no i agree it's like . it's just one of those situations where . it's funny but when the fingers pointing . at you it's not funny and just so you . guys know jake asked me ahead of time he . said hey can you give me permission to . use your photo for commercial purposes i . thought it was gonna be another funny . like harmless prank i wish you told me i . know i know i should have read about you . you're my manager. you called me after that i know i know i . didn't think it was going to be that bad . so being a loving brother i just like . you i want this kid have the best . content on the internet so i gave him . permission to use my image did he show . you that picture no that's the thing . ahead of time he didn't show me the pet . you didn't know that i was going to be . like a disgusting freak wearing his . mercer i didn't know that i think he . larged your nose too he did yo he did . everything he made me look high he made . my nose bigger and he chipped my tooth . so anyways this pisses me off i'm like . yo coming from a man who says this i'm . so above. that drama and likes and why you got to . go to restart drama little brother and . in today's vlog you play big brother . where it's like you know like i love you . bro but like but like i love you dude . but like and it's smart honestly it's . really good tactic but you're saying you . don't want to start drama and just . saying that like oh you didn't think you . hurt my feelings but then you say this . it was going to be a lot worse but they. wouldn't let me like what you're gonna . do. i was going to put send news with your . phone number real my phone number like . don't act like that was all you're going . to do jake . youtube has heard this come out of your . mouth so many times i don't want to like . start any drama or like hurt his . feelings i didn't think that like my . biggest bump like brother we get . affected by like a billboard that's . clearly just a joke like i think i'm . just not gonna be able to prank him . please don't prank me anymore jake if . your prank is consist of humiliating . someone for the entire city of los . angeles to see don't do it jake i act in . movies dude executives from movie. studios are driving down that road and . calling my agency like what the is this . picture oh like you're hurting my career . so obviously i'm gonna want this. billboard down and obviously i'm yeah . like you said i'm buffeted what's so . funny oh no no you just got that oh oh . see is he called it that's why i just . thank you could be just out of content a . live at the run i don't know bro and . like regarding you know i i did i'm not . gonna lie i roasted you pretty hard . because i was so mad so i said it and i . also like but i still stand by like dude . i just like and we have our brand our . march the maverick merch and the lo gang . stuff like it's dope bro i'm trying to . start a movement if people want to . change the world which includes you like . you're clearly changing the world i just . like my quality is like top-notch we're . on top of the roof and then you go and . put me in some pink camo brolic you . can't even smell available right on your . end cards it's not pronounced available . it's a bailable anyways regarding the . second verse and jake thing like oh how . did i have a copy of jake's blog today . when k blocks in if you notice before . okay i know you're going to act that is . a setup for the reveal that he's going . to say later like oh jake . i saved the the second version we did it . in this video at the beginning of the . vlog that is a setup and then later just . kate happens to be sitting behind jake . and he says you're commenting what to do . tomorrow but i thought we might do . something stupid so i made a copy of . whatever here i didn't tell you until . just how oh jake like bro your audience . and i believe that we don't believe in . the loving doesn't believe it like this . this face you want us to believe that . come on bro stick to disney channel . you're really good at disney channel but . i love you bro i love you understand . like don't try to call me and make me . look like the bad guy so then jake . release the second verse on himself. sharp smart but i'm like i made it . i spent time and money doing it why . don't i just release it you're releasing . it yeah yeah it's about come on probably . like 5 to 10 seconds or so are you sure . yeah i mean yeah ok roll the clip go oh . wait what hold up hold up by the music . stop oh molly used to be your chick now . see in the loading and you know shyama . team those tours eaters man that shit . was just loaded canta tude on your legs . cuz she knew you were loaded i act in . movies that's your fans watch with their . babies didn't play mode i thought you . were my boy yes i have a baby sister . you're trying to be a model to the chat . neil i'll make another video bow who's . the better kisser it's a coffee intent . is you take 10% of your friends fucked . up shake when the contract i so does a . career it ends that's also a fact are . you matches clutch you couldn't sign the . toll master smarter than you so you have . to replace them with some baddest with a . wig is everyday pro do you give up at . night we 24/ . you bring the rock right i'm a savage . you are average i'ma beat up going hard . it's all will be the death of you about. to be on the job . [music]. .
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