McDonalds Drive Thru Prank vs Burger King Healthy Food & Happy Meal Toys & Kids Driving Power Wheels

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McDonalds Drive Thru Prank with healthy fast food vs Burger King! Kids drive Power Wheels cars to the McDonalds Drive Thru but it's a fail. DisneyCarToys Sandra works at McDonalds and Spidey works at Burger King. We only give Ava healthy food and toys and she is not happy. She acts like a bad kid and we give her a treat at the end.
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This video features McDonalds Drive Thru Happy Meal Pretend Toys
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Hey by degas my i'm serbian only healthy . food because i'm going to be the new and . only healthy fast food place in this . town um actually i'm serving healthy . food and water and grace all the goods . to all obsessed food restaurants are . doing it now serving healthier options . oh no medicine tammy's gone insane now . serving happy healthy food come here . come here come here. yeah man would you like some healthy . food okay can we have some peanut butter. pretzels we're serving applesauce and i . also have healthy juice tree and please. what would you like toys okay . it's be a hacker awesome you want that . okay character ball rebel emma oh it has . performance right after all right . personal oh you lost it might be a lucky . one okay rub the hatch wall grab it love . it kiss it. oh looks like the pig though it might be . a farm one cheese okay you get um it . looks kind of pink okay see you got all . that little egg food what is it . what else. oh okay there we go yeah right here oh . if i move a pig ah that's really cute . wait wait wait wait i see mcdonald's has . the best toys oh shop they're way better . i've got better toys over here it's . better than in every week i've got way . better healthy yeah oh yeah baby can get . so much what if it was like an ice ice . with water or a delicious salad you know . i actually won't use it or not it's up . here. yeah great grapes are awesome and we . have shocking oh water uh what are you . doing better . oh my water tiger - nice that's good . yeah paris ladders kid that's very good . oh and i am shopkins shoppies are off . you are at your collection . well my toys have two surprises inside . which is way better than just one so you . would definitely love to do this you . have to buy bags . so an open and i know you want to when . you have a whole collection already it . would add to it let's do it come on yeah . there we go yeah . see what we got your shakopee come up . with some new ones and this is the new . season - not many people have this it's . pretty exclusive - burgess team opie . dropped up all over for that you might . well yeah yes there you go oh shoot you . guys see what you got clutter i want to . see it but you can oh what if you got . like a limited edition or sparkly one oh . is it what is it what is it and remember . you could only get shopkins exclusive to . burger king because we're awesome that's . right oh what did you get oh you've got . like a little sun hat that's really cute . that's and as it goes perfect to the . club oh did you lose it in your . collection yeah yeah i get the whole i . get the whole i have a lot of shopping . playing yeah . okay what'd you get ah whoo oh be . careful the car you might you might run . into actually go ahead and run to the . girls i'd be funny oh you got like a . little cuckoo clock that's really cute. that's like perfect steve awesome toys . it burger king isn't it . oh even come here even to look at our . shop baby over there we go and i can . tell wait a minute what's this on your . hat. what is this a dairy queen did you go to . dairy queen without him. clearly i have unhealthy food there . which we do not want to wear dairy queen . have what you want though is this ice . cream hustle i'm on it for mcdonald's . and i think it will be much more tasty . here try it try to do that tastes good . no it might taste a little plasticky so . you don't eat real ice cream to speak . and it look good for you to a pie . monster you like that ah okay . except it's not real ice cream you want . real food oh yeah hey we have apple . sauce that's very healthy and then we . have pretzels also kind of help you okay . so we got a limit you let's see and . serving size is just two principles of . it as always you can eat here you go . enjoy your two pretzels that's it and . that'll be three dollars where's your . money. oh . what's all these shopkins i'll take them . don't give her all your shopkins that's . worth way more than three dollars . especially since they're exclusive here . come over here i've got more shopkins . for you so you can start your collection . against how evil mcdonald's stealing all . your shop your passion lousy person . because your two pretzels up to nothing . yeah here you go have some new shopkins . take you like those yep oh and you want . some do this cheese or nuts or a salad a . great jack oh great take all these . grapes they're very healthy for you and . you can snack on them on tv . shopkins oh wait don't eat shopkins you . open chocolate yeah yeah they look like . food they look tasty. dony wow yep got more of them do let me . help you open them there we go all right . let's do this it was blue and all that's . cute it's like a little uk flag up purse . well isn't that cute it could be perfect . with your collection oh it's that one it . looks like it s pink on it. and it looks kind of only all with . silver woohoo oh there it is ready go we . got a little baguette almost like a . little french baguette woo . does that was tasty but we can't have . that get this too many carbs unhealthy . oh there we go oh we lost the house well . oh no no don't eat it. studious it's gross it won't taste good . but here have a salad that's good for . you right oh what like salads it's so . good for you and aunts dressing in it . corn and chicken how about these these . are really good look at that cheese and . that's that's good you gotta admit . that's pretty good okay you don't like . it . hey easy come here come back this way . i got leave interference yes you said . you don't like salad right no salad . hahaha applesauce that's really good . yeah no all right what do you want if . you could have anything for yourself . what would you want . [music]. wait oh you want oh these are my quality . and what you're shopping drunk okay fine . here you go here's your shopkins but i'm . some food though hi what do you like . myself and more pretzels . okay hey sis you've been such a good . customer you can have as many pretzels . as you want okay that's not healthy . pretzels with peanut butter in them and . a whole handful of them oh my gosh . that's like 500 calories that is not . healthy i have yeah that's right eat . those pretzels and there you got them . for mcdonald's i'm the number 1s try . right do you like my restaurant no no . you like burger if you remember that's. where you get the amazing shopkins from . and i have delicious alice and cheese . and nuts yeah way better healthy food . than mcdonald's healthy food ice cream . well all i have is this fake ice cream . eva . i just want terry very clean this place . is very clean is so unhealthy you want . mcdonald well have its dairy queen the . customer wants its what the customer . gets so no ever king we're dairy queen . healthy fish nobody wants to go to fast . food whoo i breathe . look she come get your ice cream that's . what you want yeah that's right would. you want blue pink or smoothie would you . like oh yummy good choice . great on a hot day ha ha now this is way . better than nick donald isn't it dairy . queen for the win today that's it cool . oh man dairy queen no one can compete. with dairy queen especially when i'm. serving just pretzels like my last . jeremy please . we even come back so you want your apple . pops please apple folks are so good what . what is that i see seriously better than . applesauce i can't compete it is not . fast enough. [music]. well it looks like people go to fast . food restaurants not to be healthy but . for the good stuff i know this i need to . change my whole business model back to . the huge cheeseburger . yeah fries yeah back like it wasn't the . menu yeah yeah well if you guys like . this video i want to see more like it . more drink these quick like and . subscribe like yeah she likes a lot and . in the comments let us know what you . like more mcdonald's burger king or . dairy queen and get a month . very clean today and yeah dairy queen . payoff so annie mcdonald's like ha ha so . dairy queen. [applause]. [music]. .
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