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[music]. sit down rosen jiggle cd what i mean . dang i got me mini that's my sister i . know y'all hr meeting a last ball but . get used to them okay tara my buddy made . you sick sit down how you did it let me . show you i you so dumb i you sat down . why you be there - oh stop . get him buddy get him buddy yay you're . gonna stop playing huh you gonna stop . playing you're gonna stop playing huh he . don't like you fighting me . i'm his father okay let's get it let's . get it what you say get him buddy what . you say yeah what what's good you saw . her. don't do it again he is gonna get you . you don't like you hitting me okay . watch do it again watch what he do you . think tanking like him buddy buddy . sit boy but anita bath you guys having . bathroom yet sit sit sit buddy he. actually listens on on his golf through . his mind right now on the hoodies on . what type of drugs budding into but he . actually list what up home ranch ass . telling you to world what y'all got . coming moved in with michael about . ruining they don't know him by michael . he moved in with ruining it's gonna be . lit y'all stayed somewhat up jazz what . you got got to say i think she's ready . to make a youtube channel . y'all need just subscribe to her many . making me you - yeah tamo what up you . want some juice. i don't have nothing to drink and that . need we broke got come on show me buddy . get him get him buddy get him buddy . yeah stop then i tell you stop but i . seek buddy what you want to eat . oh no wow foolish to give it he playing . my plan now i gotta learn how to treat . buddy man he not too big but rollover . hey buddy hey buddy. hit me again so proud we're so proud . what's so fried what i'm gonna tell you . one motown i stopped eating me all right . runic pieces no ministry mum or what you . got going on with your hair . you know what you look like you look . like a battery never see twerk twerk . twerk twerk no mo bend it over bag it . open in style . ooh such a legs my mo such a leave my . mom oh oh now that's hop on that hop on . that hop on that long yeah . i'm telling my mom ob it's freaky tell. me. my boy home over here chilling water all . get off my shoes whatever my home . i got some stuff flying home right let . me go get it gang yay yay do the world . whoo - whoo whoo whoo game yeah yeah . turn up turn up . hey young all the time it is man we plug. in that petco you know we get buddy a . rope in a chain. what y'all think we should get buddy . what's his name what is you doing momo . momo little bit what you think we need a . hornets for that big dog i need you to - . that only not to put that yeah that'll. work. i think that'll work what you doing my. mom tuned it up to - my god . besides for what not a buddy but it to . be oh it's a dog shampoo don't forget my . mum on what you don't know take that out . your packet momo i don't do that no most . issues know that they can gail me shoot . me nobody told you all my knees i hate . em oh come on we need to go faster she . got a hornets mama yeah i already know . that's what i'm gonna do . aren't you doing what's that for . that's aggie mama gotta go get some dog . shampoo not too too lit up turkey why . you worried why you shaking with js2 bit . while you work your why are you shaking . with jess oh wow wow wow wow . homer what up dance lets you lick again . you gonna wash some way huh a hamster . you want a hamster little hamster gonna . kill you get out and eat you alive . that's teacher honest ii me he looked . just like chicharonnes. damn damn damn damn damn what i told you . go get i'll tell you again that i'm . gonna be too pretty . let's get it let's go get it come on . let's go get it what a meanie gang gang . gang gang. which is a much miles be chirping man . korean rules this right now get some . stuff for the crimps and throwing . against some stuff to decorate his know . his part you know she already know what . it is mom's she doing her thing you know . what she doing . but my grandma told me something weird . she wants me to take her hearts and get . her some type of shower here some type . of thing i don't know when it means what . it is what you want for parts morning . what is this a shall we know you get to . shower here for a while mom what did i . get the silver bullets from all what is . dead the silver bullet yeah and then i. got to get the big old pickup lat oh . duracell batteries cuz i know i do. because they are whammo well would you . be doing what is you talking about a . vibrator yeah the tikar here momo you . tripping you tripping you know you don't . want to know but you owe me a life . you gonna be scarred for life man what . is you doing wait man chill out far bush . you in your head bro work on gang a . couple of year homer and jess . they love each other give each other . kids now go joe kiss yes i do it's . pretty i don't even know if it goes in . there. yeah just sit let her do it yeah . microwave let her do it they had to wait . cause look how big his face is . apparently for us . they look like you'll match anything you . look like you'll match a polar bear . right now you have to me man when we . leave here is gonna get lit hey runner . catch stood with titanium what i mean . that would've just what my get it get it . get it get it gotta get it and you know . what time it is. yeah good what's good man say son i just . ran into this kid in a parking lot he be . cool umbra stay up on get good grades . may stay up look gang we just made it . back home and as you see we have tank i . mean dance i mean buddy we got buddy . right here we run an attempt to bathroom . in this - wait wait i'm gonna attempt to . bail him in this - he lookin like oh . yeah it's my time to get in there . hold this yeah oh let me take my stuff - . bro you might wanna get crazy it's gonna . get crazy man we friend unlock the dough . to make sure he don't leave me i know . look he look he ready i'm ready you must . know what time it is ready mister me oh . he look happy. hey oh yeah hold it outside come back . alright . you know you gotta grab him mate . come on you gotta grab mo man you scared . that's your dog man you pause it come on . stop growling stop right this is what . you do dick you grab some water and you . splash it on come on come on come on you . got to do it again but man thank you . getting in there bruh man nothing you . gotta wear them with the hose pipe right . you better give it gets grabbed a lay-oh . i just came over the best opponent you . need to leave shit anyway oh wait . how you gonna turn it on oh to get it up . from another wheel . i think he's gonna go lil bro your dog . my batch of oldenburg oh oh no not me . say bro he opened the dough you you sure . you ready for this mate oh my coming in . it says come on looking like he ran in . today's money i'll just try to get you . clean oh yeah you jump in the same army . number whoop oh yeah what if you bite . your eyes you don't want that dog to . bite i got to it like this boozy yankee . trip trip yeah my oh they don't come . he's close man oh oh come on pete hurry . up come on money nothing that's enough . so though he had a wedding come up with . i know rapping on you gotta kiss owwwww . i'm telling you get some water man . nothing he's doing the busts his ass. brother buddy first shot why you feel. yeah all right - wait i'm up now - i'm . gonna write you got . i don't think bright accomplished i say . i gotta go bad i mean mix gotta go bad . buddy with the brush . come on joe oh no i ain't ever day hey . yeah come see how he bear from the dao . y'all come see how he back from the dog . yeah take a picture man we record this . damn a you know you know you got one . more step. what is it okay hold on you need to . drama it up keep it up oh . where you got motel they go oh yeah he'd . look clean now come on no motels . i'm checking on me that dolly like he . from his dad right oh oh let me get let . us out let's get they cleaned up huh . he didn't look hungry now you got a good . fit. again it's pete soon that's it that's . their personal bad never know just drop . yeah get under him come on. yeah what up that i get ya . rim rim in love . all right joe i see the big big trouble . that's the big ball that's a big boy. that's buddy hey thanks okay y'all go to . neiman hit that like button . it's a square one get down ksk get hit . ass. can't ask any good hit on that head in . the butter hey hey hey sasha . .
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