Melania Trump Gives Her Own State Of The Union

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First Lady Melania Trump (Laura Benanti) responds to rumors regarding marital tension and theories about her State of the Union outfit.
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Caption: >> stephen: folks, speaking of. the state of the union, a lot of. people have noticed that for the. first time anyone can remember,. the first lady arrived at the. state of the union without her. husband. so the state of our union is. strong. the state of their union . it's complicated. ( laughter ). people are even speculating that . melania may have been sending a. feminist message with her. all-white pantsuit, a color. favored by those honoring. suffragettes and hillary. clinton. oh, snap!. ( applause ). dressing-- . ( applause ). dressing like hillary . the only thing worse would be to. show up dressed as obama's birth. certificate. ( laughter ). now, the rumor mill-- the rumor . mill charning about. melania's anger comes on the. heels of revelations of stormy. daniels and the hush money. apparently, "the reports of a. payoff blindsided the first. lady. ". not the sex, the pay off. ( laughter ). he never pays anyone. but, really . how could she be blindsided . i mean, just listen to trump's. wedding vows. >> you knew damn well i was a. snake before you took me in!. ( laughter ). >> stephen: he's honest. the man is honest!. as the day is long. right after the stormy hit,. melania abruptly decided not to. accompany the president to. davos, switzerland. the official reason given was. "scheduling and logistical. issues. ". of course-- scheduling issues. she couldn't go with him because. hell hadn't frozen over yet. instead, she flew to mar-a-lago,. and relaxed at the spa. yeah, she got a japanese. massage. i think it's called, "she hates. you. ". ( laughter ). so-- . ( cheers and applause ). eye opener. so, is melania trump at the end. of her rope . let's go straight to the source. satellite, first lady melania. trump. thank you so much. thank you for coming on the. show. how are you feeling, madam first. lady . >> my life is ocean of. loneliness. >> stephen: wait, i'm sorry,. what . >> i was just promoting my new. fragrance, "ocean of. loneliness. ". it's a decadent bouquet of. gardenia blossoms with a hint of. "i live in a prison of my own. making. ". ( laughter ). >> stephen: be careful, ma'am. now, madam--. madam first lady, last night's. outfit, was that in support of. women's rights and suffrage . >> yes. every day i'm suffrage-ing. ( laughter ). >> stephen: i should say, . suffrage means voting. >> i know. i cannot wait to vote in next. presidential election. >> stephen: for your husband . >> oh, of course!. unless i have scheduling and. logistical issues. hey, oooh. who!. who!. who!. ( laughter ). >> stephen: you were great on . "laugh-in" by the way. how did you like your husband's. speech last night . >> i was glued to my seat. >> stephen: oh, you enjoyed it . >> no, me, stephen i was. literally glued to my seat. that general kelly is quite the. prankster, right . i laugh because it's true. >> stephen: so there's no. reality to these rumors about. your husband's infidelity . >> is fake news, stephen. i do not believe my husband. slept with this woman, spanky. banjos. >> stephen: i think you mean. stormy daniels. >> yeah, that's what i said. i mean, what kind of disgusting. pig monster would cheat on his. wife with porn star right after. she give birth and then pay hush. money to this cranky ponchos . >> stephen: well, that does. sound terrible. >> well, if it were true. but everyone here thinks it's a. lie, and i agree. #metoo. ( laughter ). >> stephen: ma'am, for someone . who doesn't think any of this is. true, you seem upset. >> who's upset . i'm not upset. in fact, if my husband's. watching, i have a message:. donald, time's up. >> stephen: wait, what . what . ( cheers and applause ). what do you mean . what . what . ( bell ringing ). >> time's up on your. cheeseburger. it's ready!. happy anniversary, sweetheart!. >> stephen: oh, that's nice!. did he get you a gift . >> yes!. he got me a lovely hat. well, he paid for it. i picked it out. >> stephen: melania trump,. everyone!. .

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