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The MLP girls have to deal with airport security, but will they miss their flight? No don't let Apple Bloom fly alone!
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Caption: My little pony for excitement so excited. . . airplane attention attention please. board all flights. . . attention attention please board all. right ma. . . can't wait to get our oh are you are you. traveling. . . yes i'm traveling i'm right for my. sister and her friends to get here. . . she should be here eat me i'm just. waiting for you here. . . oh well you better start boarding the. plane because it's going to take off. . . without you but i can't get into my. sister gets here. . . well it's better to be on the plane and. wait for her to board them to wait here. . . and miss the airplane right. . . you don't want to miss it plus you want. to make sure you get a good seat oh. . . that's right i'm gonna get a window seat. . . that's what i really want okay i'm going. to the plane it i'll save a spot for. . . apple jack of your friends. . . thanks like oh i can't wait i hope i get. a window seat. . . oh this was good oh maybe i can just. peek around him. . . i can't say anything. . . um excuse me excuse me yes gonna help. you. . . i've never been on a flat before i. wanted to know maybe if i can have the. . . window seat. . . oh no no no i always have the window. seat always always always. . . i mean it's the best right i mean you. would know right. . . no we've never been on a plane before no. i wish i could have the window seat. . . maybe they'll be planning to do just. here in the aisle. . . whoa whoa whoa oh. . . what what's wrong what's around oh i. have to go to the bathroom really bad. . . oh excuse me coming through that you. gotta move on the way. . . oh come on you can get squeezed. . . oh uh huh yeah you look at the airport. from here. . . oh i wonder if i can see applejack. boarding the plane when they be. . . something i can wave to her. . . i don't see her just going to be the. best forever nail. . . oh this is gonna be the worst flight. ever. . . i just sit next to fold whatever as long. as she doesn't talk to me. . . yeah oh excuse me excuse me what i am. super excited because this is my first. . . plane trip and i get to live out the. window. . . i can't wait to see what i'm going to. see how their i mean it like that. . . hello the land is gonna look so small. and everyone is going to look like ants. . . look so i don't care just don't talk to. me. . . i want to be left alone this flight time. to talk to you. . . sorry summary attention attention. passengers. . . when we'll be taking off so please. fasten your seat belt. . . huh good sooner we can get this over. with huh. . . so excited i'm so excited i'm so excited. . . oh gosh just leave me alone. . . oh oh oh my goodness it looks like yeah. . . are we talking off the moment. . . yeah i'm so excited we're fun we'll take. it off yeah way too many sisters not on. . . the plane yet we can't break up yeah. . . yes we have to take off yes not we can. get. . . listen little poll planes are supposed. to take off and i don't want to hear. . . another peep from you. . . the move no no okay. . . what hour later i'm getting restless in. here. . . oh hopefully they come back soon i think. it's been about an hour girls don't. . . worry. . . yeah someone's coming well well well. well it's killed up. . . where no he picky. . . see you there. . . hi cal cop my name is twilight sparkle. and i would like to talk to you know. . . well oh right right look we didn't mean. to cause any trouble at all. . . we just forgot that we had those items. on us yeah really kind of can't be. . . blamed. . . i always have a cupcake with me do you. see the pinky can keep that what he. . . didn't even know s mom. . . well love mom oh ok. . . i think he's gonna let us go oh that. would be so wonderful cup please please. . . let's go please. . . yeah i'll cop if you could be so kind. please let's go i've got a little filly. . . that should be a board the plane and and. i didn't want to her to be alone on. . . there. . . we got a plane to catch tomorrow well he. you ponies sure are super silly that. . . plane already left. . . you're too late look up but my little. sister's on there. . . oh dear i hope she's gonna be okay but. the wait a minute. . . i think rainbow dash was able to catch. that flight oh yeah that's right. . . she'll be safe because she's got rainbow. - he can do you bb did violet. . . he'll pop what would you like to do with. them you want me to walk him up. . . we can keep him overnight pick me oh no. no i'm gonna need more cupcakes and h. . . pinky marrow. . . well well well well but sir are you sure. . . well well yeah fine. . . that's what you want to do then well. well well well well what did he say. . . yeah cuz all i heard with me milk milk. milk move picky. . . he said he didn't see any harm done. nobody wants to let you go. . . oh good oh good oh hey yeah yeah. . . excuse me set about my diamond i i need. my diamond back. . . skylights you ponies are really really. lucky if it were up to me i keep you in. . . here forever. . . i can't do that oh no oh no you do it. . . do you want to test me huh i could take. that as a personal challenge if you like. . . an excuse me i need to know more about. my diamond just sidelights about the. . . guided sounds like you ponies would. rather stay in here and chit chat and. . . catch your flight. . . i just want to go find you may all leave. better ever ever ever want to deal with. . . you ponies again. . . get out let's go up. . . excuse me excuse me about the diamond. . . what about your diamond i need to have. it back i need to have it with me at all. . . times. . . your little diamond at your little. diamond is used as police evidence. . . so basically you'll never see it again. . . i can get your get your hands off me. . . i need my done already come on come on. come on let's go let's go. . . job crazier and crazier every day i had. my way i'd be locked up for good. . . finally feels so good to be out of there. huh. . . oh no applejack looks like we missed her. flight. . . huh oh no i hope he's okay. . . i was hoping that maybe the fight could. have been delayed but no it looks like. . . they took off - thank you. . . yeah. . . yeah. . . attention attention attention cookie. . . and if you are listening to this please. put in the comments section. . . fly away thank you and please enjoy your. flight. .

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