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Caption: My little pony. . . what the airport security. . . this is gonna be so much fun oh whoa. whoa whoa whoa whoa there little full. . . whoa there whoa whoa whoa are you are. you traveling with an adult. . . oh yes my big sister she comes. . . huh well they're probably your sugar. cube just want to make sure this little. . . foal was a traveling alone. . . all right go ahead and proceed through. the security gate bra. . . oh well all right though. . . yeah i guess you did. . . all right all right your turn out so. much. . . well well well well whoa there. . . did something happen well if it's a. charity. . . hey ok what do you have on you what do. you have. . . step over here please haha i found it. . . no food allowed you got that oh that. little tiny apple. . . oh sorry about that not a not quite sure. how i had that on me. . . sorry apple truth. . . no absolutely not. . . stay over here no food allowed. . . all right who sex. . . well next. . . what do i say about the food situation. no boat not even cut takes out. . . ok right. . . hurry up for see through percy throw you. didn't get through. . . maybe you can still detect the cupcake. in my stomach. . . that's it. . . you over here now okay all right who's. next. . . well i guess it's my turn careful to our. it's not where nobody screw you wash up. . . now. . . her back. . . yeah can i go watch the airplanes please. i want to stand by the window and watch. . . him. . . oh alright that should be fun well those. ponies will be right behind you okay. . . hurry up come on thru come on through. . . well what are you waiting for i have to. make it work. . . the guy i know building magic. . . just step on through - so you come over. here get over here now. . . all right who's x-mas almost made it. . . oh look oh heavy bag was. . . come on come on come on well well go. ahead push your luggage through. . . oh yeah right it's your turn now okay. . . emeriti. . . well i made it girl. . . i how good is it didn't go off. . . now we need to have your bag go through. . . so come on place it right up here right. now. . . come on rarity you can do it no talking. to her. . . ok what oh there we go. . . oh let me go through what do you have in. your bag man. . . what you have in your bag yeah rarity. what did you pack with you a little bit. . . of some clothing. . . i'm just uh huh things i have to have. with me at all times. . . let's open this up who. . . ready wow just wow oh don't judge me. . . i have to carry it with me huh well if. we can fit through the scanner. . . then you can take it on the plane but. yeah. . . ha ha what i better fit it better fit. . . yeah right yah yah yah. . . looks like it's not going in no what. happened - i just absolutely must. . . back back back. . . it's not going thru ma'am we have me to. suggest it okay. . . black wrap that you have to get back. . . it's not gonna happen not going to. happen but let me try pulling it from. . . the other side. . . come on you could have done it but what. he pick a oh this is security check. . . hehe well well well well there were. there were there all right. . . this is the security checkpoint go ahead. and come on through ok. . . do you think if you think. . . yes the security checkpoint. . . there will be no flying through the. checkpoint go through it again. . . there was that better. . . nope what do you have on you. . . what are you doing what are you hiding. hey you don't have to talk to her like. . . that. . . fluttershy would never have anything on. her what are you hiding. . . i know you've got something on you what. is it. . . hey leave her alone i know it's. something i know it's something. . . what a bunny. . . my little bunny friend absolutely not. . . no nobody's no animals no security. . . great thanks you're not going anywhere. missy. . . we're taking all you ponies down for. questioning for we didn't do anything. . . were innocent that's what the guilty. always say. . . yeah. .

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