My Response To The Fight

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What a night. What an experience. KSI was the deserved winner and I wanna congratulate him and his team on the success. Thank you to everyone that has shown support throughout this journey. I will learn a lot from this and am looking forward to my next challenge πŸ’ͺ🏼
How's it going everyone it is currently . the morning after the fight against ksi . and i just want to start by saying jj . congratulations to you and your team you . finally deserved that win and yeah i . just wanna say enjoy it mate . you've earned it um secondly to everyone . that came to the event thank you so much . like the support you showed you were . rowdy you made the place absolutely. electric so hats off to you guys and . anyone watching around the world as well . you made that event so inc else i think . we actually broke records it was the . biggest white collar boxing event ever . in the world so that was just amazing to . be a part of the whole experience the . whole journey it was incredible and i . have just learned so much from all of . this and it would not be possible . without all of you taking part as well . so thank you and yeah now it's about. just relaxing eating as much food as i . want and yeah on to my next challenge so . thank you for the support once again and . yeah congratulations jj see you all soon . .
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